The Walking Dead – 6×03 Thank You – Review by R.


If one of the players remains in trend on Twitter for full day ’, you realize that something really big happened. What happened, however, has exceeded my every expectation. "Thank You" is an episode in which death is around the corner for all ’, This is clear from the minutes. And for the first time in a long time at the hands of walkers, What makes l ’ goodbye to a possible character in unpredictable ways, as well as brutal and disgusting.

At the center of it all c ’ is still the relationship between Rick&Co. and the inhabitants of Alexandria, among those who know how to muddle through and those that are totally unprepared – and some, Let's face it, completely unable, We want to talk about what he shot in the leg by Scott? But this time we are not within the walls of the community with Carol armed to the teeth against crazy humans, We are "out there" with a fathomless Horde ’ walkers, that will also be slow, but only a select few herd Rick&Co. can hope to defeat them and not always. Whoever dares to bet on the survival of any of the citizens of Alexandria? Obviously Grimes soon the situation, "You try to save them, you try, but they can t keep ’ up, you keep going. You have to. You make sure you get back "and although these words may sound insensitive, Glenn and Michonne knows that is the harsh reality. Doesn't know Heath instead, cannot know, è inutile che metta il broncio per mezz’ora convinto di essere preparato quanto loro con la qualità in più della conservata umanità. "Sometimes you don’t have a choice (...) Have you ever had to kill people because they had already killed your friends and were coming for you next? Have you ever done things that made you feel afraid of yourself afterward? Have you ever been covered in so much blood that you didn’t know if it was yours or walkers’ or your friends’?” cerca di spiegargli Michonne with commendable self-restraint. And in the end, Heath is forced to learn the hard truth on her skin, covered by the blood of friends, falling one after another ’, tored fiercely from a mass of walkers; He shoots up all last ’ to allow ’ and Michonne married man to save himself, but, After the woman is safe, is the first to realize that there is nothing ’ to do for other ’ and repeat the words that he had blamed Rick ""We gotta keep going. We don t have a choice ’".


I reiterate that Heath immediately made me sympathy, so I was able to tolerate her attitude in this episode; However continue to get Rick for the dictator heart stone I was a tad tired: criticize him and preach when he's been right so far, He took the responsibility of all since start not yet ’ has never been spared nothing. They would deserve Shane as leader! That had a choice when he sacrificed himself to save his own skin Otis! The Sheriff Grimes instead runs like a goddamn forty minutes to dismiss the walkers from Alexandria, to save all, di nuovo, and is forced to pay the buoniste choices of others: the camper is attacked by the same men that Morgan has graced in the last episode, allowing him to go free from the community. Thank you Morgan! Rick kills them, but the camper leaves: The Walking Dead It ends with him trapped on a means not part and hundreds of walkers who are circling. We don't make jokes, Rick, Daryl and Carol are untouchable! I wouldn't be so worried if Rick wasn't, by his reaction seems to really understand that this time there is via ’ d ’ exit.


A similar situation at the end of the pilot, When Rick takes refuge in a tank and is saved by Glenn. But an RV is not an armored and Glenn this time there will be to save it. Morgan apart, He is the first with which he tied Grimes: with this guy you saved from the first flock of walkers met with him and he left Atlanta bowel coated to blend in among the zombies. In his review of the premiere had called Glenn as the polar opposite of Rick by virtue of their different attitudes toward the people of Alexandria. The goodness of the heart ’ d young to Nicholas never convinced and although recognize that this has ’ including its errors, After what we saw, I'm afraid I'm not wrong. The clues were all ’ c: Nicholas primarily as a companion in the mission, Glenn's decision to bring himself to end the latter despite the insistence of Michonne, l ’ Hershel clock. The first, in addition to being the most obvious too that is more alarming because it is clear that the redemption of Nicholas is accompanied by an unstable state of mind: l ’ man is constantly confused by the weight of his past mistakes, cowardice and friends left behind to save. In this way Nicholas is not so much a ball and chain, as a real loose cannon. When he and Glenn are trapped, surrounded by a horde of ’ walkers that stretches as far as the view, Nicholas has a reaction that may give rise to different interpretations. Coward to a ’ last time; hero who sacrificed himself to give Glenn a chance; or simply a man who accepts his fate while avoiding the worst end, This is the vision – che mi trova più d’accordo – fornita dal produttore esecutivo Greg Nicotero in un’intervista a EW “I think it was just him sort of accepting their fate and doing something that probably everyone in that situation would do, which is I don’t want to be one of those things, so I’m taking the first step to guaranteeing I’m not a walking corpse". Nicholas ringrazia Glenn – probabilmente per averlo reso una persona diversa – e si spara alla testa, ma così facendo trascina giù con sé il nostro Glenn.


From then on the scene is a unique visual confusion: the walkers are thrown out of those two bodies and begin to eat, but those who are eating? See Glenn terrified, screaming, covered in blood, with bodies cut to pieces above him and especially no escape, logic would say that died; Yet the feeling is of being faced with a new Jon Snow, on the contrary, I have many more doubts about Glenn that on Jon. In the aforementioned interview with Nicotero ’ confirms that the scene was specially turned so leave us in uncertainty over death of ’ Glenn. Among the major concerns – in addition to cartoon events – the fact that they could not kill a player of his caliber as a side effect of the daring Act of a secondary character; However a similar death can make us angry, I can't find a relevant fact, however,: We're talking about a series about zombies, You can die for the smallest bite at any time. L expect ’ instead makes me doubt it's the creepy "Banquet" of the walkers: all those organs don't seem came from Glenn, but Nicholas's body fell on his. In that case the guts that the cover may have a Mimetic function between the zombies as they did in the first season with Rick; such a ploy would be sufficient given the amount of walkers?

Doubts aside, the scene of the alleged death of Glenn – along with the other deaths of the episode – is nothing short of shocking, even beats of Noah, I don't think I've ever experienced so much terror in front of the walkers. Hungry just before the shooting of Nicholas and while they feast with taste, their verses, the beat of the teeth… everything was awesome, I seriously feared nightmares. I still don't know how to define my reaction to this episode, I certainly get and I need to know ASAP what will happen to Rick. Unfortunately the next installment, that will last 90 minutes, focuses on Morgan and, According to executive producer, We will be given some information about what led to his evolution from ’ men met in season than it is now. I sincerely hope it is not all about Morgan, already the sympathy for him has been declining from the season finale and then I need to know about Rick!

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