The Leftovers – 2×09 Ten Thirteen – Review by R.


Meg is the star of this episode; the woman who had abandoned her fiancé to a pitch from the wedding to join Guilty Remnants; the same who had lost his mother the day before the Rapture – mourning forgotten by the rest of the world twenty-four hours after. Meg is now leading a section of Guilty Remnants and is just disturbing.

There is no trace of the fragile woman ’ than a year ago, appearing poised between life as a commoner and the Guilty Remnant. Meg is determined and ruthless in his mission which Living Reminder. "Why do I have to just stand there when I can put my cigarette out in their fucking eye? That ’ s a reminder", This joke perfectly expresses his intentions; and not entirely metaphorically: the release of a grenade on a school bus has consequences, but it's still a strong impact, especially if accompanied by that smile. We understand quickly that the woman has a plan under preparation, not endorsed by leaders of the Guilty Remnants and it promises to be emotionally devastating than that achieved at the end of last season; We sense also that the ’ primary objective is Jarden.


Meg was one of the first visitors of the town texana, When this had just opened its natural park to tour groups. Along with the boyfriend had made the classic tour, but his real aim was to talk to Isaac, in the hope that he could reveal how his mother was going to say before you die. At the beginning of episode we are right at the 13 October, faced with a drug overdose has Meg hoarding to tackle lunch with mom. This ’ last is annoying to perfection, two words why Meg is absent for a new dose ’; When he returns to the table, her mother died. While we have confirmation that it really is a psychic, Isaac doesn't want to answer the question that haunts Meg because "no matter what I say, ’ you're going to be disappointed because it's not going to fix what's broke ’ ’ inside "and no doubt he's right; between ’ more the fact that it is then dead doesn't mean he was going to reveal some kind of truth. The curiosity of Meg has the best; We don't know what to tell her Isaac, but later the woman is a mixture of anger and disappointment. Only Evie manages to distract her. The young Murphy sees it by accident on the bench and tries to cheer her up with some baby carrots; then Meg to make them a riddle – what about broken pencil that Evie has mentioned his father in premiere. A chance encounter, destined to be forgotten by both, not loosens the frustration of Meg, which before getting on the coach, he spits on the asphalt ’ Jarden. The town of Texas didn't give what she was looking for, What was broken, It is even as foretold Isaac.


We know that shortly after she left her boyfriend to join Guilty Remnants and saw that his route inside them was not easy. Evidently, however, after the events of Season Finale, Meg has found what he was looking for. The need to be a "Living reminder" is perhaps stronger than in other; his pain was forgotten quickly by virtue of the upheaval created by the Rapture the following day at his mourning, as said Isaac "You lose your mama and the very next day nobody gives a shit about her or you because they think the world is ending". What better way to forget the pain of doing it live to those who have never experienced? This seems to be the ’ aim of Meg that transpires from the brief chat with Matt Jamison out Jarden. In the town of Texas the Guilty Remnants cannot function because its inhabitants do not suffer any loss. Or so it was until the disappearance of Evie and her friends. These are the great plan of Meg; the three girls have vanished into thin air, are hidden in a camp run by Meg not far from Jarden and good don't breathe a word: Guilty Remnants.


To find them you Tom, whose role alongside Meg is not clear. Woman's visit to one of its meetings dispensing hugs fa from straw that breaks the camel's back than the farce that compels the mother. Tom can't stand those lies and especially that Laurie are using it as a tool to bridge the guilt of having abandoned the family. She slaps him, but I think the child has centered on point: If Laurie really wanted to help those people not only don't fool, but it certainly does not fulfill the son, is on him that falls around the weight of that little theatre. After witnessing the awful scene of an abandoned dog, the guy goes by Meg, probably spurred by hopes that she can really take away the pain as he told him at the meeting. The woman goes on a road trip to Texas, they chat amiably, dancing, They Kiss. Obviously it bothers you that much the fact that a few days before the woman raped; I was more shocked of him. Yet as you remember, just want to know why. After quite a while’ Meg tells him "I wanted to get you pregnant". Already, We got it right. And if his intent was metaphorical, There's no doubt succeeded: Meg left him something or he wouldn't be there and not follow through the United States without even knowing what you're going to do. Also you seem ready to abandon it like that poor dog.

The Cliffhanger of Evie didn ’ I minimally saw it coming and so it will be for the inhabitants of Jarden. We hope, however, that manifests itself in time to prevent the wrath of John hurl Kevin once had the scan results of ’ imprint. An episode that I really enjoyed, one of those that make you say straight off how much you love the show on duty, confirming every compliment that this second season of The Leftovers is receiving. Chronologically we proceed slowly and we see a few characters at once and yet the result is completely different from what the same ingredients gets the first part of the sixth season of The Walking Dead – Although I have confidence for the second half. Despite the acclaim of critics and audiences, a few days after the airing of Season Finale, still missing the official news about renewing the show or not – they weigh especially low ratings. So fingers crossed for the fate of both Kevin Garvey is the series! Or do we rely on Meg?


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