The Walking Dead – 5×03 Four Walls and a Roof – by R.


An episode full of tension, between cannibalism, clashes, blood and dead, embossing a vein more horror to a growing series. But as Rick&Co. go beyond, How to blame them? In the end it's just a matter of who survives, It's us or them, that "It could have been us" uttered after the killings makes it clear.

The episode picks up where it left off, with a monologue Gareth what a, Although disturbing because we know that in the end only serves to justify that disgusting cannibalism, have any words of "wisdom" here and there. "My mom used to say that every day above ground was to win" and "Nothing lasts too long anymore" express this new reality we have come to know along with Sheriff Grimes since pilot. We think of Hershel's farm or the prison: They seemed to represent the hope for the future despite what surrounded them, but it took a few minutes to be swept away; and the ways in which customers have had to say goodbye were significant, before the walkers (Ok, There is), then other human, they have destroyed any slightest confidence can. But as I already pointed out, Gareth's group has gone to an extreme unjustifiable (and don't compare it to a poor bear!) While Rick&Co. still know how to distinguish, proof of this is the survival of Father Gabriel despite the suspicion towards him – I still find your confirmation: had actually closed out his parishioners at the mercy of walkers and since then he lives his personal hell between guilt and fear of eternal damnation. Gareth you leave a room even two theories at least dubious, the first as many taste of women attributed to the layer of extra fat due to pregnancy (a detail that I honestly didn't care to know). The second one on cooking meat that would eliminate the risk contagion – actually hadn't thought too, After all, in the past there was boiling clothes for the sick? – but here the most important aspect is the revelation by Bob, that between tears and laughter screams "You idiots. I've been bitten, you stupid pricks! I'm tainted meat!"; Here too, the last episode's suspicions are confirmed and the displeasure of the certain loss of the doctor, leave for the moment the space to the enjoyment for those crazy cannibals, they no longer know how to put what until shortly before ingurgitavano with much gusto.

However this shock doesn't waste time in revenge against Rick&Co. and that's where they demonstrate their nature very different from that of the opponents: He doesn't just delete them, they want to terrorize them, in a game of cat and mouse started already in the previous episode by observing them hidden among the trees. "Return" Bob why tell them what they've done, Let them know you are coming to them, hides a psychological game that goes far beyond the simple "You don't know what it is to be hungry". But Rick It is not the last of fools, Dear Gareth! The Sheriff Grimes makes her the subject of promo "Hunt or be hunted", planning a perfect trap and immediately understandable when you notice who is left in the Church, in practice, among them the only one I would trust my life is Carl (maybe even Tyreese)! It all makes sense though because they are just decoys, especially the little Judith, whose eyes to hear the words of Gareth is smarter than that of Eugene and so far it is more useful than the alleged scientist: His crying triggers the trap that turns those loudmouths cannibals in trembling prey and almost pleading for mercy. Gareth has even dare to say that if let go of their paths will cross never, could not follow this tip two episodes ago when Rick went back to permanently delete them? Too comfortable now that you're kneeling before a gunman! The Sheriff's response leaves no way out and conceals a concern for other potential victims of the gang of Terminus "But you'll cross someone's path. You'd do this to anyone, right?". The ensuing massacre is worthy of a horror movie; Gareth and its bodies are on the ground torn apart, I didn't really think we'd said goodbye to Gareth so soon! Too bad that we can't have evidence of theory on cooked meat!


Step back, the clash between Rick and Abraham: There's no excuses, Rick is right. What good is a room ahead of a pack that's literally chasing – and who knows their destination? And the history that Abraham wants to force that Tara, Glenn and Maggie go with them? Among other things in the latest episodes on their level – excluding Tara who has never marked for acumen – has fallen dramatically, at Terminus Glenn even wanted to fight! While the only relevant fact of Maggie is the joke after the slaughter in response to the comment by Father Gabriel "This is the Lord's House" No. It's just four walls and a roof "; the girl back to the harsh reality the priest, but in the rest of the time seems to want to live in his world of love and forgiveness (with Tara last episode), forgetting completely about her sister! Early whispers from premiere we know Daryl told her that Beth has been kidnapped, might not give a shit nothing? For Glenn would have crossed the United States, her sister does not devote even a thought! I can't say I'm a big fan of Maggie, actually I find it pretty alone teaming with Glenn, but in this early season lacks any thickness, you go ahead command by Abraham (and Glenn, It takes for granted that she follow a priori)! Returning to Sergeant, you save right because it admits with Rick "Sorry I was an asshole", but it is nevertheless not sufficient whereas continues to hide the truth.

The death of Bob It is very sad, as far as the doctor could not be considered one of the show's hoofs hard, He had managed to gain a role – at least for me – species in the post prison with his invincible optimism. The last talk with Rick reemphasises the diversity between Gareth and Rick "You took me in. 'Cause you took people in (...) Nightmares end. They shouldn't end who you are ": Gareth chose to be another, a Cannibal, Rick is always a good man that goes beyond only when forced. Obviously the most poignant farewell is the one with Sasha, that is made even more bitter when you attempt to make one last time on their game "So what is it? The good that comes out of this bad?"stay unanswered because Bob stops breathing; It's like a permanent loss of hope. Bob dies under a performance “The last supper”, ironic considering that it was the Group's last supper by Gareth.


The Group splits: Rick with Carl, Michonne, Judith, Sasha and Tyreese (and Gabriel?) It remains the Church awaiting the return of Daryl and Carol, While Abraham and others start at a time of Washington. But the separation seems destined to last for just having regard to the final scene – that reminded me of the reappearance of Claire in Lost after they had escaped to the others in season one – : Daryl emerges among the trees and the demand for Michonne "Where's Carol?"motions someone behind him to come along. Carol should be logic and Beth and he bent forward to ensure that the situation was quiet; the promo for the next episode makes it clear that finally will be revealed the mystery "Who took Beth?", that could result in a most terrifying truths of Terminus. This final only increases the wait for the new episode, The Walking Dead It lasts forever too little!


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