The Walking Dead – 5×01 No Sanctuary (Season Premiere) – by R.

The Walking Dead è finalmente tornato, After waiting for months and months, seemed even longer for the exciting and scary cliffhanger. And it's a return with a bang, in all directions; the season premiere of season five in fact, In addition to staging an explosion that frees us of that terrifying shrine to Terminus in minutes, on AMC gets well 17.3 million viewers, becoming the most watched episode of the series.

The expectation was very high and was not disappointed; Although, per fortuna, None of our survivors we've said goodbye so tragic – many comments before the airing they predicted an important death – the times when it was feared in this regard have been several. Terminus confirmation within a couple of scenes to be a real slaughterhouse for humans, appearing as the version 2.0 by the middle of the vicissitudes of Chainsaw Massacre. Here, however, there is a new face eager for Leatherface, but men who hit you over the head with a baseball bat and you cut the throats, all over a hot surface to drain the blood: Perhaps the most impressive scene in the entire series, as far as I'm concerned if the play with the decapitation of Hershel. I had been in Glenn would have had a heart attack; was hit on the head three times and three times he's doing at the last second, How did you handle?! By Gareth it seems that Terminus is to prepare for something important, but the explosion that saves Glenn – and then you'll be set up by Carol – the ruin any plan giving us an invasion of walkers to the flame that burned the "no sanctuary" giving Rick&Co. the opportunity to escape and eliminating its inhabitants in the worst way they could possibly want, eaten by zombies. Il luogo che si è cercato di raggiungere per quasi metà della quarta stagione e che si è rivelato l’inferno sulla Terra – era meglio starsene fra gli alberi con gli walkers – fa la stessa fine della prigione dopo l’attacco del Governatore. Con i flashback di inizio e fine puntata e lo scambio di battute tra Mary e Carol scopriamo tutto o quasi su Terminus “It was a sanctuary. People came and took this place. And they raped and they killed and they laughed over weeks. But we got out and we fought and we got it back. And we heard the message. You’re the butcher…or you’re the cattle”; Gareth e (sua madre!) Mary tried on their skin what it means having to fear most other humans than the zombies and they decided to go the other way, the butcher. The face to face between Carol and Mary takes place in that creepy room filled with candles sight in season finale: in the light of what we now know decoding the meaning of the words on the walls, While on the floor are probably the names of people who have lost during the period in which they were imprisoned. Theoretically the explanation of their past should help us to understand why they've become so, especially if you compare it with the path of Rick&Co.; they too had to go further to defend (the Sheriff Grimes over all a few hours before) and experience with the Governor not only taught him not to trust, but also to show no mercy to the enemy so that his return will be devastating: that's why when I'm now out, Rick would like to go back and purge people of Terminus. Yet there is no comparison between them and the group by Gareth; the latter attracts its victims, the tricks with the hope of salvation and then the massacres, as in most gruesome horror – it's true that the signs had been placed when the intentions were completely different, but then they kept. Rick, Carol and now even Tyreese have gone further, but only to protect themselves and their companions and even when the prison were not well disposed toward strangers, they never tortured regardless. All right not to trust, but slaughtering whoever steps on hand seems a tad overdone.

We had not seen in season finale, but in this premiere Tyreese and Carol held the scene. The man seems to continue to live that time of trouble started after the death of his lover, but now it's worse because it has no trouble killing, What is not acceptable in a world full of walkers and guys like the gang of "Claimed". What's more is too good, on this the Terminus – whose speech advances because that shrine became a slaughterhouse – He's right: How can you just stand there quietly and speak with someone who told you, not too subtly, that he would kill you and Judith without thinking for a second? When, threatening to break the neck of baby Judith, forces him to throw himself at the mercy of unarmed zombie I really feared the worst, but Tyreese emerges unscathed, proving that even he knows go over when you need to. Only when it is necessary, Here's the difference.

Carol is the main focus of the episode, proving to be intelligently cautious on approaching a Terminus and initiating their destruction as soon as he sees that his former classmates are in danger. The meeting with Daryl is very exciting, not even he can restrain himself! Ditto with Rick, whose abrupt hug clear that separation that has forced her, the Sheriff now understands why Carol had acted that way. But the scene when I poured the first tears for this new season is without doubt when Carol takes them from Judith: finally, the weight that he and Carl had to endure her for dead torn by walkers lasted all too, a drama in the drama.


And now Rick&Co. will go to Washington? Eugene has decided – at the urging of Sasha, Thanks Sasha! – to confess the nature of the alleged cure: a "fight fire with fire" based on the idea of defeat microorganisms with other pathogenic microorganisms; reminds me of the death of the aliens of War of the worlds, who had not survived contact with the microorganisms that mankind has adapted. The monologue showed a Eugene different: no longer the type a little’ clumsy and awkward that alone won't survive even a zombie without legs, but strong and confident and with the phrase "I am keenly aware of all the details behind devery failsafe systems to kill every living person on this planet" also a dangerous thread. To throw a dark Halo on the trio originally directed to Washington thinks though Abraham when his partner says, "We'll talk to him, not just yet ", What will be under?

The group is almost fully booked, just missing, Beth; around she keeps the mystery; It was a Terminus in a room that we haven't seen or is it somewhere else? Many at the first apparition of Mary had remarked to him that his golf was the same as Beth, so in theory should be tied to who abducted her Terminus; at least from the trailer we know he is alive. We hope that we be given some news soon! In the meantime Let's enjoy the destruction of Terminus, that has kept us apprehensive for months, whilst bearing in mind that the annihilation of the place does not mean end of danger; Rick hit Gareth, but the wound is not fatal: the final flashback showed that the boy was able to overturn a desperate situation and definitely will soon reiterate its motto "You're either the butcher or the cattle". But Rick&Co. nor are the Yahoos and they have to do first, should have already understood!


3 thoughts on "The Walking Dead – 5×01 No Sanctuary (Season Premiere) – by R.

  1. But Eugene.. To me more than a scientist looks like a video game that has found the ACE up the century to be defended by the super soldier, and in fact his plan to save the world seems like the plot of a video game! What do you think? You seem credible as a scientist??

  2. Leaves me a little’ doubtful…the monologue gave a tone, but it felt more like a way to impress not the great insight of a scientist. And in fact tends too remember that without him they would never be able to find the hypothetical care.
    His explanation also made me think about the finale of the first season: possible that a possibility like those from the CDC have never thought?!

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