The Walking Dead – 5×15 Try – Review by R.


We start from a premise: I'm with Rick; I have already said several times, but given what happened in this penultimate episode is important to reiterate. Many argue that it has gone too far, proposing that Ricktatorship mentioned here and there in the course of the seasons, but which has never completely realized. In addition to not having felt so negative Ricktatorship version, on this occasion it seems one of the few who thinks. Maybe wrong ways, but that serena fake perfection of Alexandria, based on hiding the ugliness with walls and doorsteps, exasperated him until it explode into a theatrical scene that you paste to your tv. Rick is covered in blood, with his eyes still sparkling to the melee just stopped, surrounded by various characters that are held at a safe distance and the gun pointed towards Deanna, While screaming to new neighbours his vision of that paradise where crowds are refugees; “You still don't get it. None of you do. We know what needs to be done and we do it. We're the ones who live. You, you just sit and plan and hesitate. You pretend like you know when you don't. You wish things weren't what they are (…) Starting right now, We have to live in the real world. We have to control who lives here (…) If you don't fight, you die”. With high walls and lead a normal life, made up of trivial problems, walking with the dog, chatting on the porch, the inhabitants of Alexandria believe they can hide the horror that there is outside, in fact refuse to see today's reality, as if the zombie apocalypse there had ever been; the same feeling of denial had been proven right by Rick at the end of "Forget", When he could hear the cry of the walker on the other side of the Panel, but he did not see him smile, causing it to desist from the habit of addressing it. Now Sheriff Grimes opens her eyes on the world, begins to see evil around him that in one way or another is always present: the story of Jessie is proof.


The secret of the blonde next door is not such, Deanna knows that Pete beats her and her children, However would you like because it is the only surgeon in the community, would you – much more probably because the climate of peace and serenity cannot be ruined, better to keep everything hidden in the hope it resolves itself. As the outer walls hide the walkers, so the home walls hide the man who abuses wives and children, In short, the important thing is that no see. Certainly Rick has a self-interest in dealing with Pete – it admits clearly when answering "No" to the question of Jessie "Would you do this for anyone?" – but her encounter with the doctor that erupts literally out the window brings to light that ugly that others refuse to see, bringing the chaos in Alexandria. Rick the slams in your face the monster next door, proving that it is not enough to pretend that there simply because they look; the same goes for what there is outside, walkers or humans who are.


Blood and hallucinated eyes don't help, But how can you blame him? Eppure, aside from the look pleased with Carol, Michonne stretched him a punch – closing the episode, but you can?! – Glenn and Carl seem upset like the other inhabitants of Alexandria and Deanna the canzona sottintendo, even covertly, that is the Sheriff what must be kept under control. That woman must make peace with brain; He had received alleging that exile someone from the community is tantamount to a death sentence, but when Rick wants to kill Pete, She says that the only way that could be considered is the exile – just because you don't dirty your hands; He dropped the violent nature of Pete because he is the only surgeon in the community, too bad that even if drunk constantly, seriously would dare to entrust the only son to his care named? The final option proposed by Rick is obviously the most reliable, all times has left a dangerous subject (the Governor, La banda del Claimed and those of Terminus), the latter then returned bringing tragic consequences.


Michonne and Glenn should remember well, but on the contrary are confused as Deanna. After the adventure with Sasha and flashbacks about his beloved katana was hoping Michonne It was rinsavita and instead just reappears to hit Rick, her stance is clear. And say that the fight between Grimes and Pete reminded me that between the sheriff and the Governor in "Too Far Gone", where she had hit her archenemy saving Rick – now seems a lifetime ago. Glenn instead, that he tried on his skin and through his eyes at what can bring the cowardice and inability of the people of Alexandria, in the face of the words of Rick "But their rules, We don't answer to them "responding"We are them, Rick. We are now "… to me the differences between the two groups seem obvious, even compared to those who have better in Alexandria. Anyway I thought the trauma for Noah's death would have a major effect on Glenn, instead of a simple threat to Nicholas. Even Sasha with his post-traumatic stress disorder thinks more; Maybe the cutthroat zombie hunting isn't the smartest move of the world, but always better to pretend that belong to the past.


Little room for Daryl, the storyline, however, is the most interesting. He and Aaron seen someone, that leaves behind pieces of bodies of walkers and a girl tied to a tree and gutted, with a W engraved on his forehead. And’ with them so that we could have the first answers to the mystery that we pursued by resuming the second half of season; in the episode 9, near the old home of Noah, Rick&Co. they had found a car filled with busts and heads of walkers, while since they arrived in Alexandria with zombie W recorded have never missed. I do not know whether it is more disturbing that or the prospect of the first love story of Carl, After the childhood crush on Beth just looks ready to get serious with Enid (Moreover, the dad is giving the example).

Now we are at the end, We expect a final Season Ninety minutes where the fracture created in Alexandria will have to find a solution. With Daryl far engaged in far more serious matters of people's weakness by Deanna, need to ask about who can count Rick. We can rest assured for Sasha and Carol, but others are a big question mark. To Grimes may be blamed for ruining everything, haven't even tried to live in Alexandria; on the other hand though others besides having tried, There might be able too. And you which way you are? Rick has tried or not enough?

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2 thoughts on "The Walking Dead – 5×15 Try – Review by R.

  1. This time I'll make an extremely intellectual commentary :
    The characters are all fools and they are from the first season, but rick is now freaked out!
    His theory may even have sense, but the implementation…. I do not know how to describe it!

    1. That drastic! Certain characters have been unsustainable in every sense (Andrea is the Queen), but all no. Compared with the people of Alexandria even Maggie I get smarter!

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