The Walking Dead – 5×09 What Happened and What’s Going On (Mid-Season Premiere) – by R.


Andrew Lincoln warned us that the return of The Walking Dead It would have been brutal and has not been disproved; yet everything I expected except another death of a main character. The Mid-Season Premiere is emotionally demanding and full of moments of pure horror show, starting with the delusion of being inflicted Tyreese.

Since the beginning episode we witness the passage of faces and images partially recognizable part no, but we still don't make sense; flashback, Flashforward or simple patterns of some protagonist? Slowly we are all this, the result of the last voyage of the gentle giant of the series. Tyreese, like the last two show's gone, It is one that did not agree to compromise with the new reality in which he found himself: is the one who suggested the peaceful way of exchanging hostages, He didn't kill the boy from Terminus who had threatened to kill baby Judith and did not want to take part in the massacre of the cannibals to the Church. All controversial choices – as suggested by the guy with the baseball cap in one of hallucinations, Maybe if he had killed, Bob and Beth would still be alive – but that doesn't make it less hero than other characters that stood for the real fight (Rick first and foremost): the man saved Judith and brought her back to her father, survived a fight with bare hands with more walkers, forgave Carol for killing the woman he loved. Tyreese was strong, just as Beth was in a way different from others: He saw the ugliness that surrounded him, the listened on the radio as his father had taught him, He knew "paying the high cost of living", but she didn't want to take part by denying himself. The gentle giant of The Walking Dead She was perfectly able to fight strenuously, It showed in this episode fighting with a walker when he was already wounded, using your arm bitten as a shield. Against the walkers though, not against other human beings. Unlike Rick and Glenn coming to the conclusion that they were going to kill Dawn if he didn't before Daryl, Tyreese is not willing to go so far, always hoping in a more peaceful alternative. The hallucinations of the latest deaths being inflicted represent his inner struggle between the choices he made and those that could have; While the boy of Terminus and the Governor recall what was not willing to do – and that perhaps would lead to different consequences – Bob, Beth, Lizzie and Mika are the man who has actually been, the one who could help his companions. When rebels against the Governor with the words "It's not over". I didn't turn away. I kept listening to the news so I could do what I could do to help. I'm not giving up!"Besides giving hope on its survival, resolve his conflict: Tyreese doesn't regret what he did, accepts the man who is. Yet when even the amputation of Fortune is made and it looks like you could breathe a sigh of relief, the gentle giant surrenders, He can't stand the "cost of living", listening to the radio and prefers to follow the advice of Bob, Beth, Lizzie and Mika "It's better now". And’ his funeral that we see at the beginning of episode, than to Beth as one could imagine: the return of The Walking Dead closes with a new death – instead of ending feels just the noise of Rick pouring the Earth on the body of Tyreese – one step further into despair for survivors (I dare not imagine Sasha who lost in a short time is the beloved brother), they see crumbling more and more the possibility that there is a reason to survive everything that surrounds them.


Maybe the chance is still Washington, Despite the lie of Eugene; at least that's what hopes Michonne, the only one who doesn't seem to accept can only survive. As I mentioned in previous posts, there wanted Eugene to figure out that the capital could be a useful destination, just seeing some action movies on the attacks to the White House. Since the death of Beth it's been a bit’ of time, for the first time since pilot Rick&Co. they're out of Georgia and to Washington D.C., but wherever they find only desolation, between walkers asunder, half-eaten corpses, skeletons and abandoned cars. Even the fortified residential area Noah She fell, his family exterminated and he forced to give the coup de grace to the little brother-walker who has bitten Tyreese. Only good news is that Noah has actually joined the Group of Rick, not negating the death of Beth; but, agree with the limp, but a minimum of physical ability in more?

Back featured Glenn, He realizes the period of folly post reunion with Maggie, When he saw his fellow always like "ugly and bad" that attracted only so much negativity and so it was better if he and his wife went away. How can he say that after prison everything was fine? He had been captured by cannibals and if it wasn't for those "ugly and bad guys by now would be a great steak! Beth's death was required to open your eyes?

The majority of the episode was expertly constructed through the eyes of Tyreese, We lived directly with him his last moments, including highly action horror scenes. First and foremost the battle mentioned above with the walker: We see the zombie through Tyreese, the teeth trying to azzannargli the face and approaching him (and so to us) more and more, until the choice to use the arm already bitten as a shield; I must admit I was turned. We find ourselves in a similar situation soon after, When – in a scene in slow motion – Noah tries awkwardly to carry just amputated Tyreese, He sees one approaching threateningly towards the boy walker, but because of her condition fails to warn him; Luckily there is Rick! One cannot fail to notice the bodies of walkers scattered here and there, beheaded or cut in half, who and why he reduced so? And’ true that take their heads off is the fastest way to delete them – like Michonne well knows – but why raise their heads in the trunk of a car? Questioned on the subject by EW, showrunner Scott M. GIMPLE confirms that many things seen in this episode "are the start of things"; We'll see if as early as next will begin to emerge that "The Walking Dead 2.0" which was proposed during break.

Certainly the return of this fifth season was very strong, I have not yet recovered from the death of Beth and already I have to cry to Tyreese, that cruelty! I do not know whether it is good or bad on no – practically zero – space dedicated to Daryl, see him in the State where we left it wouldn't be easy. Now, however, that the intention is to head toward Washington will meet all the survivors were: a journey that in the emotional condition in which they would hide the most dangerous pitfalls of walkers.


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