The Leftovers – Season Finale – 1×10 The Prodigal Son Returns – by R.

Surely it's finale of the first season of The Leftovers, pienamente rispettoso della sensazione emersa nelle ultime puntate, ossia che la serie abbia finalmente ingranato, con ritmi più sostenuti e una maggior chiarezza del quadro. Non tutte le domande hanno trovato risposta, nuove ne sono emerse, ma questo, insieme al dramma, è un ingrediente fondamentale dello show.

The episode begins where we were left with "Cairo", Kevin before the body of Patti, whose white suit is almost completely smeared with blood and Laurie opposite his daughter as a potential new Member of Guilty Remnants. While we have a small jump forward in the storyline of Tom, that in the beginning refused the help of a stranger shortly before discovering that Christine's gone leaving you baby girl, the small one ungrateful freak!

Jill seems determined to become a smoker in white, Despite the silent, but firm opposition of the mother: He wears for the estate and write rather than talk (on a positive note!). The attitude of Laurie You fought, on one side is now stuck to his "cult" so can't talk some sense into her daughter with words and may not even bother with her because the great plan of Guilty Remnants should be implemented immediately, as repeatedly reminds Meg. The other Jill is always his daughter, those who considered it the best mother in the world although he never went to see his exhibitions and who still try though she has turned my back; Laurie may not involve her right now because he knows that the reaction of Mapleton to their act will inevitably be ruthless.

The implementation of the plan is more impressive than I thought, not limited to dress those dummies in the same ways of the disappeared, but by placing them in the same positions as they were at the time of the Rapture; in scenes that look like still image we see men properties on a scale and in the middle of the road and that disabled boy, whose parents had been interviewed by Nora, sitting at the table. The Guilty Remnants, like their former Agreements Guide, applies officially to bad television year; You can also try to understand why their actions, but the ways that they choose are cruel, they exploit mercilessly the suffering of people whose only fault is to try to get on with their lives. One aspect that I cannot explain is why the mannequins used by Guilty Remnants are so ugly and disturbing, look like the dolls of ventriloquists, When in episode dedicated to Nora had seen that Loved Ones were identical to the contact person; The Guilty Remnants do not have enough money to obtain the real Loved Ones? The only immediate reaction shown is to Nora, a harrowing scene heightened by that whistle in the background that lacerates the eardrums and that replaces the sound of the woman's pain. Having used the previous episode (and not the pilot) to let us know what happened in the hours preceding the Rapture makes it even stronger the effect caused by the floor of Memorial Day because now we clear the framework within which those losses went to fit.

From there onwards the prospect is hijacked totally out of Kevin, whose journey back to Mapleton looks like one of those nightmares typical messy when you have a high fever. I recently watched the movie with Heather Graham Exterminators where one of the symbol is "I just did what anyone would do if they woke up and found a dead hooker in their bed. I called my friends ". Kevin does exactly that, calls his friend, not Dean, "night raids", but Father Matt. And, Despite recent misunderstandings, Jamison helps him, does not think two seconds to grab shovels and bury the corpse, believes that the police chief told him because he knows that he is "a good man". We are not yet at the levels of "You're my person" style Cristina Yang-Meredith Grey, but there is no doubt that the relationship between Matt and Kevin is tighter than it appeared in the past. Of course don't miss reading from the Bible, but this also serves to support Garvey: the verse is taken from the book of job and is about a tormented man, I don't find answers, but he continues to follow the word of God. After this test of friendship every positive reflection on Jamison risks being thrown out the window when it's intern Kevin Garvey's Senior at the same Institute. Here the man is placed in the middle between his father and…Patti, Here I should have known that it was one of his usual dreamlike voyages; eppure, Although we are not dealing with a case of "sleepwalking" as in previous episodes – Kevin is always drive with Matt – It's simply a dream is strongly doubt – even Patti States "It's happening, "it's real": looks more like a way to communicate messages that otherwise could not (or would like to) receive. During the "dream" Garvey has no way to browse the popular edition of National Geographic, by identifying among the topics an article on, watch case, Cairo; the father doesn't want leave drag from Patti, While the latter, Besides being particularly "acute" – very differently from how they normally try to drag him with them Guilty Remnants –. Thankfully she wakes up and the comparison with Matt gives way to concede implicitly have understood what Patti meant, He understood "Why we didn't go, why we're still here ". The explanation that gives the police chief can easily caught by assessing what emerged in the ninth episode: the common point between Kevin, Nora and Laurie was the first wished to be free from their families, While the latest didn't seem very convinced to keep the baby they waited. In different ways the Rapture he accommodated: her children and husband of Nora have vanished, the fetus of Laurie as well and Kevin has lost her family. And in fact this is the answer that Kevin gives "I wanted to leave. "I wanted to be free of my family". It was a momentary desire, that the shock of the Rapture had wiped out by giving him the smiles of happiness of the children to see him still there with them. It can be really the meaning of Rapture? The desire for a moment, due to everyday circumstances may give rise to such an event? Even the priest justifies Kevin "Wanting and doing aren't the same"; We learned as children with Kevin McCallister in Mom, I missed the plane!, who so wished his family disappeared and then promptly was forgotten at home. And’ an interpretation somewhat bleak, Now you can't even complain about in his own mind?!

