The Walking Dead – 5×05 Self Help – by R.


As I feared, an episode entirely focused on the group led by Abraham. When you are turned away from the Church I hoped that we would have been unaware of his whereabouts until his reunion with Rick&Co., It wasn't very logical I know, However why don't get your hopes up? Although he understands the need to follow them, I'm still not very convinced about dedicate a whole episode, where unnecessary moments, among the jokes about haircuts, the perversions of Eugene and Maggie Bible riddles, not have been few. The only one to make interesting these forty minutes is Abraham, Since the other seem to bask in an optimism for the future of which I do not find the slightest justification.

And among these to impress me more in negative continue to be Glenn and Maggie, ever since they met not only seem to despise the violence to which all are forced, but also feel a world apart from that group they belonged until recently – Glenn even by the arrival of a lonely and confused Rick Grimes to Atlanta, a time set in memory! Ora, After that if they hadn't got Rick&Co a Terminus would be some steaks, If you do come up with "We're not back there anymore". We're living for something else. And they don't get to right now "; are perhaps upset by the massacre at the Church? Apart from that Abraham does not behave much differently, Indeed this episode highlights how the motto Mors tua, Vita mea both his guiding light, also in the past have not spared and Maggie after witnessing the beheading of the father should be even less squeamish. But on the other hand what to expect from someone who prefers to give up for dead quiet younger sister to live his dream of love? Far from attitude in relation to Beth who at the time of the attack on the prison was put at risk getting off the bus to go looking for Maggie! The couple so we hoped the transfer last season has found some new friends with the coolest mission and wants to leave behind the old ones, now considered hopeless. I can't say I'm sorry obstacles that are meeting in this way, Since the accident with the bus, to walkers everywhere, until the revelation of Eugene that destroys their "we're living for something else".


There were doubts about the wacky scientist, many big words, the use of "it's classified" even when she gets one right nothing, that continuous underline that without him they would never be able to create caring and unconvincing attempts to delay the departure for Washington (It was even sided with Rick when Abraham wanted to leave the Church before the arrival of Gareth); the latter reaches its climax in the first few minutes of the episode, with the incident at the bus that Eugene confesses to Tara to be responsible: his justification is that he's afraid that if he does not forsake and helpless will survive. In fact, Eugene made it so far only because Abraham has always put in first place, even when they were fleeing from Terminus, and among them was Carl, the Sergeant asked everyone to protect the scientist; It also does this when the walkers attack the bus upside down. All because Eugene claims he can create the cure: a statement just because everyone over on his inability with walkers, its doing the peeping Tom and sabotage (things to say in this case that tells Tara that, as I mentioned, certainly stands out not for acumen). The only time when the scientist demonstrates a modicum of ingenuity is when it blocks the attack by a group of walkers with the fire hydrant, Although I personally don't think we need a PhD to know what are the effects. But now everything is explained: as he had suggested a reader, Eugene has simply found the ACE up to to be protected always and everywhere; and more that funky monkey, the fake scientist is a wily coward who understood how to exploit to his advantage the others, It does not matter if they die to save it. Her scream "I'm not a scientist" comes when Abraham is willing to go through hundreds of walkers to follow the established route, a huge risk that a coward like Eugene could never face: not only the probability of coming shredded is very high, But if successful would be one step closer to Washington. In front of his words Rosita comes out with "You are a scientist. "I've seen the things that you can do", cara, also I know of things, like all viewers of documentaries, Grey’s Anatomy or channels as Real Time, but that does not make us scientists! And let us realize what it tastes like Eugene "I know I'm smarter than most people, I know I'm a very good liar and I know I needed to get to DC ". Not exactly useful information to stop the Apocalypse; the capital is obviously the best shot for anyone, just think of the bunker under the White House showed, among others, in the last (wonderful) Chapter in the saga of X-Men, It was Eugene to know. Many people have died to save him in the name of that lie, but the guilt hasn't stopped. If anything, explains its expression in front of the confession of Father Gabriel leaving parishioners to die outside the Church: Eugene's back in that priest who condemned to death men, women and children in the name of its survival. Yet the fake scientist struck me more negatively because he reflected on his lie and decided to keep it going for long in spite of everything, While Gabriel was caught suddenly (At night, When normally closed however the church doors) and acted on instinct.


The shock of truth hits everybody, but the only one that has a predictable instinctively reaction is Abraham, which is thrown violently against the man who has always defended. Rosita locks and his gaze censorious resembles that seen just before in a brief flashback to the past of Sergeant. The episode is interspersed with brief moments when we see Abraham beat a man to death, an act of sheer violence, but you can't not see that same survival needs expressed in the latest episodes from the actions carried out by various characters. Understand it better in the light of the theory that man exposes Glenn "You're either strong and they can help you so you help them, or you're strong and they kill ya. I know you gotta kill them ". The Governor, the gang of "Claimed" and Terminus teach. Nevertheless, his traveling companions maintain an attitude of disapproval of violence, the same that Abraham had already tried through the eyes of terrified of his wife and children in the face of what she had done; probably without its intervention would have died at the hands of those people who he had killed, Yet the gaze of the woman was more upset and condemnation of that painting on the face of Lori when Rick had confessed to killing Shane (one of the few occasions when I criticized). After that the wife of Abraham had taken advantage of the break to sleep to leave with the children, choice which they had obviously condemned to death; in front of the bodies of his family the Sergeant was going to commit suicide, but the appearance of Eugene with his mission of salvation had given him hope that he could be the new, only reason for living. That's why the truth that the fake scientist the slams in your face hits him so brutally; the need for Abraham to go ahead, that "We" don't go back " – In contrast to the sentence symbol of Jack LOST – It is one of his drift away from a past that cannot withstand (and that the wound on the hand that continues to reopen reminds him constantly).

And now? Will go anyway to Washington or return from Rick&Co? At least the decency to warn them (especially in that field full of walkers)? The promo for the next episode shows that finally will be back Daryl and Carol and see what happened to him after the tail of the car with the white cross. But especially those few seconds are announcing that we are already in 3, only 3, episodes from the midseason finale, so I hope very much that will focus on other protagonists rather than the Group of Abraham; among other, If Maggie doesn't care about her sister, I don't see why I should be interested to her new life with Glenn!


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