The Walking Dead – 6×02 JSS – Review by R.


An ordinary day in Alexandria, of those who themselves flipping you don't know of being faced with a new episode of The Walking Dead. Unless some reference here and there – on all the request of Father Gabriel of lessons with the machete to Carl – jealousies among adolescents, discussions about what to grow and exchanges of recipes would almost think Desperate Housewives with Carol instead of Bree Van de Kamp. But Carol as Bree knows that blessed quietness is only appearance, Unlike the inhabitants of Alexandria, whose persistent denial – mixed with a total lack of knowledge – the new reality, they consider it more important to find a mixer ’ than knowing how to use a gun. L ’ attack of the Wolves to their community is like a cold shower, an event that opens eyes after brutally for days refused to believe Rick.

Carol Bake a pan, check out Judith from baby monitors and observes the nearby listen in ’ avoid smoking in the House; a moment of banal everyday life which suddenly turns into a bloodbath when the same is stabbed by a stranger. A scene that is repeated in every corner of Alexandria, making manifest the complete lack of preparedness of the community to an external attack. The Wolves are ruthless, not only a knife, massacre all those who are in a bloodbath; the nth group ’ of fools on the way Rick&Co., This led to a wild fury in the belief that the ’ man should go back to being a Wolf. Many veterans of the community fall quickly, first of all those who had to stand guard, a few fight – in practice only Jessie and Aaron – while the two remaining members of the presidential family in Alexandria hiding in trucks whose honking almost ruined Rick's plan. Because almost all those who were involved are pursuing, only Morgan He returned to the rescue. What luck, eh? Right l ’ man whose mantra is now "You don € ™ t have ’ to kill people". The contrast with the unique ’ able to take hold of the situation becomes inevitable.


Carol shoot the Wolves, disguises himself as one of them to go unnoticed, reaches the ’ armoury before he gets there the enemy; just missing the ’ explosion because it replicates the focus of Terminus in the premiere of last season. She and Morgan crossed many times their paths, but each goes straight for your: Morgan calls the Wolves to leave don't die and those League stopped; Carol shoots him directly in the head without wasting time. The first is the champion of every human life value, the second, as Rick, He understood that in certain cases it is necessary to put aside feelings and do what you must to survive. Terminus teaches "You ’ 're the butcher or you ’ the cattle King", not like, even Carol love, crying at the end of this massacre, but it is so; There may be other solutions ’ kill in this reality? Maybe. Have time to experiment? I doubt it, at least in the short term of an armed clash l’ "I don t ’ take chances anymore" by Rick should remain the rule. In the Morgan understands or wouldn't kill the Wolf met in the Season Finale when he gives him no choice – but not before telling him “I'm sorry”; but not enough. If it had been sighted already, things could go differently; It is true that were lost photos from Aaron to attract the Wolves, However save two who had attacked was not a good idea, especially because it was clear that this was not reasonable people. Yet again repeats the same error, saving the second Wolf met days before and his companions, do you really think that they're not coming back? They fled because the said firearms, as soon as I find them too will reappear stronger than before; in fact the boy tell: that is their life, the only possible ’. In front of the Morgan's line "You keep choosing this life, you will die ", Wolf's response "We didn ’ t choose" also applies to Carol and Rick: It's not what you want, can only act in a certain way if they want to survive.


Even Gabriel begins to understand it. No doubt it does Jessie, that stops being a victim. At the beginning of the episode the woman has an encounter with his son Ron heavy emotionally, that seems to blame for friendship with l ’ ’ man who killed his father: l ’ Bande again after suffering years of harassment for husband. However, when the Wolves attack, Jessie there is, is ready to defend herself and her children: fight with a blind fury against the woman who is introduced in his house, probably channeling about her anger and frustration in the past. Maybe you won't become as Carol, but it is already a big step forward. The same that should make many more in Alexandria, which instead realize for the first time the environment around them ’; Spencer is in shock, do not understand how we can move forward in a similar world. The Barden!

Let's make acquaintance with the character of Merrit Wever, the new doctor Denise, a psychiatrist who abandoned the dream of becoming a surgeon because of panic attacks. When you call a hard emergency operation is terrified, but does his duty, Although then proves useless. I understand the goodwill Tara in spur Denise, though poor woman! That's where he faces his first operation and all the time must bear the ’ Tara's encouragement and skepticism of Eugene, I'm surprised I haven't impressed with scalpels!


New space to the adolescent triangle. Carl Save by the old version of himself (Ron), the stupid boy, rabid towards parents, playing the adult ’ and hunt regularly in trouble. And Ron even thank you. Enid instead disappears into thin air leaving a note "Just Survive" Somehow ", After the manifesto of despair throughout the episode. It is with her that began, l ’ incipit is a flashback dedicated to his arrival at Alexandria; forced to see his parents tored by walkers, wanders alone and trying to survive, leaving anywhere and in whatever way the words "JSS". When the Wolves, Carl drives a hesitant Enid to hide in her house for a few seconds and I feared that the girl was just a mole of Wolves, ready to attack Carl behind. Luckily it doesn't happen, However, it is certainly a character doubt, his wish to go alone from Alexandria confirms. And then c ’ is the turtle. The scene in which Sabu is the most disgusting of ’ episode and we're talking about an episode that is a bloodbath. I know one thing: This work suggests that even Enid included what is today's reality, a where to survive we must go for the worst, also to kill and eat a harmless and innocent ’ turtle; It is just “JSS, just survive somehow”, and you Morgan?

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