Kevin appears emotionally destroyed and it is at that point that makes a meeting that not only led him through an intermediary to his son, but that seems to give him hope for the future. Holy Wayne bleeding and dying, but less disturbing than usual, asks him to express a desire to prove himself to be a fraud. By magic man first appears vulnerable and sincere, Maybe she thought she was really special and can bring a new hope in the world, I wonder what those children have not really those a role. Holy Wayne dies with a face lifted and immediately after the agents who investigated him take away his body as if it were the most sought after of America; again those who present themselves as prophets or similar are taken or madmen (Garvey Senior) or for criminals. His figure remains shrouded in mystery, the fact is that the hugs seemed to work, He died as he had predicted, and from his expression seems to have really fulfilled the desire of Kevin.

After this latest freaky experience Kevin and Matt are back in Mapleton, When the night has already dropped and the reaction of citizens has reached its climax. The town is put to fire and sword, mannequins of gone are burned, The Guilty Remnants heavily attacked, but then as the Chief of police "She wants to be fuckin’ hurt "referring to Meg, that now seems more convinced than ever about his being a smoker in white. Laurie does instead prevail her being mother, speaking to tell Kevin that Jill is in the burning house. Father and daughter embrace amid that chaos is the first sign of hope; Although Kevin did not express aloud his desire obviously cannot be reunited with his family and seems to have been satisfied (so Holy Wayne was really a kind of Genie lamp!). After them even Laurie and Tom find themselves; It is unclear whether mother and son will take a different tack than father and daughter, but the separation of the final scenes of the two couples so it would seem.

Nora doesn't let instead involve violence generated, He spends time with his family's Dummies as if to create a last memory with them that is pleasing, other than the real one. The words of the letter to Kevin that pronunciation in the background made me fear that gave fire to dummies and home with her inside; Luckily he thought only to leave, It would be a huge loss for the show. But then you get a signal of hope: before Garvey House is the daughter of Christine – probably left by Tom before meeting his mother for her family occupied – and women could represent a second chance. In General, babies are always seen as a symbol of hope for the future and this seems to be the interpretation which gives The Leftovers through the expression of joy and smiles mentioned by Kevin and Jill.

With these their faces you close the first season; the drama that has pervaded every episode gives way to a first glimmer of hope, to return to be United despite how successful. I do not understand why a possible separation Kevin-Jill and Laurie-Tom, perhaps to "stitch up" those who were the most degraded relations? By flashback the impression I got is that Jill was more connected with mother, While Tom with his father, so it may be that the real get together is to refer to the other parent. But Laurie will have settled permanently for the children or the membership of Guilty Remnants is still a possibility? And the history between Kevin and Nora is already a goner? Personally I found them very cute together. The questions for the second series are many (above, where's Aimee?), but are part of the game and the beauty of a series like this; of course it's a shame that now that the end was interesting with facing a wait of a year! The first few episodes, except for those focused on Matt and Nora, I was left very puzzled, now I can say I did well to hold out until the end. So for me it's another show that you add to a long list!


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