The Walking Dead – 5×08 Queue (Mid-Season Finale) – by R.


Norman Reedus called it a "devastating" mid-season finale and I can only agree, He left me more destroyed than the fourth season. In The Walking Dead the winter break has always been one of the most difficult moments (even the season finale), but this year the tragedy that ended the episode has passed them all.

We start by adventure experienced by Father Gabriel, that we be headed toward the place where Gareth&Co. had turned the leg by Bob – now rotten – in their dinner; "I had to see. I had to know "tells Michonne, What exactly didn't understand? He believed that Bob had autoamputato for fun and then had invented the story of the cannibals? I had already told him that nowadays humans are more dangerous than the dead, Why was it so hard to believe that poor Bob? His action from St. Thomas involves the invasion of the Church by the walkers, We need something to happen to Michonne, Carl o Judith because of him! After living for a few seconds the same experience I did live his parishioners, Father Gabriel is rescued by Michonne and Carl, but the Church, which until now had miraculously survived, falls prey of walkers. Starts a new term for Father Gabriel? Meanwhile, make their way back – with their tails between their legs – the GREATM, just in time because Michonne tell Maggie that Beth is alive and the others went to rescue her: the joy painted on the face of the Greene reminds us that actually the blonde is her sister. All that remains is to go and take part in the mission.

Hershel was the Sage Group, one who had prodded at a glance Rick to reach an agreement with the Governor. We know how it ended, and between the end of the fourth and the first part of the fifth season we saw what effect this had on the Sheriff Grimes: Rick has figured out that in the face of the enemy you can't pity or I will turn against. The ultimate test on (literal) shot behind Lamson agent, whose pursuit opens the episode. Rick catches up with him in a car, him several times to stop, but nothing, that brazen continues his insane escape and even when the Sheriff invests dares to offend him and to ask him to get him to a hospital: It is at this point that the mouth of Rick feel out the same words that Gareth addressed to another Bob "can't go back", Bob ". And’ strange to hear you say to him, as if to emphasize a greater similarity between Rick and Gareth. Generally speaking the mind of the leader of Terminus was not so illogical (that "You're not safe. "It only takes one second. One second and it's over "by Rick directed to Carl is not much different from" Nothing lasts too long anymore "by Gareth), too bad it was interpreted as meaning the far to lure unwitting victims and eat them. However although Grimes is ruthless, still works with some ability to distinguish; and in fact, Despite the catch Lamson, persists in following the advice of Daryl on the path of negotiation with Dawn. And already feel that the tragedy is coming.


At Grady we are forced to suffer the usual tedious and repetitive monologues of Dawn, that does not give Beth a breather following her to the elevator and then in Carol's room. On the first occasion the woman is keen to point out the increased debt owed by Greene: Dawn saved for ben 2 times, by walkers first and labeling as "cop killer" after. Obviously neither Beth nor we have this stupid, the only reason he flew over deaths of its agents (including the pervert lollipop) is that they made comfortable because they were among those who wanted to overthrow her from Office. Confirmation of this is not long in coming when the agent O'Donnell, he heard their conversation, is ready to tell the truth, selling your colleagues not only the skin of Beth, but above all the role of Dawn. The clash between the two policemen's high voltage, with open doors of the elevator rising threatening in the background; until the end I seriously thought you Beth there ended in, Instead she, saving the woman, pushes under O'Donnell. The change of Dawn against Beth glimpses of moments when a policewoman loses some’ the image of villain of the situation, It seems even regretted for what he let this happen (the rapes, the violence on the elderly); but everything falls apart when persists in wanting to keep alive as is that hospital, doesn't want to leave and is sure that Noah Greene will return, "They always come back. They don't ever get far because they can't. But really…they don't want to " – Let's say the patrols that sends him to chase down the fugitives contribute to that effect.

The scene of the exchange of hostages is terribly tense, We know that something will go wrong, every step of the characters involved is thrilling. Carol – recently revived – for Lancaster and Beth for Sheperd. When Rick accompanies Beth to others it seems like you could breathe a sigh of relief, but Dawn cannot deny himself "Now I just need Noah". Bowing to what Rick wanted would be for her a whammy, an affront to his power that would make her weak in front of his agents. That fool is still convinced I respect, as he said to Beth "In this job you don't need their love…but you have to have their respect. Otherwise, the day is going to come when you need backup and you don't have it. And what comes next? Everybody goes down "; but in fact he never had because it is always compromised, which accept rape in return for their support. Dawn wants to continue living in his illusion of doing something important until this is over, But what aim is maintain the lead, the same that tore at his former Commander and killed him because she says "He lost his way". Of course Beth cannot accept this latest injustice, It would mean compromising how does Dawn and so the faces, di nuovo, face to face "get it now"; Greene sees in that gesture confirms what he had suspected shortly before "You keep telling yourself you have to do whatever it takes just until this is all over. But it isn't over. This is it. This is who you are and what this place is "until the end": Dawn just wants to maintain power. Beth hits her with scissors and just like Dawn shoots her in the head. The instinctive reaction of Daryl, a shot right in the face to the woman, is the immediate sign of desperation that affects everyone, because as Hershel was wisdom, Beth was the hope of the Group, further Judith. The show runner Scott M. GIMPLE (in an interview with EW) He called the story of Beth Greene a tragedy, the story of a girl who turns out to be always been strong, Unlike that which she herself and other people thought – it is proof the phrase aimed at Dawn "I don't cry aymore", the same told Daryl at the beginning of the season – that do not surrender to injustice, but she is killed by that person compromised that would never want to look like and that he had just saved my life. A drama that is going to develop in the concluding scene with Daryl devastated, the door in her arms out of the Hospital just when Maggie arrives, convinced of being able to embrace. Perhaps the most dramatic image of the entire series. The special relationship of Beth and Daryl began a year ago and neither we nor Daryl we will discover what would bring: the girl more than anyone else had scratched the chest of the crossbowman and now that that “"You're going to miss me so bad when I'm gone, Daryl Dixon” sounds like a sad prophecy, How will he react man? And Maggie who lost his entire family of origin?


The choice of peaceful way did not pay: the one (Lamson) It could have been that third hostage in Exchange for Noah fooled them and the price paid due to the crowds of Dawn was too high. Rick will soon realize that the battle could save Beth. Yet across the truce required by now former colleagues of Dawn – which anyway they could shoot her behind clued the drama – Rick invites those of Grady to join them: apparently no one moves, even Noah; Maybe Dawn was right, Basically they don't want to leave because they are afraid of not being able to get by. Sure Noah stays there is a bitter mockery, couldn't let go Beth time before now?!

Beth's death was actually the most quoted, but I honestly didn't see that coming, It was such a bad shot. The return of The Walking Dead is set for 8 February 2015, an eternal time, but at least will allow us, Hopefully, to rework the mourning, but we're probably going to have to relive that experience with all the characters in episodes that will be. To leave an additional question mark the post credits scene starring Morgan, what a, following the signs on trees, reaches the places where they were Rick&Co. and find the map to Washington with the message left by Abraham to Rick; the main question is: Morgan's movements are alongside those of our protagonists?


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