The Walking Dead – 4×14 The Grove – by R.


As I have already repeated many times The Walking Dead We have become accustomed to shocks, especially when all seems quiet. And this episode is the key example: an apparent calm that portends that something big is about to happen. And when it arrives is a punch in the stomach, It is really hard not to be moved – Obviously I couldn't. Lizzie and Mika we known only earlier this season, but it was easy to become attached to them. They had to witness the death of his father and have partly filled the void by Carol for the loss of Sofia – which was more than enough to show you appreciate. In a few episodes have shown that children know fit everything, even in a world populated by zombies. And how can we not worship them when in the midseason finale rescued Tyreese shooting to "allies" of the Governor? The comparison with the sisters Greene was inevitable and the two were winning outputs blonde. Yet the signals to understand what would happen there were all, starting from the odd initial and flashforward, going back a few episodes, killing an animal helpless and especially by attempting to suffocation by Lizzie against Judith: There were a few seconds of tension that had left to guess that something was wrong. Her older sister appeared to be the stronger one, the one ready to shoot if there was a need. Mika was la dolce, that would not have been able to hurt nobody, Although this had depended on its very survival. But at critical moments was the latter to take care of the situation, It does – as the death of his father – Once again, calming the terrified sister in front of a zombie. And’ compared to walkers who show the difference between the two: Mika understands that not more people, but they are dangerous and you must kill them. Lizzie no, thought to be simply different. His vision naïve reminds a little’ to Hershel in season 2, that until the opening of the barn had believed that the zombies were just sick, but they continued to be God's creatures and it was therefore necessary to render them harmless until the discovery of a cure. But Lizzie goes beyond, is convinced that we can live together; You can tell clearly when Carol kills his new friend-zombies and you have hysterics: is proof of how Lizzie has a totally distorted view of the scenery that surrounds it and that her younger sister is right in defining it "messed up". Hershel at least kept them locked in the barn, didn't go to chiacchierarci, nor the Fed. In fact, more than any other previous moment is illustrative of his State of mind see Lizzie wearing a poor Mickey as a meal to a walker trapped, telling him "don't worry, I'll get you more ". The logical leap to what happened at the prison is immediate: you bring the rats to walkers beyond the network, luring them inside and causing a disruption of the barrier which would have meant a killing for survivors. How many arguments we had to figure out who the saboteur? And they did give us the clearest clue for, with the two sisters who were amused to put names to zombies. When the issue was forgotten Mole there provides the solution. And that solution, more than Governor! But right now that we lose all hope of repentance by Lizzie, Here is the arrival of a group of zombies roasted the door to finally unblock itself, managing to shoot against them. A sigh of relief from Carol that I shared fully. Now you can live safely as a nice little family in that cabin in the middle of the flowers. Obviously nothing more wrong: from relief to a few hours before, Carol's face turns into a mask of despair mixed with terror in front of the bloody hand of Lizzie, He has just killed his sister to make her turn into a zombie, because, as he said to the same Mika, Maybe they should become like the walkers. The years spent with an abusive husband helps Carol to handle very well the situation, averting the baby by the intention to calmly devote the same fate to little Judith and away to prevent Mika becomes. Even before Carol acts, We know what the only thing to do, "She can't be around other people" and certainly can't stay close to Judith. And it is the woman who takes the responsibility to do what needs to be done, kill the girl to whom he taught how to survive in this world, use weapons, defend themselves and kill when necessary, all he had to suffer the same fate as to prevent its Sofia; Carol shoots, in a scene that reminded me of the one in which he permanently lost his little girl: then Rick to take responsibility to kill her permanently, While Daryl was holding the woman by running towards her (2×07 Pretty Much Dead Already). A final example of what Carol has changed: from wife victim to woman who knows how to take the most difficult decisions and implement them. And are not finished, because the proximity of Tyreese and suspicions of man towards Lizzie led her to confess the truth about the death of Karen and David. But man do what Rick had no: forgives. Evidently Tyreese understands why he did, not that Rick didn't understood, but I think the positions of the two are different and that the Sheriff felt some responsibility in relation to the actions of Carol. In addition an important weight in the decision to forgive her she must have had the experience just lived: There are situations where certain things, as far as unacceptable, need to be done.

Mika's death was very sad and the character of Carol played perfectly the emotions it aroused: the initial bewilderment followed by despair – with lots of tears – not just Lizzie moves away, and when shooting in the latter. After the promise to his dying father that he would be taken care, Carol tragically loses those girls who had returned the maternal role and that a benevolent fate seemed to have regained after a forced removal. An episode dedicated – and necessarily I would say – the first group who had begun the journey to Terminus, who knew how to lead us wisely – with various clues in the speeches of the characters – at the time that as they passed the minutes seemed inevitable, Although terrible.

Trying instead to seize the various connection points among the survivors, in this episode, one might be given by the fire that you see going off nearby and they come from the zombies roasted: It's the House date from Daryl and Beth? In two episodes from the end there is a break and saw that the next episode will focus on all the other survivors there you can bet that the path towards the season finale still will bring many surprises.


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