The Walking Dead – 4×15 Us – by R.

The Walking Dead - 4x15 - Us - TERMINUS

Do not know about you, but I find it disturbing Terminus, from the woman who greeted the first arrivals. I mean "Sanctuary for All, community for all "and there is only her, Mary (Denise Crosby)? A deathly silence, which is almost regret the verses of walkers that surrounded the prison; a parte Mary, you do not see and do not hear anyone, the only signs of life are the plants well-maintained - even the garden Rick was so lush - and I wonder that fertilizer use.

I was expecting some kind of new Woodbury, a small town with people trying to resume a normal life and instead we are confronted by a conglomeration of desolate stores, For more secure at all. In a post apocalyptic world where everyone tries to defend himself from zombie attack, the community that proclaims itself the guarantor of salvation did not even the gates closed, Glenn & Co. go quietly, without a minimum control. That woman looks calmly, not at all concerned that behind her there may be zombies or people morse. And even our survivors fighting side; will be the momentary numbness of relief reaching Terminus, but they don't seem to address the issue of barriers to protect the community or at least someone on call: within seconds they forget everything they've done in recent years to spot zombies. The woman who welcomes you halfway between the French crazy about Lost and the Witch of Hansel and Gretel, He smiles and gives immediately the meal of your dreams, shame then wants to eat you. Staying on topic Lost, gives me the feeling that this Sanctuary is the same proven with the season three finale of j. j.. Abrams when we discover "Not Penny's boat": are all relieved because they have now reached the Salvation, but maybe end up in a mess far worse. Even the name of the refuge – like the sign that announces that, as I had said, reminds me of the entrance to Dante's Inferno – can be interpreted as negative: Terminus makes me so think of "game over", “end of the line” and so on and so on and so forth. From reading some tweets I am consoled to know that I'm not the only one who thinks so; and I must say that there are several comments regarding the image of Mary connected to clues of past episodes that I bring even more anxious about the season finale. Another moment that made me reflect on the community of Mary is the decision of the team of Abraham to go to Terminus just to see what it's like before departing for Washington: one detail that makes me fear that the temporary visits are not provided, could be as easy to get as hard to leave.

Glenn & Co. they are the first to arrive, After a scene with a high level of sugar mixed with zombie blood, who saw the reunion of two lovers. At least if Terminus turns out to be a dud, Glenn and Maggie are together again.

And’ directed towards Terminus also what is now officially as the new group by Daryl, whom, Despite the initial urge to go its own way, adapts perfectly to the rules of these stragglers. The mother's rule of "Claimed" reminds me of a game of musical chairs that we did in kindergarten: who does not occupy a Chair at the stop of the music is deleted, Here they do such a thing, getting what interests screaming for first "claimed". According to their leader just a few rules and a little’ of cooperation because men like them can rule the world. Joe is convinced that Daryl is one of them and is slowly destroying everything Beth has done for him: the let him know that he is no longer the man of yesteryear is blown away by the sentence of Joe "ain't nothing sadder than an outdoor cat, that thinks he's an indoor cat ". I still have confidence in Daryl, After all his change had already begun at the first death of brother, It was not merely the result of recent days passed with girl. And Beth is still in his thoughts, So who is ready to kill that thing unbearable to the first word on her. Certainly his last scenes suggest the opposite, that "Claimed" he pronounced it seems the final agreement to be part of the team of Joe, but the clash could be just around the corner. These guys know how to follow the tracks as much as Daryl and applied to that effect for dog Rick: What seemed dead for the right to use the bed was actually just passed out and told hidden man, What is more guilty of having strangled a fellow; so want to get revenge only Sheriff Terminus, convinced that men like them will not be never met – I have more than a few question about, Mary I think okay anyone. I don't think in a contrast Rick-Joe can take the side of Daryl according; nay, I am sure that Daryl wouldn't. Basically we are talking about Daryl Dixon!

Little space to the trio of Rick, that is a short walk from Terminus; I think this is the first time that we do not see him for so long. And’ a shame, has always been him to guide us in this new reality.

A few days before the season finale here is that internal struggle with the desire that the week flights to see what happens and on the other the knowledge that then there will be long months of abstinence. A torture. Worsened by the great mystery that hovers around Terminus and Beth, gone from two incidents and on whose fate are greatly alarmed. Even here reading Twitter doesn't help, the exact opposite: certain observations – always attached to Mary – create fear is for the least of Greene both could happen to others once you arrive at the Sanctuary.

Unlike my usual personal taxation that I want to keep the suspense, This time I couldn't resist and I saw promo and sneak peek; either you see mostly Rick, terrified. And if there's really nothing to worry about is terrified him.


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