The Leftovers – 2×10 I Live Here Now (Season Finale) – Review by R.


If the ending of the first season had repaid the confidence of us viewers, the second it closes perfectly one that hasn't missed a shot. Anger, joy and emotion (so much commotion) There have also been, on the contrary. Besides, the emotion and the way people react to what happens have always been the focal point of The Leftovers.

Remember that in the premiere John you gave me peace for a cicada that kept chirping in his house? The ’ insect was dropping off the birthday gift from Evie before his removal; or so he thinks. Erika dampens your enthusiasm confessandogli that is a ’ other cicada sought specifically by his daughter "Because you wouldn t let it go ’". Maybe this is the joke that best describes John Murphy: He never lets go nowhere, No matter what you say, What are you doing, How do you justify, He doesn't let go. Did not do it with Isaac in premiere, with the history of the ’ imprint then and he doesn't now Kevin. Murphy discovers that the ’ imprint of this ’ last match the dell ’ car and goes straight from Garvey. The words of Michael, explanation of Kevin (with so much evidence that he really spoke with Virgil) do not serve. When Garvey – that since shed Patti remembers what was done during the sleepwalking – tells him that his daughter and her friends have orchestrated it all, John does not believe or simply doesn't want to believe it, because such an eventuality would undermine the certainty of the girl love "Evie loved her mother. She loved her brother. And she loved me ". And in front of the "Maybe she doesn t ’" by Kevin, has a reaction that, as far as predictable, I still jump on the couch. John shoots Kevin, a shot in the chest that leaves no room for doubt. This happens a few seconds before Murphy is informed of the reappearance of the daughter. Garvey gave him the most sensible explanation, We never know the people or what they have in mind and Evie's pictures do nothing but agree with him.


We now know that Evie and her friends have not disappeared, did they leave voluntarily to join the Guilty Remnants and staged hit the town of which were seemingly proud inhabitants up until a few days before. That night the we move away slightly from Murphy to stop being teenage girls joyful, a little bit cheeky and with loud music and become permanently of Guilty Remnants; as guessed from the first encounter with Meg, Evie confirm that l ’ behind this change immediately tears and doubts of muting ’ friend with a "Don ’ t" in writing. The way decided, hard, at times ruthless with which Evie takes forward plan is awesome, There ’ is no trace of the girl who gave a kiss to mom and dad before you leave home. We see it clearly when Erika addresses the daughter on deck, a scene in which do not need to hear the words of the woman to perceive the swirl of emotions crossing; tries to shake her in any way, by loving all angry ’ ’, they say even ready to explode there with her, and yet gets nothing. Evie remains stationary, avoid more than can the look of the mother and her impassivity is nicked only by a tear and a slight trembling lips. We want to blame Kevin?


The three girls are on the bridge that leads to Jarden, where all, inhabitants and camped, can see them. A timer should declare l ’ explosion of the caravan behind them, preventing consequently l ’ entry into the town, but when the countdown ends nothing happens. Or at least not what we expected. Meg's followers wear white outfits from Guilty Remnants and headed by the three girls headed for Jarden, closely followed by camped that capture the fly l ’ opportunity. A river of people that no one dares stop. Among them also Matt, that puts aside the rules just to bring Mary safe at Jarden; It is to them that it is one of the most emotional scenes of the episode. In a daily moment of chaos worsened by ’ yet another earthquake, Nora attends in person to a miracle: Mary wakes up from his vegetative state and remembers everything, including the recent night with her husband. I sprinkle the ashes, Matt was right, He hadn't had a ’ hallucination.

On the same day that Nora breathe ’ miraculous air concretely l Jarden, what had threatened the coveted security needs is a farce: acid tone with that says "It's ’ the three girls. The ones who departed "speaks for itself. But now faces a new threat: The Madwoman who went on to repeat that Lily is not his, It rips at the moment of greatest chaos and escape in the crowd marching. I don't know if it's been worse here or with Kevin. Nora doesn't give up in the face of a search that really seems impossible; you hear the crying of small, but with all those people is nowhere to be found. Until finally Nora sees it, lying on the deck, and it's even worse because it threatens every moment to be trampled; risk that then move on to the woman when she joins her and shields. A scene that seems a prelude to the opposite conclusion to that of the finale of the first season, resolves a perfect complement to this ’ last: Tom Save Nora and Lily after almost a year ago was the one that has indirectly made meet. It is not clear what the role of the guy compared to Meg, But even if the ’ has somehow resting in his plan, with this Act redeems himself by any errors.


Kevin wakes up back in the bath of ’ hotel, giving hope for another return to life. I can't complain about Justin Theroux – Jennifer Aniston, I understand that you married! – but this ’ guy has already endured enough? Opposite ’ closet this time choose the uniform as a COP of Mapleton, chooses himself, because now more than ever, Kevin wants to return home to her family. And proof that you have the head right on this: l l ’ ’ man who had met again on the bridge of Jarden tells him to go back should sing karaoke. A challenge seemingly too simple and ridiculous, but that actually proves all ’ more; the lyrics ("Homeward Bound" by Simon & Garfunkel) retraces the journey of Garvey, touches the strings more vulnerable of human ’, He hears every word. It's a touching scene, at the end of which Kevin gets the return, it deserved even before, but after this ordeal emotionally demanding even more.


Waiting for her dog, but lets then just in a Jarden devastated. The Guilty Remnants have taken control of the initial reception centre – with Meg and Evie singing the song mockingly of Miracle – While the former campers are destroying the town physically, civilly and morally. John is Kevin and for the first time begins to let go: clean the wound of ’ men and surrenders in front ’ inability to understand what is happening. And we viewers have learned to do some’ the same thing: in The Leftovers There are inexplicable events, but we wonder anymore why and how they happen, We accept it and we see how it is then lived by the protagonists. John and Kevin find themselves in the same position of premiere, the first on the porch of the House, the second on the lawn, However what awaits them behind their doors is different. Murphy doesn't know if he finds someone where awaited him a family seemingly United. Instead in ’ House, which was empty and rundown, Kevin is his entire family: Jill, Laurie, Matt, Mary, Tom, Nora and Lily are there waiting for him. Garvey EC l ’ has made, He returned to his family. And here don't get excited for him is really impossible.

After a great second season, acclaimed by critics and audiences, The Leftovers closes leaving no outstanding issues, What started with the premiere had its conclusion. Some minor mark here and there c ’ is – what will happen Jarden? C ’ is anyone home Murphy? Mary will have the baby? – and of course remains the curiosity about what will happen to our protagonists, but as a possible final would be satisfactory. In an interview with ’ Variety, Damon Lindelof stated "We executed exactly the plan that we wanted to execute. There is a feeling of completeness and circularity, but also as storytellers and writers, We want there to be more Leftovers ". I mean if The Leftovers We will still depend on its renewal, that has not yet arrived. Some fans dressed by Guilty Remnants have requested it to the sound of notebooks and cigarettes outside the offices of the network. We just have to wait and hope that HBO decides to give us for the third season of Christmas The Leftovers!


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