The Walking Dead – 4×11 Claimed – by R.

the walking dead 4x11 rick carl michonne

We hardly saw smiles from the characters of The Walking Dead; and can you blame him, as far as one can have hope, look at that fight for survival that has become their life elicits anything but smiles. Yet every now and then gave us even a few moments of serenity, derived mainly from having one another. But here comes the exception: Sgt Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz), smiling while kills the walkers – rather coarsely, Lizzie proved more capable of giving final shots. Maybe so far right Carl and Shane had managed to smile in such a circumstance. Even goes so far to call himself "the luckiest guy in the world". His attitude may have different interpretations, the simplest of them would that be thankful each day of life, Whereas – probably – is one of the few men left on Earth. Or it could be just appearance and then exploit the humor to hide his real state of mind. To find out all we can do is wait to see if in future episodes we'll show more of this new character. At the moment we only know who is convinced that he is a head of mission who will save humanity, accompanying in Washington who should know what is the cause of walkers – but obviously don't you tell, "It's classified" – Dr. Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt). Tara asks him why he's doing this, questioning whether moved only by good feelings; leaving aside for the moment questions relating to the true character of Sergeant, who will get relief, What kind of question is? It's not that there's much else to do, at least Abraham has a purpose to move forward, that is what is needed for everyone in such a situation. I understand that for a girl who for years to avoid the walkers was locked in an apartment is not easy to understand, but at least you save that arrogant tone. Among other things it seems indispensable to me Eugene accompany Abraham, seen as the doctor he copes with zombies. Eugene at the moment appears to be the Sheldon Cooper The Walking Dead: higher intelligence is associated with low practical skills; you just have to see how he responds to Sergeant after "killed" the truck "A fully amped-up state and an ignorance of rapid-firing weapons". It also seems quite absorbed in his own world, thing that doesn't help if you have to be careful not to bite.

Finding a little bit of normality in the chatter from breakfast, Even Carl Michonne have few smiles, shame that everything is ruined by the memory of Judith. The apparent death of his little sister turns out for him even harder to overcome than Lori, Perhaps because he feels responsible towards her mother for failing to protect her. This state of mind, which fortunately does not result in annoying behaviors of the past, It has the merit of making open Michonne. After seeing some pictures of his life pre-walkers, She tells Carl to her child – Thank you Carl for his persistent questions that allow us to finally unravel the mystery! And’ funny how no one has ever asked the question if Michonne to be mom, It is true that she had never told anyone till now, but it is equally true that no one had ever asked him about his past, so much so that she says "It's not really a secret". Find out who is mother is read very differently her behaviors with Judith, that previously could be seen as simple inexperience with children, as well as his attachment to Carl. This moment of "confession" helps both you and Carl, allowing them both to retrieve an iota of serenity.

You have not yet recovered physically Rick, you have to wonder though how he is mentally given that so far has always slept, so he hasn't even had time to absorb what happened. Just to not let him quiet receives the "visit" by a group of men who invaded the House in which rests. Represent the same type of individuals who had already met during the second season (2×14-15), crackpots ready to kill each other for a bed. Surely it is better to face a horde of walkers who have to deal with these items; Once again we are being reiterated what has been learnt in the time of Governor: "Fight the Dead, fear the Living "; proving that man is the most dangerous predator on Earth. Despite his condition, the former Sheriff contends, but I've never seen so much terrified, I feared that they could hear him just by his tremors.

The early departure of Rick, Michonne and Carl was afraid that he would rather reserve required time to happen: find the designation of the sanctuary where he's heading the Group of Tyreese. The meeting with the baby of the family is already so close? Certainly the final episode gave a small burst of positivity that if is vital to give strength to the protagonists, definitely does well we, After all the tragic scenes that we have had to witness.

Ultimately the groups led by Rick, Tyreese and Glenn all have a new aim to move forward: for the first two it's finding the shrine, While Glenn went in search of her Maggie, with the help of Tara (reinterpreting the fairy leave bread crumbs to find your way) and the new trio of characters, that puts aside the journey to Washington. For how sorry I am that you have not seen Daryl, This episode focused on only 2 storyline I much preferred to the mix last week. Logically the unseen characters this time should have space in the near; We'll see if there will be a new target for them or if we will be able to attend another reunion, Maybe between the two sisters Greene.


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