The Walking Dead – 5×02 Strangers – by R.

A relatively peaceful episode, at least until the final ten minutes that have seen a succession of high-voltage events. Not that before it was a walk to health; just that atmosphere of apparent calm and found (momentary) serenity did fear that to come true as Rick kept saying to Carl "You're not safe. "It only takes one second. One second and it's over ", keeping us constantly on the alert and confirm that the road of suspicion is always the right one.

The title "Strangers" refers to all, everyone has had to deal with and do the unthinkable to survive, because we learned that the greatest threat is posed by people, not from the dead. Carol killed a sick woman and a little girl, Tara was with the Governor and, as evidenced by the third degree to which Grimes submits strangers, everyone had to kill someone. The need to be accepted for what has been done is a central theme of the episode, Tara is perhaps the one that best expresses, confessing to Maggie She was from the Governor on that fatal day at the prison; and the daughter of Hershel hugs, not showing a shred of resentment, probably lost and endured too much and be there again with many of the people she loves simply. The location of Carol is different, She was already part of the Group and had been dismissed by Rick for what he had done, But despite they had turned their backs on she came back for them and saved them. This turns the tables, It is not the woman to be accepted, but the former fellows: asks explicitly the Sheriff says Tyreese, What more than anyone should be mad at you, but instead the understands after living together the experience of Lizzie and Mika. Yet Carol doesn't seem interested in meeting with people who were once his family, is silent, even with Daryl and it seems that his only desire is to leave, to be even on his own – also because it now has the knowledge that can make it fine. And at one point seems ready to make this connection, but is interrupted by the appearance of Daryl and especially by the passage of the car who kidnapped Beth. The fact that Carol is the character who faced deeper evolution is indisputable – who would have bet a euro on the survival of the poor weeping woman abused by her husband? – but now come even to want to go alone… because? Better alone than suffer through the loss of who's around? Such an explanation would be the exact opposite of the inner journey made by characters like Daryl and Michonne, the woman who did not want to abandon even the husband yokel now aspires to solitude? But a few hours before he risked his life to save his former group and now he abandons an instant in follow the crossbowman who threw himself behind the kidnappers by Beth; Maybe with this new venture we can avert a lone warrior version Carol!

But the difficulty in having faith in others is manifested to the fullest with Father Gabriel, a priest cornered by some walkers and rescued by our survivors. On him weighs a gigantic question mark. It is said that the dress does not make the monk, and in this case the saying could be perfectly adequate; Gabriel is evidently unable to defend themselves, never killed nor a walker or a person, apparently because "the Lord abhors violence", So how did he survive so far? And if so terrified, because he had been away from his Church when Rick&Co. they found him? Rick does not trust him and each track gives you reason: Carl discovers marks on the Church that someone has tried to enter by force and says "You'll burn for this"; Maybe Gabriel was barricaded in the Church with food supplies and did not allow anyone else to enter? Or has "sold" anyone would go from there to the types of Terminus and/or the kidnappers by Beth? Do not forget that the latter's car has a cross in full view on the rear window and after all the disguise by men of God is always effective coverage. Father Gabriel himself admits that he is a sinner, but only confesses his sins to the Lord, certainly not to strangers; a very convenient justification, but which has the effect of increasing the suspicions against him. Add to this his panic attack in front of a walker; as one could guess, a picture tells us that Gabriel knew that woman, which suggests that something must be done to react so much exaggerated his attack.

And now we come to Bob, that from the post prison left the bottle in the name of unbridled optimism and love of Sasha. This happiness can be interpreted as a sign that the doctor will be short lived (many gave up for lost already in premiere) and the attention dedicated to him this time just seems to point to that tragic finale; the clash in the mud with the zombie me every clue. Yet you save thanks to Sasha, but from there onwards Bob is no longer the same, as far as efforts to smile with his beloved, you feel the sadness, as if he were conscious that the nightmare that prophesied the end, for him will end soon, just not in the way hoped. The most logical explanation is that underwater has been bitten and they're hiding; his departure from the Group seems like a way to die alone without jeopardizing his companions. Sincerely, Despite several comments read, I hoped until the last that Bob there saluting and these scenes were waning as my hope; After what happened, I find myself thinking that died from the bite of a walker would have been better. Bob instead became the meal by Gareth&Co.: the butcher you enjoy – literally – the left leg of the doctor (that reminds me of the late Hershel inevitably reduced). And’ a scene really disgusting. The way in which Gareth eats, what it says – resuming the conversation at Terminus, with Bob tied together in front of the tub – amplify the effect of the images: It is not the first time you see cannibals on tv, Yet I don't recall such an impression. Gareth's explanation is that "at the end of the day, No matter how much we hate this ugly business…a man's got to eat "; as I said for Gabriel, It's too comfortable talking so; the sad story behind it doesn't justify what have become, can survive otherwise, are not the protagonists of Alive (based on a true story) they had had to eat the bodies of their comrades (Anyway already dead!) to survive in the Andes. They're just butchers, in the most grisly attributed to this term. And now that they've lost Terminus, are first of all hunters; We thus discover that they check out Daryl and Carol at the beginning of the episode and must be really good as hunters if Daryl has discovered their tracks.

Two episodes from the beginning there is no time to breathe a sigh of relief, Gareth Hunt&Co. has already begun and the premises may be more ruthless to everything our survivors have faced until now. Rick&Co. are observed and unprepared for the arrival of the band of Terminus. About Gabriel cannot rely and doubts persist about the Abraham group, that continues to hide anything – from words spoken to Rosita one senses that fear their reaction to the truth; his speech to convince them to leave for Washington is engaging and compelling, It gives them a new purpose, but it will be really a chance or there is something else? Promo images suggest that the next installment will take place again near the Church, so probably for the storyline of Beth we will have to wait. Of course in the meantime Gareth won't bore!


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