The Walking Dead 6, the trailer of the sixth season – News

The Comic Con has become a crucial appointment for us fans The Walking Dead, the first opportunity after a long break to discover something about the new season. And also this year disappoints us not ’: the AMC spreads a trailer for 4 minutes in which the ’ anxiety for our survivors begins to rise.

Walkers, walkers, walkers: This is what emerges from the images, the show's original threat seems back on top, with the inhabitants of Alexandria that must learn to defend themselves. The danger, however, lies just beyond the walls: not all support the line of Rick and this hostility are led by Morgan. Met unexpectedly with Sheriff Grimes in Season Finale, the ’ man confirms what his eyes had left us to guess: in front of the courts by Rick “I don t take anymore chances ’” responds in fact “You should”, to which is added “I know Rick. I can stop him. We have to“.

And if Alexandria cannot stay quiet nor inside or outside the walls, Let us not forget that not far away there are the Wolves. But most of all to alarm are the last 30 seconds, in which we see Daryl in danger in the Woods. We do not make jokes about Daryl Dixon huh!

Also announced new cast members: Ethan Embry (Once Upon A Time) – the ’ man in the trailer calls into question the leadership of Rick – Merritt Wever (Nurse Jackie) and Corey Hawkins.

The Walking Dead return l’11 October with a Season Première of 90 minutes and with this trailer the ’ hype can only climb. To kill time there will be, however, the spinoff Fear The Walking Dead, whose Season Premiere is set for the 23 agosto.




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