The Walking Dead – 4×13 Alone – by R.


Already in the last episodes had been repeatedly stressed that despite the suffering that you can try when you lose a person who is held (Hershel was just the latest), key is not to be alone; it is in normal life, it is even more so with the zombie apocalypse. The alternative is mere survival, survive to survive. We saw this with Michonne (4×09 After) and in part - so far – with the two groups formed by Bob, Maggie, Sasha, Daryl e Beth. And’ the latter is dedicated the thirteenth episode, which is entitled precisely Alone, in which the importance of being in a group is further examined, as well as clearly expressed by the words of Bob. The doctor had mentioned the topic in an old conversation with Daryl (4×04 Indifference), telling that before he and Glenn found him, was left alone after losing for the second time the Group had joined. And this is the moment that we are shown in the first few minutes of the episode: a Bob almost unrecognizable who roams the streets, trying to survive the various walkers, but – like Michonne in the midseason premiere – tend to look a lot like the same zombie. Now the doctor is wonderfully serene; Despite being lost in the forest, they have supplies and have remained only 6 bullets, manages to smile and to have confidence in choosing Maggie to move towards Terminus, in the hope that Glenn is there. In the trio the only ball and chain seems to be Sasha, who just wants to look for a place to hide; fear to discover that Tyreese's dead stop her from having a minimum of hope, is ready to be alone rather than having to deal with the insecurity of the road. The words of Bob on the time spent alone, the fear to be again after reaching the prison and the kiss he gives her, they don't make them change their minds. Sasha is under the illusion that they could really handle it alone, hiding in a tall building (ricordiamole that the zombies are slow, but the scale still know how to do). Until the events of the prison I was convinced that she was the stronger of the two brothers: gave strength to Tyreese, had overcome with courage the epidemic, the same Bob defines it as the strongest person – and sweet – I've ever met; Yet now it seems another, fear has transformed, just hide, to survive. And it's also in denial: doesn't want to admit being afraid. Thankfully the words of Maggie, dictated by love for Glenn – "I thought that I couldn't ask you to risk your life. But I can " – manage where those of Bob found a wall. Fight, at the risk of falling is better than mere survival; and together they can pull it off, can go forward despite obstacles.

And’ near a cemetery found refuge Daryl and Beth, whose relationship becomes more intimate (He gets even more annoying not to consider her singing). A House that in another time would have been quite disturbing, a real funeral home, where the dead were finally killed before they completed the transformation; a form of Godliness, to remember that they were still people, allowing Beth to resurface its sweet side, After class on the use of the crossbow by Daryl. The motto of this episode for her "There are still good people", It keeps saying to his companion taking for example own compassionate behavior of the mysterious inhabitant of the House. And among the good people put the same Daryl, When instead of taking all the supplies at home, Decides to take just enough to not leave without the owner – exactly the opposite of what you would do in the time of wandering with his brother. As in the last episode, Once again the words of Beth take effect, bringing Daryl to think what might be their new shelter, hoping to strike a deal with the old inhabitant: then he, too, believes that there may still be good people. Too bad the moment of serenity is spoiled by a horde of walkers, that forces the two to separate, just enough time to get away, do not? But Beth disappears, you see only a car leaving and that probably was forced to climb, but by who? A thunderbolt: just when the cohabitation between the two had reached a good balance, suddenly everything is ruined, almost certainly from the evidence to the contrary of the motto of Beth; There will still be good people, but of course you always meet the wrong ones. And Daryl finds out further when, left alone, It is surrounded by the same thugs that had forced Rick to move away from the last refuge (4×11 Claimed). At least their "boss", Joe (Jeff Kober) – the same man who had killed his companion for a bed – seems to enjoy the gifts from Daryl crossbowman, so we can rest assured about his fate, for the time being; I also trust him to think it will not be the negative influence of those elements. As I already said when we met this band, demonstrates yet again how human beings can be more dangerous than zombies. Never forget the slogan "Fight the Dead. Fear the Living ", the Governor was just one among many.

Aside from Daryl and Beth are now gone into a different story, the other survivors are all directed towards the elusive “Sanctuary”, Terminus: by the final seconds we see in fact Glenn find one of several signs that announce what if Maggie's right, boots definitely towards that destination in hopes of finding her. Over the past 3 episodi (We're practically already winding down, purtroppo) It is therefore to be expected that we will approach the various protagonists to new possible refuge, revealing then what is, and whether there will be reunification purposes. If in this case the path seems to be marked, biggest concerns elicits instead to Daryl and Beth.

An episode that settles on the recent ones, little action in favour of greater investigation of the characters. This setting is reminiscent of the second season and then as now is much criticized by viewers, but personally I think it is important for understanding the dynamics between the actors. Surely the narrative went on little compared to the resumption of the series, but it was fairly predictable given the need to follow different paths, especially given the inevitable trauma resulting from prison. There is also to say that the few action scenes views were especially deserving: was the high tension in the scene of Bob, Maggie and Sasha immersed in fog, without seeing anything, but just hearing the sounds of zombies around them; and what about Daryl cornered in a small room filled with walkers?

Get ready to enjoy the latest episodes, always maintaining a State of alert, because as demonstrated by last with Beth and Daryl, It's just when you think you have found a little’ of calm that everything crumbles.


4 thoughts on "The Walking Dead – 4×13 Alone – by R.

  1. For me this part of season four is the best of the entire series! Dispetdendo characters have finally broken the group dynamic with leaders and followers, giving way to deepen individual characters but also to explore simultaneously different scenarios and ways of survival : residential area, Woods, cottage, Golf club…
    Then I'd like to think I have formed groups fishing at random and then trying to answer the question “What would happen if they remained only… Daryl e Beth?”
    sevice screenwriters!!

    1. Perfect analysis! And’ the exact opposite of what happened at the end of the second season after the loss of Hershel's farm.
      And the couple Daryl-Beth is the most curious of all!

      1. Another interesting idea of this episode is like growing children in this context : If dexter became serial killers to have seen the mother torn apart, There is that lizzie is having some problem… Ma soprattutto, How to grow judith??

  2. Thankfully it's an issue still far, of course if this continues the world populated by walkers and ruthless people is the only one who knows Judith, may not be able to live without a high daily dose of adrenaline!

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