The Walking Dead – 5×16 Conquer (Season Finale) – Review by R.


90 minutes of Season Finale so exciting to be flown, although there were times when - as I reported to my co-author S. in a comment hot - I lost years of life. And given the record ratings obtained in the US, i 15.8 million viewers, I was not the only one to stay glued to the TV, involved so as not to miss even the scenes post credits.

After the episode "Spend" even this final confirmation that the original threat of walkers is back on top, although the opening minutes we take to remind us that humans are still the most worrying. Let's review immediately Morgan, of which had already gone missing from the Mid-Season Finale, calm and serene despite is equal in front of a madman, in addition to love him stealing his cup of noodles, intends to kill him. And perhaps these are less alarming data, the boy is in fact one of the leaders of W engraved on the fronts - he has a painted - and explains that that initial stands for Wolf "You know, the first settlers here, they put bounties on wolves’ heads. Brought the natives into it. Made them hunt them. Didn’t take them too long to kill them all. They’re back now (...) Some of the tribes around here, they thought that the first people were wolves transformed into men". It's not really the explanation that we would have expected, even that of Terminus was more reasonable, but then we are talking about one that most likely is believed to be a wolf dedicated to hunting ruthless; were it not for the bodies to pieces and that sort of disco attracts walkers, issues would be two: or it is too identified with Bran's Game of Thrones or interpreted literally the legends of Jacob in Twilight Saga. The arrival of his partner does not disturb Morgan, that always calm worthy of a martial arts fighter puts them out of the game, armed only with a stick. Perhaps one of the openings of the most electrifying episode, I have inevitably brought to say "It promises good".


Morgan's attitude is what is most striking, understandable in small scenes which he starred during this season and now confirmed: man mentally destabilized by the loss of her son, killed by his wife-walker, met by Rick in "Clear" (3×12) there is no longer, as if he had faced a profound process of recovery of inner peace. Now Morgan is so clear that not even bother to personally kill the two men wolf, preferring to close them in a car attracting walkers with the sound of the horn. Already we understand that there is a poor choice and when Aaron and Daryl trapped find the message "Trap. Bad people coming. Do not stay "they are the first we think. Fortunately however Morgan arrives to their rescue, but first we need to address long minutes of sheer terror. The great idea of ​​Aaron to surrender in search of the man from the red poncho in favor of easy collection of supplies stinks since from the time the plant is sighted: the food is there waiting like on a silver platter, it is true that there are walkers to delete, but few and thus easily manageable. The trap is no way out, just the opening of one of the containers, obviously packed with walkers and pieces of bodies, because they open all, Daryl and forcing Aaron to be locked in a car, But that is just the latest trap. The breakthrough of the glass by the dozens of walkers is the best of the alternatives, saw that the other includes the arrival of "bad people". While recalling a phrase fortunately widespread network "If Daryl dies, we riot "and the attachment of Norman Reedus to his character, the scene in the car with him, ready to sacrifice before the last cigarette made me tremble; these jokes are not made! Not that the prospect of joint struggle with Aaron is brighter – although I must admit that I thought the guy a lot more awkward, raises the average level of the ability of people to Alexandria - but at least it is not as definitive. While the willingness to sacrifice Daryl makes it even more lovable, its determination to look good people for the good of the community confirms that, although he feels oppressed by the walls of Alexandria, made definitive progress, coming to believe sincerely that "There are still good people". The help from nothing Morgan can only reassure him about it. The map to Washington instead paves the way for the reunion with Rick Grimes.


