The Walking Dead – 4×12 Still – by R.


Un episodio interamente dedicato a Daryl Dixon, finally! Quindi apprezzabile a prescindere, ad accontentare tutti quelli – me compresa – che lamentavano il poco spazio dedicatogli. Dal midseason finale lo avevamo visto per 10 minuti scarsi e poco rilevanti; con questa nuova puntata il suo personaggio viene invece indagato come non mai. Until now his past history had been treated fairly superficially; Perhaps the episode that had exhibited more had been to (3×10 Home) the estrangement with his brother Merle (Michael Rooker), where the clash between the two had brought to light – if still there were needed – as if they were different from each other, Despite a common. There we discovered how Daryl had been a victim of the violence of the alcoholic father, After that Merle was gone home. But in the first season was ready to plunder with him on the field of his companions. And actually in the first few episodes was not exactly simpatico, But even then it was understood as its negative moments were heavily influenced by his older brother. In 3×10 but Daryl was able to detach themselves from Merle, giving full realization that evolution that had begun in the first season. There were certainly other moments that had shown most vulnerable sides of Daryl – the relationship with Carol, the affection for Judith and Sofia, and the criticism towards alcoholism by Bob – but that, in my opinion, It had been the most significant. So far. In this episode we explore really like Daryl and Beth face the post-prison: the two have not yet been able to bounce back from what happened, are being processed. But while the girl reacts with a kind of rebellion to old father impositions – luckily she realizes that setting off in search of alcohol is a stupid attitude, Although better than when attempting suicide – Dixon takes a back seat: back to behave exactly as in the episode 3×10 When you move with Merle, wandering the forest and feeding of various animals that find – evidently the snake should not be bad if all those unaccounted for use as meal – in practice back to the habits of life with his brother. In short, as happened to Michonne, for him the alleged loss of Shipmates has the effect of get it close itself, to believe that we can only count on yourself and you don't need no one else; It is true that there is Beth, but his new initiative makes it a tad annoying and although it is improved and say can make it alone, his skills against the walkers do not give much security, Therefore it is not the best of companions. The youngest of the sisters Greene has the merit that I recognised though Carl in the relationship with Michonne: Although differently can get it open and tell what 4 seasons we never knew. Proving that often to improve the relationship also serves a nice discussion, the dispute that is unleashed during a drinking game allows to Daryl to reveal what his life before onset of the walkers. Already in the first episode of this season one of prison neoacquisti, Zach (Kyle Gallner), He had tried several times to guess which one was the work of Daryl, but the latter had never left leaked even a clue. Actually the youngest of the brothers Dixon did nothing but hang out here and there along with Merle and his friends addicted to alcohol and drugs. A past that Daryl understandably doesn't want to talk and who is convinced that he turned away, that the ugliness that was used are still there; and when Beth insists that let him know that he really has changed, his answer is "Maybe" you got to keep on reminding me sometimes ". Everyone had figured out that Daryl had changed – let alone Rick would have kept close otherwise – even Merle. Was missing only the same Daryl. And because the character was required to happen maybe more antithetical than him, the sweet Beth, that even in the darkest moments believes he can restore hope with a song that manages to have confidence in a future with children, summer picnics and birthday parties, Despite the zombies. Always young Greene has the idea to burn the shanty where took refuge – which is the same as the alcoholic father of Daryl – and ask you the middle finger to mean giving their backs once and for all in the past: "Places like this you have to put it away. Or it kills you ". Even Beth is different, definitely stronger than when we met her and she proved on several occasions, from the season premiere this year – when Daryl confesses "I don't cry anymore" in reference to the deaths of fellow – the attitude decided had during most critical moment of the epidemic at the prison (4×05 Internment). She herself, however, is not to be changed enough, to be still too naïve about how the world is now; It can also be right regarding his fighting skills, but maybe that naivete can be a source of hope for the future that is needed to move forward and that was crucial to allow Daryl to say farewell to the past.

A little exciting episode from the point of view of the action – although the opening scene in which they felt only the verses of a horde of walkers found it even more disturbing than when we see them clearly – but that it is important to know more deeply a character that, along with Rick, is the most relevant series. After all the same Beth coming to define him as one who will be "The last man standing". And now that they are ready to move forward, all that remains is to see which road will take.


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