The Walking Dead – 6×01 First Time Again (Season Premiere) – Review by R.

The Walking Dead is back, but above all the walkers are back, they've never seen so many together. In recent times only Game of Thrones gave equally spectacular scenes: the Visual impact of the ’ mass of walkers is the highlight of the premiere, especially when we see them marching behind the motion of Daryl, a ’ image that he consecrate his character – as if proof were needed. In front of that view there can be no doubt that the walkers are still a threat, What endangers anyone without distinction and which has radically transformed the reality in which the characters live.

This is the reality that our protagonists have had to get used to and where they learned to survive. The evolution of ’ Rick in Ricktatorship it was a symbol: is not successful because the Sheriff is an arrogant with delusions of omnipotence, but because he was able to handle situations, even at the cost of making difficult decisions. Something that the inhabitants of Alexandria cannot understand: they lived only the beginning of the epidemic ’ ’ and then withdrew into the Fort happy subspecies, leaving any problem outside the walls and ending with forget. For them the walkers were an exceptional event, not reality; do not understand how dangerous, nor how they transformed the world beyond the walls. They had a great fortune, Now we have certainty: almost all the walkers close ended up in a ditch, first used as a campground, that has blocked the ’ advance as well thanks to suitably trucks stationed. Nothing lasts forever though, even that barricade is destined to fall, Rick&Co. they know it, therefore need a plan to permanently get rid of that looming threat.


And around it which runs the premiere, all played on a continuous passage between past and present, accented by black and white flashbacks on the hours immediately following the Season Finale. La reunion-Rick Morgan, l ’ hostility of most of the citizens of Alexandria, the outstanding Father Gabriel-Rick and Glenn-Nicholas, the self-destructive tendency of Sasha: These are personal tensions meant to pour on the success of the plan. The idea of ’ Rick is perfect on paper, but must deal with reality: not just the unpredictability of ’ walkers, to which just a little’ noise distraction, but especially the unreliability of ’ those around him. The inhabitants of Alexandria don't know yet and many of them don't understand the need to continue to hide would suffice when quiet behind the walls. Carter is the team representative of those who just can't make it, they want to live as if the walkers were only extras; l ’ man is a defender of Alexandria against the usurper and ’ destructor Grimes community, going as far as to propose to kill him (After you've just finished criticizing its brutality this ’ idea is perfectly consistent, do not?) and to point a gun at poor Eugene that he heard: a pathetic attempt to assert themselves, accommodated without effort from Rick. Grimes does not kill him for this, Although he wants to, because there no need ’, know that Carter just doesn't include the world now "Somebody like that…They ’ 're going to die no matter what". The Sheriff will have aggressive ways, but trying to open our eyes to these people so that they survive and thus permit others; just know that the nonsense of a man to declare the end of them all. This is likely to happen when Carter – moments after having shaken hands with Rick recognizing that was right – He is bitten and yelling to distract the walkers, forcing Rick to give him the final blow before you ruin everything. And even before it becomes one walker: Carter has already been bitten on the face, It is clear that it has no escape, yet Michonne and Morgan in particular look to that gesture by Rick with some’ of perplexity; Ok, It will not be an example of sensitivity, but it is in this way that we need to act. Even when Grimes let entrants if the self cavino alone against a few walkers, He's just trying to ensure that they learn to cope, There will always be there a Morgan ready to intervene. Phrases like "This was supposed to be a dry run", "We're not ready ’", "This was supposed to be a dress rehearsal" are no longer eligible: the walkers are reality, otherwise they'd all be from a ’ the other hand, as Glenn said "the ’ m supposed to be delivering pizzas".


If Daryl mentions some opposition to the idea of ’ Rick not to go looking for other people, Glenn is perhaps the most obvious polar opposite of Grimes in the ’ approach with new teammates. Nicholas and spared slowly is giving way to earn his trust, for now with good results. Rest somewhat skeptical though on this goodness of heart ’ d Glenn; the speech of Maggie Tara on a parallelism between their relationship and to Glenn and Nicholas almost enchanted, but only for a few seconds: the comparison between Tara and Nicholas there lies, She did not know which man was the Governor, Neither has ever attempted to kill any of them. The couple Glenn-Maggie now leaves me constantly wondering since you reunited before Terminus, I hope that something stirs; Meanwhile poses a question: in what refers when he admits that Deanne is not check ’ only reason I want Maggie remains in Alexandria?


Obviously much space was devoted to the relationship Morgan-Rick, that seems destined to be the center of the season; the scenes between the two men are very tense, as wrapped in a quiet seeming destined to explode all sudden ’. Their reunion was eagerly awaited, but certainly we had imagined differently ’ l; d Moreover, Morgan ’ and Rick meet after a long time and are thus forced to get to know each other again because both are enormously – "First time again" as the title of the episode: in the pilot Morgan had introduced Rick in this new reality, now, however, is to show you how to Grimes should be handled; the Sheriff doesn't want to risk, even with Morgan and in fact for a while’ lets you block. Although at the time both Rick the brutal between the two, Morgan is what puts me more anxiety; with his zen calm, l stick mastery ’ (can I have learned so much from one known in ’ last period?) and those seemingly friendly and ironic jokes that seem to hide all ’ more, Morgan could prove to be the most difficult opponent of ’ Ricktatorship.

Is in the final minute that the tension really rises, When a sound coming from the Alexandria area attracts walkers mass, sending the Rick's plan. Those who have caused? Among the candidates could include Father Gabriel (rightly left behind by Rick) and Ron, the son of Jessie, understandably angry with the Sheriff for having killed the father (Remember, however, that Pete beat them), and Carl for his approaching Enid (the less I see of these two, the better). Whereas the ’ action in this premiere was little despite extended duration, conclude the episode ’ with the walkers who go into the community is a real evil. I recognize that the flashbacks are used to clarify all relations within the community ’ after what happened in Season Finale, introduce new characters (Heath specifically, that hope has long life) and lay the foundations for the Morgan-Rick, though at times an accelerated ’ could give. On the other hand we should have a second episode more compelling view this conclusion, a bet that perhaps the inhabitants of Alexandria will understand the truth in the words of Rick, but too late.

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