The Walking Dead – 5×07 Crossed – by R.


Dopo 3 episodes focusing on the few characters, The Walking Dead resumes the ranks of all the in-game storyline, showing us a little’ of all, even those of which I did not, i.e. the renamed GREATM. A dispersion of the characters reminiscent of the post-prison (removing the MAGO from that period) keep up with everyone already is not simple, Why tediarci with the unnecessary scene of Glenn&Co.?

Let's start with them so we take off for the thought. The name GREATM It is an invention of Tara, He obtained by combining the initials of their names; at least now we know how to define them in a hurry. Because the weather was not already dedicated to him too, further separate, with Glenn, Rosita and Tara who go looking for water and Maggie who remains on duty in Eugene (still unconscious) and Abraham. The latter is the only one that I don't mind attention is given (the fact that it does resemble the wrestler Sheamus might influence me in this regard) and who cares-to-my-sister (Maggie) threatens me with a gun, just because he did it look grim to Rosita! But then you have to understand, the revelation of the fake scientist has ruined her dream of love and hope, away from those Brutes of his old comrades; It's not that now may allow Abraham worst things further with some disproportionate reaction: If one starts to pummel people, How does Maggie to live in his world of flowers and bows? Greene in front of Sgt., his knees for an indefinite (but don't hurt your knees?) and dumb, can't hold back the anger which shares with him "Get over yourself. You're not the only one who lost something today. It's never going to get any better than this "; both have lost something that prompted them to move forward: for him a new purpose after the loss of the family, hope of a bright future with Glenn. Perhaps it is this knowledge that makes them reconnect just before the awakening of Eugene.

Shipping water does find out more about the history of Rosita, that in the meeting with Abraham, for the first time by the zombie apocalypse, He had found someone who wanted his help – how to make a woman feel important. Meanwhile, Tara alternates moments of euphoria for taking a yo-yo and comical banter with a sort of justification in favour of Eugene, that'll explain only the light of sincere exchange they had before his revelation He had one skill that kept him living. Are we supposed to be mad at him cause he's used it?"and that is supported by Glenn" Damn right ". The fact that exploited them and many people have died to save him is a sorvolabile detail, do not?


The Church was fortified in view of departure to Grady Memorial of much of the group – the use of organ pipes to defend the entrance is an almost artistic touch. Michonne stay there with Carl and Judith, reassuring a Rick very dubious about leaving his family to go to Atlanta, but then "I owe it to Carol". The Sheriff's son proves again wiser than many others insisting with Gabriel the importance of learning to fight. The choice of the machete as a weapon seems a good sign, but then we discover that the priest uses it only to open a hole in the floor and escape by hiding in the Woods (?). Obviously does not carry with it the machete and within seconds is forced to a melee with a walker, that surprisingly WINS; However, when the eye falls on the cross that the zombie has his neck, does not have the courage to give the final blow. At this rate, how will you survive?

To Grady Memorial Beth demonstrates again its strength lashing against the agent who would abandon Carol in itself because it is considered a waste of resources; pity he wasted electricity amounts to load your dvd player. The words he addresses them Dawn "You just killed that woman. Who do you think I have to side with?"are predictable, We now understand that to "maintain control" easily must compromise with his colleagues. But the conclusions I reached the end of the fourth episode appear to be correct: the bend of Beth, In addition to earn them a slap, allowed her to deny Dawn "I thought you were weak. You proved me wrong ". And now the latter entrusted the keys of the medicine cabinet to help Carol secretly. Because it does? He feels guilty for how it is handling things or as Dr. Edwards his behavior has nothing to do with "the kindness of her heart"? The distrust that we have had to learn over the seasons makes me lean more to the second hypothesis; granted to all its agents and suddenly change your attitude for a dvd player and because a kid has challenged? Beth completes his plan to perfection, but doubt about the true intent of Dawn remains, especially after seeing what does Lamson, what apparently is one of the good among his men. You can't really trust anyone!


The plan of Rick to save Beth, and Carol is simple: cut throats at guards trying not to make noise. It seems to me the best way. But the gentle giant Tyreese prefer the more peaceful, hostage exchange, and is in Daryl an unexpected ally. The crossbowman continues its breakneck trust "There are still good people around" and keeps even after one of the agents it does almost tear from walker media spindles, thirty seconds I lost several beats: among the yokel who pushed her forehead against a zombie's mouth and got him groping to cling the head of another for use as a weapon, that anxiety was growing bite of second. Do not do these things, There are fans who have his action figure beside the bed! I emphasize also that I personally find the walkers merged those perhaps most disgusting never seen. The idea of trading beginning stinks, even the support of Daryl makes it more acceptable. How can you reason with people who basically keeps you prisoner? The fact that they're still trying to riacchiappare Noah seems a given enough not to trust them. Rick also drops to milder recommendations, probably influenced by that kind of talk between colleagues: the agent Lamson – what Noah is "one of the good guys" – convinces him to talk to Dawn, because in the end the woman, even though says otherwise, always comes down to compromises. Ok, This we know, his way to maintain control is not the respect of those around them, but the compromise, of any kind is. But why trust one that other colleagues hostages have said they want to put in place by Dawn? You're not going to claim to be chosen as successor State against her will, poor thing? The same reply by Lamson when Rick calls him "No Sergeant, the real ones are all gone "raises more doubts.


The only one who seems driven by an anger enough to maintain the proper state of readiness is Sasha, still in the process of non-acceptance of the loss of Bob. Pity that persistent attempts by Tyreese to mitigate her anger will add the name Lamson: Bob, but with all the names of the world, just Bob?! The harsh and relentless Sasha leaves the place to a vulnerable girl, what a, left alone with him, He is enchanted by the sad story of Bob, il (do not) Sergeant: out there has seen the "rotter" from a colleague, killed in the bombing of Atlanta while she looked after her hospital evacuation. Sasha decides to do for him what he failed to do for Bob, give him the coup de grace; No matter if you shoot one walker is a waste of bullets (the last thing he needs right now), If the noise will attract zombies or, worse, fools of Grady, you have to give relief to the poor man's guilt and good Bob Lamson. Accompanies the window from where you can see his former colleague and she gives it back to shoot; gives back, But how do you? The bet start Sasha wouldn't do anything! And now he finds himself hit behind, wound and with the fleeing hostage (what you want to do then?). That rip off was imminent call since the moment when Lamson told his story, as we understand that peaceful street was not an option since Rick has exhibited his plan from cutthroat; the latter was the only possible alternative, He said well the Sheriff: to Tyreese "might work. "This will work".

The season finale is coming, Dawn will finally acquainted with Rick Grimes and Grady should open to the outside world. Last week before the fall of the minivan, Daryl said to Carol "Buckle up"; the same words found on a road sign where are the GREATM. See how was the mid-season finale of the fourth season we will take us too this advice in preparation for what lies ahead. The rumors speak of a significant death, We really another trauma? And in the case of those who will be?


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