The Walking Dead – 5×10 Them – Review by R.


“We…are the walking dead”, una citazione, Obviously Rick Grimes, che dà una carica – perlomeno allo spettatore – in un episodio dominato dalla più tetra disperazione ed emotivamente difficile da affrontare. Siamo a tre settimane dagli eventi di Atlanta, a 60 miglia da Washington, è da un giorno e mezzo che non trovano acqua e, tanto per migliorare le cose, anche il loro ultimo camioncino li lascia a piedi. A situation that during an Apocalypse should be the norm, but Rick&Co. they had never before experienced, were somehow always managed to find provisions and surprisingly fueled car. Even during the winter, faced between the second and the beginning of the third season if the had fared, We found them fit and perfectly able to handle sudden arrivals of walkers. Now instead are destroyed, physically tested, without even the strength to walk as fast as zombies; in recovery that sees them in the foreground while you drag in the middle of the road with walkers in the background is difficult to distinguish our survivors from those who threaten them. The "trick" to think of himself as if he were already dead that his grandfather used during the war, Rick changes the perspective of the title of the series: "the walking dead" aren't the walkers, but their "We do what we need to do and then we get to live", only when the world will be able to return to live truly. But there is a fundamental difference between the dead and the survivors, as Daryl is keen to stress that "We ain't them": they try and it is precisely these feelings to undermine their estate. Everyone in this episode are emotionally felled, We see it when you go to eat dogs, guided only by hunger and trying not to think about what they have in hand. On the subject are overly sensitive animals, started montarmi just disgust those poor dogs have appeared on the scene because it was clear what we arrived; It is true that were too aggressive – after all have to survive in this new reality – but it was clear that they were not wild animals that had already seen hunt in the past, were dogs that once belonged to someone – if we add that the tag of one of them was identical to that of my dog you can imagine how hard it was to support the vision. But returning to the protagonists, more than anyone else are in three to make it not, those who have been most affected by the latest losses: Daryl, Maggie and Sasha, who fail to find some’ of relief even in long-awaited rain.


If Daryl Dixon manage to stay attractive even when eating a worm – snakes at this point become a pleasant memory – but we know that is not indestructable, that behind that armor from "last man standing", as I had called Beth, There is a vulnerable man who showed in a few brief occasions its weaknesses – we think the deaths of Sophia and Merle. Miss Beth, the one who had saved him in the post from prison shut themselves up in the old himself, It was a blow for him, from which it cannot recover. Without Beth there to remind him that he has to leave behind the bad where you grew up, Daryl is a few steps back: does not want to speak with Rick and Carol, seizes every opportunity to get away from the Group and only when you let go completely alone for a cry liberating. More than the physical suffering is the one who is emotional bending Daryl, as evidenced by the cigarette off the hand that causes minimal judder. I don't do it so!

Less sorrow instead for Maggie. Greene now lives even the appearance of a walker as a nuisance whose RID in a hurry to return to his pain. La fuga dalla prigione e la ricerca di Glenn le avevano impedito di piangere pienamente la morte del padre e dopo un periodo di assurda negazione si ritrova l’unica Greene rimasta. “I never thought she was alive. I just didn’t. After daddy, I don’t know if I couldn’t. And after what Daryl said I hoped she was out there, alive. And then finding out that she was and then she wasn’t in the same day… Seeing her like that, it made it feel like none of it was ever really there. Before, this was just the dark part and…I don’t know if I want to fight it anymore”. Il suo discorso può avere un senso fino a quando ha incontrato Daryl a Terminus, però perché a quel punto non si è preoccupata di cercarla? He preferred to live in his part of world happy with Glenn, without understanding what is clear since Rick woke up in hospital: This is the world he lives in now, the walkers, the corpses and desolation are not only a part that you can turn your gaze, are reality. Grimes is right when he says that children are adapting better because is the prevailing context who know, However from an adult woman like Maggie I expected something more – but on the other hand is the same that forced the poor thing of Carl to shoot his mother just died because she had not the courage.

Sasha is not better, started to recover from the loss of Bob and get the botta Tyreese. Unlike the others, however, she leaves a dominate anger that can't wait to vent against some walkers physically and against teammates in words – "We are not friends" addressed to Abraham. Like Michonne recalls, Sasha is reacting exactly as in the fourth season he made his brother after the death of his beloved: in a stupid way, with which puts at risk herself and others – Rick there has almost gained a bitten arm.


All three do not know if they can go forward, If they can do it again, Yet despite everything around them seems to direct them toward the final surrender, There are small signs of hope. They are the first to band together to prevent the invasion of the walkers in the barn and with the later help of others resist what could really be the end – "Surviving together is all that matters". Daryl adjust chime, the barn is miraculously spared from the fury of the storm and Sasha and Maggie attend a dawn serene. After an initial silence, the music starts to play, but not before the submission of a new, disturbing character: Aaron, almost certainly he who shortly before had left Rick&Co. water bottles calling themselves as "a friend". Who are you? Where jumps out? Because you know the name of Rick? And because it seems so in perfect shape as if the Apocalypse was started yesterday? Doubts about previous visas are required, There is a high probability that rate is strongly disturbed and his own beat "stranger, danger "does that increase the suspicion. Announces "I have good news", But even if we still don't know what it is, our hardly survived and we believe.

The first two episodes of this second half of season marked a return to the forefront of walkers as main threat from which look and were very heavy emotionally, focusing on the vortex of despair in which the characters have fallen after the death of Beth – rightly in my opinion, could not go immediately to an action after another over the inwardness of the protagonists, as I said in the post on the final Homeland, We're not watching a Steven Seagal movie. But the pain seems to have come to an end, Aaron's arrival could mark the turning point announced during the break that will lead to a The Walking Dead tutto nuovo, It only remains to wait for the next episode to find out more.


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