Despite the apparent hostility of last episode, clarification of this and the speeches of his comrades at the meeting wanted by Deanna prove that I was not crazy to be on the side of Rick. Others also have understood the status of the inhabitants of Alexandria, namely the denial of reality and the consequent inability to deal with it. Michonne Rick ensures that it will always be on his side, that hit him for his own good, not for them and not a hysterical reaction when he learns the piano man with Carol and Daryl; for the first time I understood why many cheering for the couple Michonne-Rick. Even Abraham, Maggie and Carl include the Sheriff what he meant with that outburst. The only thing to blame Rick is the way in which he told the truth, because although those people need sentirsela say, diplomacy is essential for him to listen. But if we give reason to Carol - and how you can disagree with her?! – “These people are children and children like stories”, we should use all the techniques used with them, primarily that sometimes you have to let them fall they may learn: I can also tell you not to play with fire, but until you burn do not understand.


The entry of walkers within the walls courtesy of Father Gabriel, which obviously does not even know close a gate, and their killing by the Sheriff reveals the perfect opportunity to open their eyes to the community; Rick this time is covered by the blood (and I fear even from another) the walker that brings with it and to which he blew his head with his bare hands, an enemy came quietly without anyone noticing it because it lacks any caution: if there had been one walker Grimes would probably represented the beginning of the fall of Alexandria. The arrival of Pete furious confirms the lesson that Rick is teaching; the surgeon Reg slaughters in front of everyone, bringing his wife to ask Grimes to do what until a few minutes before he harshly excluded. Rick shoots him, just in time for the scene to assist the falling Daryl and accompanied by Aaron Morgan; the latter is particularly perplexed and perhaps will be the one that will have a harder time to get used to his old friend Rick Grimes, especially if we think of the sentence given to Daryl just before "All life is precious"And not the killing of men wolf. The long-awaited reunion could be a big problem.


I do not know how to comment on the behavior of that treacherous priest except by saying that the experience of the Mid-Season Finale he is not served at all; But reaches levels even lower blaming “sins” of Sasha for the death of Bob and tainting the memory of Tyreese. If any shot of Sasha worried me, to Maggie I gave it for sure. But she manages to go beyond the words of Gabriel, then join with him in prayer and Sasha. A sign of hope for the future like the awakening of Tara and the reconciliation between Abraham and Eugene? Certainly gave man a great demonstration of their true nature: not murderers selfish, but also people forced to defend themselves for the worst, ie what Gabriel should have realized long ago.


Must compulsorily mention Carol, that in addition to having revealed to his companions survival technique to Alexandria, used at times even with their "Just in case", it provides further evidence in the meeting with Pete: an offer of food that hides a serene threat, similar to the one addressed to his son a few days before. We can only love her. In his case, we know that it would withdraw from words into reality if the opportunity arose, the opposite of what you can expect from Glenn; Nicholas has also threatened, but even for a second I thought it would kill him. The trap in which the coward he enticed, the shot in the shoulder, literally the finger in the wound and the abandonment in favor of walkers I have just raised concerns for several minutes that we said goodbye to a historical figure; l’ "I love you" just before his wife was indeed a clue, but if you have to separate the pair, I remain of the opinion that it is better to deprive us of the last remaining Greene. Glenn is saved, nevertheless resists the temptation to kill Nicholas - that night can not even find their way home - and brings it back with him to Alexandria. Maggie with Gabriel I can also speak of magnanimity, but Glenn continues to seem just a little’ prune.


The sixth season will open with a new order in Alexandria? Maybe, but I doubt that will be balanced and quietly accepted like that of the prison after the welcome of the people of Woodbury. Let's hope I'm wrong though, because if they are not ready for anything, face the wolves will be very complicated; We have seen so many bad guys so far, However, these are more disturbing because they are completely out of your mind and therefore unpredictable. While the scene after the credits of Michonne who resumes his katana as a faithful companion calms us, the boy from the red poncho slain by wolves and now walker is alarming as far vision of the prison at the end of the second season. Aaron has left photos of Alexandria in that plant and Wolf Man 1 the is already looking, well said Morgan as they are used to treat the camps that lie along the road. The wait for the next season is long and October 1, in addition to distract us with the upcoming spinoff, we can develop more of a theory on the future of Alexandria with the unsettling awareness “Wolves not far“.

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