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Who regretted the recent lack of action will be satisfied with "Spend", where we see two scenes of the most gruesome of all seasons The Walking Dead that allow us to contradict – with facts and not with mere suspicion - as stated by Father Gabriel: Alexandria is not heaven.

Rick&Co. dive in the community: Daryl part starts looking for new recruits; Glenn, Tara, Noah and Eugene go on missions with Aiden and Nicholas for the recovery of materials necessary to the restoration of the electricity network; Abraham works with the construction team; Rick has been involved in the investigation of the owl's destructor by Jessie. All storyline marked a strong contrast between our survivors, always attentive, skilled and ready to save the others and the people of Alexandria, a flock of cowards, sfaticati and unable. The total lack of caution (Aiden doesn't care even to check the perimeter for possible ways out), the absence of aims with weapons (with a waste of bullets) and always escape as the only way of salvation make it even more incomprehensible as to have been able to survive until now, they must have had a fortune shameless, all those that were without Rick&Co.


Both Aiden that the foreman of Abraham are panicked and shoot at random towards the walkers coming soon, creating only damages. The son of Deanna causes an explosion with which he ends up hanging, pierced by metal bars and Tara unconscious with a deep head wound, While the second drop Mrs Francine in the midst of the zombies. Two idiots, but they have yet to show the worst of itself, perfectly understood even without the dying confession of Aiden "The others before. They didn't panic, We did. It was us ": In short, the scheme is action if the walkers approach, Save the skin and to hell with the companions. Aiden was an idiot and this need to reveal their sins not me made him more sympathetic, But seeing the long and disgusting scene of its massacre by the walkers – worse than the death of Dale in the second season – I have a little’ Sorry. Glenn and Noah they are close to the last, While Nicholas obviously abandoned him in advance, as well as the foreman leaves Francine at her fate: If it weren't for Abraham the woman would do the same to Aiden.


But the cowardice of which they are capable residents of Alexandria has not yet shown its best, the heartbreaking death of Noah. Nicholas fails even for a few seconds to make the man, to give confidence to the already proven ability of Glenn, does the exact opposite of what they are told to flee only by sliding door, giving to walkers enough space to grab the poor Noah; a truly frightening scene, it reaches its peak with the face of the guy in the foreground against the glass while being tormented by pangs, who hasn't had the same terrified reaction of Glenn? A loss for me unexpected, It is true that the new location of Noah beginning episode could be a haunting clue, but between the tranquillity of the latest episodes and the fact that the guy was the last purchase of the Group I would never bet on such an end. But congratulations to the authors for the choice of sliding door as Deathtrap, It'll look the same way ever again.


To make even more hateful attitudes of Nicholas and Foreman is the evolution of Eugene, After spending half that bet to repeat his nature of "giant coward" to a Tara conscious and unconscious, becomes hero to save her friend: shoot the oncoming walkers and draws them to move away from Glenn and Noah. Eugene proves she was right, Once located in the position of having to be combative, It is, regardless of her fear. The exact opposite of new characters.

And among the latter we can safely add Pete, that though is not engaged on the field, turns out to be a coward worse than everyone else: the skilled surgeon, Besides being a drunkard, he beats his wife and son. The doubts about the men emerged in recent episodes are confirmed before the visit to Rick, where the words say "Let's be friends", man!"and the attitude the exact opposite, then in the deductive ability from ex-wife abused by Carol. The woman just "unsaid" the Devourer of biscuits – and destroyer of OWL statues, the first case solved! – Sam, to understand what is happening next door. One development that we can not define amazing, but with the suggestion of Carol Rick "There's only one way it can go. You're gonna have to kill him", promette sconvolgenti conseguenze, specialmente alla luce delle parole di quel traditore di Father Gabriel.


"They can't be trusted. They're dangerous. You may believe that they did what they had to do, that they were afraid and so they… The day will come when ethyl put their own lives before yours and everyone loses and they will destroy everything you have here, everything your working so hard to build. Satan, he disguises himself as the angel of light ", questo è il ringraziamento per averlo silva più e più volte! Chi è il vero Satana qui?! Questo avvertimento a Deanna arriva con un perfetto tempismo, non solo per quanto potrebbe apprestarsi a fare Rick, but mostly because the woman begins to doubt about choosing to cover all important roles to newcomers. Rick and Michonne are keepers of the law, Daryl is a recruiter, Abraham has just become the new foreman, everything is going slowly in their hand; Maggie, who is perfectly at ease as a member of the "Royal family of Alexandria" – It's good to remind you that is exactly what has taken them there, because now it's so hesitant? His attitude doesn't make much sense and is likely to worsen after the words of Gabriel and particularly with the return to town of Glenn, which will inform you of the death of his son. We bet that annoying "Thank you", He has continued to repeat until the beginning episode, will disappear, giving way to the suspect: Deanna will see only that the son is not returned, While the majority of men by Rick yea, with a change of perspective that could extend to everything else.


Father Gabriel is a hypocritical traitor who hasn't understood anything, Despite having seen with his own eyes the evil against which Rick&Co. they had to fight – was also went to look for Bob's leg! And now I see that what surrounds it is not heaven; It is true all are apparently polite and welcoming, but most are of the weak, unaware of what truly surrounds you. Don't know how to defend themselves and do not see the need, so when you are in front of the danger let them panic domains, with the cowardice and selfishness that this entails; claim to have lost a lot of them – the reiterated and Pete in this episode – and maybe it's true, but obviously not enough and not so bloody because they are still too tied to life before the outbreak: Alexandria is not the new world, is the old man who does not want to face the reality, whenever a walker is displayed as if it were the first from which you do not know how to defend themselves. That's why the coexistence with Rick&Co. cannot operate. I'm not yet ready to drop suspicion on people of Alexandria, Maybe you really have good intentions, but are weak or maybe hiding something else, However, it is now clear that the tension between the two groups is inevitably destined to grow in the last two episodes ahead. As written in the notebook of the late Noah "This is just the beginning".

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