The Walking Dead – 4×09 After – by R.


Two months of anticipation from what has been the most traumatic episode of a series that in four years has not spared high moments of tension (one among many of the discussed death Lori/Sarah Wayne Callies). And certainly not with this denial midseason premiere, going as far as to make us fear for the life of Rick (Andrew Lincoln): now the soothing rule whereby the protagonist never dies is no longer so sure, There are series that really no one is safe and The Walking Dead is one of these. That's why when Rick – with all those wounds that cannot fail to suggest ongoing infections – doesn't wake up before the jolts of the son, I feared the worst; and the verses from moribund that seem so those of a zombie? Moments of pure terror, seasoned from displeasure at Carl (Chandler Riggs) what a, After having to shoot the mother, just a stone's throw from having to repeat the story with the father. Well Yes, I felt sorry for Carl, Despite this bet everything to become unbearable. In the space of an episode is back to being the baby irritating that bored us in the first two seasons: runs from Rick, the bullies, playing the strongest – that its continued "I win" has become more annoying verses of walkers – seem to see the male version of Andrea (Laurie Holden) After the death of his sister. His lowest moment? No doubt when he asks Rick "Remember Shane?". A real evil, the example of how words can hurt more than a weapon. With all that he has done there is really no need to remember? Right Andrea EC had made him come to mind when she had reached for the first time the prison: his first question was just been where Shane (Jon Bernthal). The who says all of the level reached by these characters. However, Carl is justifiable under several viewpoints. First of all is a teenager: already is a difficult age, If you live in a world inhabited by zombies, the difficulties can only increase. When it finds a boy his own age probably, between tv, music and comics, his expression of blessed stupor reveals his teenage soul, but, as proof of his having to grow up too fast, time seconds and returns to the philosophy of survival, using the tv as a cable lock for the door. In addition, deaths that had to assist, including some who saw him in the foreground: to Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn), the fruit of his stupid game whac a zombie with stone ", and especially that nothing short of harrowing mother Lori. If despite all this had managed to accrue, now comes the – allegedly – death of his younger sister Judith to ruin everything: a trauma that she does regress for a few minutes the child that I was hoping to see more. The fear of the death of Rick here so at least the positive side of him back in itself: It was possible to vent while his father was unconscious and when all seems lost abandons that useless armor from wilful child. I hope we don't see a new step backwards in its development, now that we got rid of that ball and chain of Andrea.

Regression for Michonne (Danai Gurira). The disaster caused by the Governor (Philip Blake) the restores the attitude before the encounter with the survivors, which if at first it seems a necessary step, becomes a real choice when they notice the footprints left by Rick and Carl. Rather than attempt a reunion opts for a return to solitude (with a zombie on a leash): better alone rather than face again the pain of loss. Logical reasoning, especially in light of his past, that for the first time there is revealed, together with the identity of the first two walkers who accompanied. But once you have experienced what it means to be together with other people, loneliness becomes more difficult: live every day as a fight for survival surrounded by zombies is likely to make herself a zombie, Despite being still alive. Human after all is a social animal that is realized in being with others, being alone can reduce suffering, but it would also reduce the meaning of life. Luckily Michonne takes little to understand it, in time to catch the road that had abandoned and find Rick and Carl.

Small note: the image of the head from Hershel walker (Scott Wilson) was it really necessary? Had already been traumatic witness her death, especially considering that incapable of Governor wasn't even was able to give him a clean break and final (more Bronn that Ned Stark in short), but at least I hoped I was spared having to suffer again for him!

Whenever i see the credits I wonder how it is possible that you have already finished, 40 minutes are too few! Especially when you consider that after two months of waiting there was not even a minute to Daryl (Norman Reedus). It only remains to wait for the next episode.


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