The Walking Dead – 4×16 To – by R.


"They're screwing with the wrong people" is the new "We have to go back". The phrase Jack addressed to Kate in the final flashforward season 3 Lost had become a kind of mantra that had accompanied us for the next few months – and beyond. Now we orphans The Walking Dead We have another one that will take us until October: Rick's words are a promise for the new series, because they are the ultimate Survivors and are certainly not put under from that pack of disturbed.

Not by orders, do not threaten to kill Carl, don't you dare to give nicknames – although Ringleader, Archer, Samurai and Kid attributed to them make more effect than those of Kill Bill – Rick & Co. I will worse than ever will be able to make a horde of walkers! If only they had seen what the Sheriff Grimes did Joe there would have thought twice before death. Better Hannibal Lecter! After all, Carl did not touch, It seems to me a pretty straightforward rule to understand, You can't endanger her only child and think that if they're there without lifting a finger. A few minutes of extra-high voltage, that is solved the problem of the gang of "Claimed"; I seriously feared that there could be very serious consequences, between Carl and Daryl I don't know if I was more worried. But when the situation seemed desperate – even Michonne was impotent – so Rick, as Kirkman we had anticipated, pushing the limit, azzannando Joe in the neck, who hasn't leaped at that time? The Sheriff pulls out his more instinctive and animalistic side which long remained dormant; at the beginning of the fourth season had become calm, inclusive, addicted more to the vegetable garden that the zombies: a change occurred in the passage between the two seasons and that we are being shown for the first time via flashbacks juxtaposed throughout the episode. In fact we had a hint in the midseason finale in that Exchange of glances between Rick and Hershel under the eyes of the Governor: the factor had made it clear to Grimes that weapons can also be put aside – if not then you cannot complain if your son shoot the first passing – you can try to live more calmly, without stand always on alert. Fine words definitely, with a Fund of truth, but as Beth's trust in "good people" has not been repaid, so it is also for others: Okay, good, But if you're surrounded by thugs, disturbed and walkers it is best to keep the gun at hand or be ready to use your teeth. But Rick is not Shane, does not remain indifferent to what you did, but is worried about the consequences on Carl, Daryl's words "Anybody would have done that" is a mere consolation. On the other hand, Carl, in another moment of mutual confessions with Michonne, feels at fault to the father, because even if you watch it with some’ of fear, It is not so distant from him in terms of “being a monster”. Seen what awaits them at Terminus would say that all these moral complexes can be quickly set aside, with those disturbed their side "monster" will be all right; at this point the clash with the "Claimed" gang can be considered positive because it allowed Rick & Co. to dust off and give new luster to the "wrong people" for too long kept hidden: anger, the strength, being ready for anything and will be indispensable Sanctuary will feel really "pretty stupid" when li will face. The Rick “This is not a democracy anymore” is back.

The last group arrived at Terminus points clear right now that are not the first fools who spend: observe, control and enter from the back and the joyful smile with which Mary had welcomed Glenn & Co. that leaves room for both her badly when Gareth. And already there you understand that, beyond all odds, really something is wrong. When Rick observes the people around them and focuses on every aspect, the feeling I had was the same as that of the Red Wedding of Game of Thrones: While you play The Rains of Castamere and see that the door is locked, you know that something is back, but do not understand what. Here Rick takes the place of Catelyn and gives us the answer: the Terminus of the garment and his old friends, from riot gear by Glenn to Maggie's poncho, the clock that Hershel was donated to the son-in-law. And in a moment what had seemed a deserted place is populated by peoples army – in the face of the sign that asked to lower their weapons. In a desperate attempt to escape there Superfast mode are shown the various corners of the Sanctuary; Despite the high voltage of those moments cannot remember at least three things: the cries for help that seem to come from various trucks; a mass of bodies that scraps much resemble human ones; and that room that already in the promo seemed terrifying "decorated" with candles and slogans that sweeps away any doubt that we ended up in the midst of disturbed fanatics. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly Robert Kirkman ensures that the mystery of Terminus will be unveiled soon in the early episodes of the fifth season and while not confirming a particularly, admits that the theories circulated online some are true and some are not. From the bones found and those looks hungry I'd be more scope to the cannibals, a disturbing idea that makes me regret the danger walkers.

The final scene with Rick & Co. forced to enter that wagon is a mix between terror and relief; I seriously feared having to say goodbye to Carl (di nuovo), basically its non l'ho vista because I was expecting that at any moment Gareth the shot. The relief felt when finally the guy in the car is accompanied by the reappearance of Glenn & Co: their absence throughout the episode and the theft of their belongings left portends that we played half cast – agree would be really too, but given that we have used every doubt is legitimate.

Great absent Tyreese, Carol, Judith and Beth. The first I assume are still running, Although when Rick's gaze that is rising on the wagon falls on a broken package of powdered milk I arose a distressing that I doubt I will bring up in October. However, the question remains "Beth, where are you?", You can't be dead, rooting for Bethyl has just begun! Small note to Daryl: How can you say ' She's just gone "? Okay that you're one of few words, It expresses his feelings, who launches into passionate kissing, but the poor thing was clearly taken away from someone, deserves to be rediscovered or at least sought, the reductive response is not acceptable. I like instead underline the sentence that Rick has turned to Daryl "You're my brother", comments thereon would be redundant.

Among the waiting fibrillation and the content of the episode it was inevitable that the season finale of The Walking Dead beats me every listening records and so it was with 15.7 million viewers, i 3 million more than at the end of the third season. And now begins the countdown, by ben 7 months, for his return. Hoping that at least at Comic Con in July we are given some anticipation. In any case, will be a grueling wait, We fans of The Walking Dead We are not accustomed, given that generally lacks the cliffhanger at the end. Personally I agree with Robert Kirkman, i love the cliffhanger, as the final minutes of a series make me angry, I find that they are wonderful: nothing did more to raise a series of a cliffhanger, the difficulty of waiting mixes excitement for when you'll recognize the characters on the screen and tastes every smallest news that affects them. A few days to recover from the season finale and then we are already in the mood of expectation – I've already been thinking about the possibility of a marathon of 4 seasons to beguile the time, but since this is 7 months won't be enough. For sure nothing will make us forget “They're screwing with the wrong people”, Oh yes Rick, they are!


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