The Walking Dead – 4×10 Inmates – by R.


40 minute episode, a cauldron where the paths were combined post-prison survivors unseen in midseason premiere. Practically 10 minutes each, one length after another. I'm not a big fan of the episodes mono-character, with the two on the Governor had reached the limit of endurance - at least those of Andrea were one occasionally. With 4×09 I was resigned to having to see for a while’ episodes dedicated a few players and I was also good, made sense, Whereas the manufacturer had hinted that the meeting of the characters would not be immediate. And yet this tenth installment changed decidedly route: We've all seen, for a few minutes. Perhaps we have seen too many. I looked so Daryl and his voice was barely; even Beth (Emily Kinney) He spoke more – and I must say that his off-field story about hope nurtured the jail in contrast with what happened was very moving. Rail sections dedicated to them and the trio Maggie (Lauren Cohan) – Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) – Bob (Larry Gilliard jr.) showed little, just the different ways of dealing with despair, accompanied by some zombies here and there. At least it seems that the doctor has abandoned his dedication to the bottle, in favor of a belief in the importance of being together: like Michonne he also understood that it is not enough to survive "just to keep surviving", then includes the need for Maggie to find Glenn (Steven Yeun), Despite the risk walkers. In short, the misfortune caused by the Governor seems to have succeeded where Daryl's words had failed. I am surprised that Sasha uses so much to understand the actions of Maggie, might not want to find her missing brother Tyreese (Chad L. Coleman)?

The richest events instead the parts dedicated to others, including the same Tyreese in nanny version. At the moment he is what makes me more tenderness: alone in the woods with 3 teenagers to care – including the small Judith, I thank God she's great, his death would have been truly traumatic! Okay that Lizzie (Brighton Sharbino) and Mika (Kyla Kenedy) I'm not exactly helpless, indeed proved more adept to Beth and Maggie, but they are still little girls a big man like Tyreese cannot but feel the need to protect. Oh, and there's Judith, with anything that involves a child so small. Thankfully to her rescue, to my surprise, get Carol (Melissa McBride). I almost forgot; I thought it was already pretty far removed from prison and instead she returns, getting stronger and help of the man who killed the lover. The location of this particular group seems very interesting between the discovery of the existence of a refuge – the sign that announces it made me think of the entrance of Dante's inferno "Sanctuary for all". Community for all. Those who arrive survive ", which is not a good omen – and the secret that binds women to Tyreese. Added to this is the disturbing Lizzie, that seems all too convinced of the need to be strong and ready to do anything to defend themselves: that plug up that long mouth to Judith because his crying is likely to attract the most murderous mom is frustrated by walkers for the cries of the newborn rather than fight for survival. There is no denying that has followed to perfection the lessons of Carol, but hopefully they don't retrace the footsteps, otherwise as the woman killed Karen to prevent the spread of the epidemic, run the risk that this will do the same with Judith to evade the zombies.

Also room for Glenn, which in turn looks up the beloved Maggie; Despite being still weak, had fallen off the coach to find her and is still inside the prison. Dusts off the estate halfway between Robocop and football player to get away, helping – and with the help from – Tara (Alanna Masterson), still in shock to have lined up on the wrong side. It was so tough in his first meeting with the Governor and instead was more fragile of granddaughter. Now that he's left alone it seems logical that join the party of the protagonists, under the circumstances the only Glenn, that one hand is certainly handy; of course it's not exactly Miss congeniality and niece seemed more cunning than she and her sister put together, so hopefully does not become a liability.

But Glenn and Tara are alone for a long time and I do not know whether this is positive or negative. No time to get rid of the Governor that here come three new characters whose first approach doesn't seem really friendly. From the comments enthusiastic for their appearance from readers of comics but there is every indication that their storyline is very promising, then you just have to wait.

As I said previously an episode-cauldron, that made me a little’ regretting the structure of that starring only Rick, Carl and Michonne. Many have seen, but the significant events were limited. However as are necessary sometimes mono-character episodes, the same cannot be said for this case: a bet that trying to keep up a little’ to all in order to move forward with a tale more evenly, not the easiest thing in a situation where the protagonists are scattered everywhere.

One aspect that I really appreciated was that I keep touching the various characters involved. Albeit separated are all there in the immediate vicinity of the prison and their paths cross without ever being: who first, who after they switched from the same areas and the clues left by those who have preceded give way to positive or negative interpretations on the fate of former fellows. And’ a fascinating and frustrating at the same time, Why can't they have the same good fortune to Michonne? Too simple and positive indeed and goodbye to that State of continuous tension that like so much of this series.


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