The Walking Dead – 5×04 Slabtown – by R.


Hope that last week's cliffhanger finds immediate response falls into the void, with a predictably bet Beth-centric, but I really enjoyed – although I'm afraid I'm in the minority, but he was among the very few sad over the death of Lori! After the death of the youngest of the sisters Greene was normal devote 40 minutes to her to find out what had happened to; But unlike season four episode dedicated entirely to the Governor, This was something else: action, horror, There have been moments of tension and disgust to frame the evidence for evolution of the small Beth.

The question that has plagued us for months you will find an answer in the near the beginning of this episode four; "Who took Beth?"yet another group of fools that takes advantage of doomsday scenario to be at that delusion of omnipotence that never would have been able to achieve in a normal world. "We saved you, you owe us "this is the motto which applies to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, more than mere human solidarity. They saved Beth from an onslaught of walkers – that they call rotters – and now she has to serve them until he repaid her debt, the extent of which is conveniently silenced: the idea that can ever be considered completely paid doesn't hold even a second, We understand now that Beth is trapped. The fact that they really saved the young Greene I cherish more than a doubt; first was with Daryl and that is already a guarantee in itself; because if he was struggling against the walkers woke hours later in hospital without remembering how we got? MICA loses consciousness for a sprained wrist and a flesh wound! I'm leaning more on the suspicion of past months, that is, they've taken intentionally to add a maid/nurse to their "Slabtown", as well as a new victim for the agent/pervert lollipop Gorman. To reinforce this idea the words of Noah, captive there for a year, who suspects he was "saved" at the expense of the father not because the latter was ill-placed and then "a waste of resources", but because it was big and strong and therefore not controllable. The same would apply to Daryl.

The agent Dawn Lerner in fact wants to control everything and everyone, in the belief that the sacrifices that forces them to be repaid once "we're finally rescued"; I don't know if I really believe, but his attitude reminds me of Big Jim in Under the Dome: with the strength of the uniform she wears is a large capa of a new system where you and your can do the good and the bad times, in the name of a supposed "greater good". Kill his former boss, slap Beth when she pleases and allow his colleague to abuse of captive girls are compromises necessary. And talk about Gorman, the classic sexual predator who derives pleasure from exercising its power over those most vulnerable; wastes no time in imply to Beth how would want ripagasse the debt (a fortiori, much less would risk to rescue Daryl!) and the scene is more disgusting and disturbing Lolly each walkers, rotten corpse or cannibalistic massacre seen so far. The definition that Joan – the one who shows how we would rather be attacked by a pack of walkers rather than stay a minute longer in there – does Dawn "She can control them. But she doesn't because it's easier. Because she's a coward "fits all those within that hospital have some kind of position, those agents who according to Lerner "The happier my officers are, the harder they work to keep us going ", It doesn't matter if this also means sexual violence, so you can't touch. And despite the first appearance, the word "coward" lends itself well for Dr. Steven Edwards. The kindness he shows to Beth and love of art make it seem a possible ally, but the picture in his Office (the taking of Christ by Caravaggio) We anticipate a breakthrough like the last supper in the Church of Father Gabriel; the doctor makes sure that Beth give a patient the wrong medication – by denying his doctors just like Peter denied Jesus – because the man was a doctor, and if you had saved Edwards would lose that role required that covers the hospital and Dawn. The doctor prefers to stay in that prison rather than out there because there, in spite of everything, they're still alive. Obviously doesn't know how to give an answer to the question of Beth "You call this living?", but for him it is easier, as the only doctor and then protected, Unlike what happens to simple servants Beth, Joan, Noah… Dawn, Gorman and Edwards are cowards who exploit this desperate situation to carve out a role of power that would never be able to get.


Dawn, in his confrontation with Beth, makes clear its view of girl "Out there" you're nothing. Except dead or somebody's burden "and reinforces the weight of those words reminding her of his suicide attempt from the second season. Although the initial submission of Beth to debt payment made me fear in its flattening, the reactions as they explore this new world, where it was found for the first time all alone, I have calmed and the reference to the wounds on the wrist was the final certainty. It's been since then, We must also consider that at the time had had Andrea to "advise"…Andrea, Let us realize! Poor thing, necessarily had cut her wrists! As far as Beth has always been the girl to be protected, the one that dealt with Judith, to Cook, to defuse the tension with a song, during the last season had already realized it was no longer the Blondie unstable we had known. During the epidemic at the prison was among the few to not lose control (even his strong sister Maggie there was successful) and who would have bet on his hysterical after the attack of the Governor? Instead she was strong, indeed almost she give Daryl the strength to react. Beth is strong, It will not be like Michonne or Maggie, but in its own way it is. The speech that makes Dawn I felt a sort of continuation of that between Beth and Daryl "Still" (4×12), When she conceded that while Daryl seemed born for this reality, She was still a stupid girl who hoped in happy endings. But now that she's alone, Beth understands that Daryl was right, that she too has changed., You can do it; and in this episode does everything to try Dawn by mistake.

Plan your escape with Noah is a DC voltage, with the fear that they are discovered at any moment. It happens on time and in the worst way, with Gorman plucking Beth red-handed burglarizing Dawn key; obviously to gross profits from the situation in order to rape, but Beth's not stupid and understand immediately how to overturn the all to his advantage: the hit on the head with the jar of lollipops and the attack of neo walker Joan are the perfect revenge! The bloodstain on his shoe might blow up everything, but the young Greene has another idea: send Dawn straight between the jaws of Joan, hoping to gain time and maybe even get rid of it permanently. In a location far from simple, between walkers and bodies eaten and decompose, Beth and Noah are able to reach the outside and that is where the blonde gives evidence of his improvements with weapons (We say goodbye to those shooting haphazardly against Governor). And while I was hoping the surprise arrival of Daryl and Carol, Noah battered earns exit, While Beth is stopped by agents of Dawn; the girl smile though is the mark of his satisfaction: not everything was a waste because Noah was able to escape and now Lerner is not the weak little girl knows that Beth can control at will. Their latest clash is a cold shower of reality for agent "No one's comin’ Dawn. No one's Comin'. We're all going to die and you let this happen for nothin ' ".

There remains some question about this "saviors": Why go so far from Atlanta to "Save" someone? Go so far isn't a waste of gasoline? And because the white cross on all cars?


An episode very different from that of the Governor of last season, with the further appreciable difference, While for him there had been two incidents in range to the return of our survivors, the finale to this already creates the connection to the rescue mission of Daryl and Carol. Beth approaching Edwards with a scissors after unmasked, But whatever his plan – which could enact its end – this is interrupted by the arrival of a stretcher with Carol unconscious. I can't believe that Carol has needed the help of that gang of crazy, I'm leaning more to the theory that he was doing the bait, Maybe she, Daryl attended the escape attempt of Beth and after reaching Noah prepared a plan that starts with the entrance of women in hospital. Unfortunately, the promo for the next episode suggests that we will have to listen the other Greene, with the journey to Washington led by Abraham, What ever we will cover these when there is a question about who came back to the Church with Daryl?!


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