The Walking Dead – 5×06 Consumed – by R.


Carol is the absolute protagonist in this episode; We have already repeatedly to emphasize his incredible evolution, but this time it herself to admit that the woman known in the first season no longer exists, burned; as well as the real one has burned herself that had got to become the prison.

the fire, or rather the smoke that follows is what accompanies the story of Carol that let in flashbacks scattered along the bet; on one hand what invokes it towards his old friends after the departure of Rick: the smoke rising from the prison after the attack of the Governor and that (probably home burned by Daryl and Beth) While buries Lizzie and Micah; the other hanged herself to kill Karen to the prison and to destroy Terminus. And now Daryl burning the bodies of two walker, probably mother and daughter, where is inevitable does not review the Carol and Sophia of yesteryear, those who had been at that same women's shelter and children abused long before, to return after just over a day And, that obviously had resumed for its bad habits. When you can no longer follow the self with the white cross on the rear window (After a high-voltage scene between "catch them or not?"and the walker who beats suddenly at their window), Carol leads Daryl toward that shelter where they had been years before, a location that remains impressive change of the character of Melissa McBride. And’ almost impossible to see in her the woman who took care of the abusive husband after he was beaten by Shane (one of the few times that I appreciate it) Despite the latter intervened in his defense.


But if the Carol post-and it was a strong woman, to campaign for himself and his companions, post-prison is disillusioned, convinced that there can be a new beginning. And’ un po’ as if the roles of her and Daryl are partly overturned: After the death of Sophia was he that discouraged, While she was able to give him strength; now it is the crossbowman to have a minimum of hope or at least "I'm tryin'", While the woman is forced to admit "I don't think we get to save people anymore". Oh my God, It is hard to blame, consider the last elements encountered (the Governor, Gareth&Co.), his is similar to the reasoning that Abraham did Glenn last week or Rick Carl to the Church; and it's an argument we would expect even from Daryl, If it weren't for the chats with Beth that brought him more on the line "There are still good people around". But the clash with Noah, against all odds, agrees with Carol, with the guy who leaves them unarmed. Daryl prevents her from shooting to stop him "He's a damn kid"; I don't know if I believe her when she says that aimed to the leg, What is certain is that I'm glad to see you and Daryl forced to face a pack of walkers unarmed and to throw with a minivan from a bridge! Luckily the injuries are not severe. The outburst of Carol "I don't want you to die. "I don't want Beth to die. "I don't want anybody at the church to die, but I can't stand around and watch it happen either. "I can't, that's why I left "is that explanation that Daryl was expected from their reunion and that shakes the relationship between the two, culminating in another role reversal when, found Noah, is the man who wanted to abandon his destiny with a walker; saves it but at the last second, confirming a Carol as she herself had said a few moments before "It's like you were a kid. Now you're a man ". Precisely because it gives evidence of this remark, and not only because it is the spring to help Beth, I'm glad he saved, Despite the stupid to take away the crossbow!


Shame not to have time to get organized, with Carol who is hit by a car of fools of Grady Memorial Hospital. Now we have the full picture of what led to the arrival of Carol in hospital (Unfortunately I was part of a plan) and Daryl's return to the Church (with Noah to organize together with Rick&Co. Save Carol and Beth). I made too simple!

Although the bet brings out the character of Carol, not missing important moments for Daryl, especially when he accidentally falls from her bag a book found at the refuge called Treating Survivors of Child Abuse – After all he is trying to start from scratch. We know who was being beaten by his father, We learned during the fight with his brother, When in the third season had decided not to return to prison with Rick to be with him. Attempting to Rob newly saved people from a Merle onslaught of walkers had hinted to Daryl that now he was no longer as his brother; Merle had assaulted and had revealed the scars that cover his back the lesser of Dixon, that was his father's favorite become the victim after the first was gone. So far the only with whom Daryl has opened up a bit was Beth, We'll see if that book and – hopefully – saving the girl really represent for him a new beginning.

The return to Atlanta, In addition to take us back to the Carol of the past, We did review those scenarios that had introduced Rick and us spectators in this new world. The entrance in an Atlanta devastated and desolate (except for walkers) He recalled as Sheriff Grimes on horseback in the pilot; without forgetting the encounter with Glenn that had earned him salvation after the attack of the first horde of walkers that he and we have seen; creepy moments!

The promo for the next episode tranquilizza about whether we will resume by the return of Daryl to the Church and by the arrival of Carol at Grady Memorial – also sees an image of Glenn, will cross along the way or we'll come again overwhelmed by that group now aimlessly? Rick prepares a plan, but it won't be easy: fools are many hospital, armed and that's their territory. Two episodes from the midseason finale a new battle is upon us, We will overcome it without losses?


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