The Walking Dead – 6×04 Here s Not Here ’ – Review by R.


We rarely an episode of 90 minutes and when it happens is always on special occasions such as premiere and the season finale, episodes that happen so many that the canons 40 minutes would not. This is not the case of "Here ’ 's Not Here": fourth meeting of the sixth season and totally focused on the character of Morgan.

The contrast between "Now" and "before" I had given the feeble hope that there would be some hints to other characters, I went well only those of Alexandria. But nothing. Only Morgan and its evolution from the ’ man in the grip of madness was met by Rick, Michonne and Carl in the third season to pacifist zen appeared on the way to Terminus. D ’ agreement, There is. After ’ intense episode last week, a break in a sign of thought and psychological development is needed; also we had to finally know what has determined that profound change in Morgan. But an extended episode no! Seriously you couldn't reduce everything to 40 minutes? Or place it in a context involving other characters saw that in no time at all will already be time to Mid-Season Finale. I admit that in the end the episode I was sorry and have undoubtedly helped the performance of Lennie James and John Carroll Lynch, However I still find the excessive length. Also why not just know Eastman and his adorable kid Tabitha we already know how it will end – basically every minute I was ready to cover your eyes when he would arrive the massacre of Tabitha.


Eastman is the farmer and (aspiring) cheese producers mentioned Morgan, l ’ man who taught him to use the stick and most importantly it has returned all humanity ’, pull it slowly from that dark place where he had taken refuge after the death of his son. Then Morgan was the exact opposite of ’ now, "Clear" was his word d order ’: in the throes of post-traumatic stress disorder killed anyone happen on his way, walkers or men who were. Crazy things, probably reliving the scene of wife-walker killing their own child, which perhaps could have avoided if he had the strength to shoot her before. Eastman, who lives in a cabin in the woods with his pet goat, I can understand and help both because it is a forensic psychiatrist and because their stories are not so different. What we can guess from a drawing on the wall, This is confirmed then the same Eastman, recounting his experience with the unique ’ patient "purely evil" met during his career. To punish a psychiatrist for not allowing him to obtain freedom, Crighton Dallas Wilton escaped specifically to kill his wife and daughter; Eastman kidnapped him and left him to starve to death in a cell built in hut. Of course after that revenge is not found peace and has since embraced the full set of The Art of Peace, by the same creator of Aikido martial art ’, Morihei Ueshiba. Not only killing anyone, neither men nor animals, He really started to find peace. "All life is precious and therefore also the bodies of walkers deserve a proper burial to honor the people who were at one time. Wilton including.


Morgan's path thus began to emerge more and more, but relapse is around the corner ’. The walker to a guy who had killed the rejects in a dark place and Eastman gets bitten in his defense. Need save a couple of strangers to bring Morgan on the straight and narrow, too bad it's too late now. Eastman was apparently allergic to locks: before Morgan's cell, After the front door and quiet ending torn leaves Tabitha by walkers! For man but not ’ c ’ is no escape after that bite. Morgan buries them and begin the journey that will lead him slowly dov ’ is now: in an empty House in Alexandria where he just told his story to the Wolf, who has already tried several times to kill him. It's he who is speaking at the beginning of the episode, the guy you thought you killed at the end of the second episode in front of ’ evident inability to make him desist from their murderous intentions. As well as the ’ have saved his companions led them to attempt to kill Rick, the story of ’ experience with Eastman does not change the perspective of the Wolf: If will survive is still willing to kill every person in Alexandria, well as children. The only sensible gesture ’ Morgan is the locked House that holds.


Now we know what made Morgan l ’ opposite of Rick, We can understand his path and his current beliefs. All ’ other thing is staying on his side. On the one hand The Art of Peace does not take into account the current world. By ’ is none other than Rick had a much different experience ’, After the death of Lori was not put at all well mentally; Hershel – one who guarded the walkers in the barn because he saw them as people to be cured – had prodded the civil coexistence and the Sheriff was willing to try it with the Governor. We all know it's over ’ com. And I doubt that in the near future things will be different, especially with that Wolf brought in a community where the lambs continue to be the majority.

The tension comes naturally at the end of the episode: When Morgan leaves from ’ dwelling hears someone shouting "Open the gates!"; the voice seems to Rick, which confirms that survived, but at the same time, other questions arise about what happened after that remained stranded. The promo Dell ’ episode five people remained in Alexandria, no trace of Grimes, so the risk is that the questions that have arisen after "Thank you" will continue for a week ’. Fate of Glenn including. In this regard, however, one detail can not go unnoticed: in the opening next to the clock ’ Hershel has not appeared as usual on behalf of Steven Yeun; Why leave ’ picture without any name actor? You could not possibly anticipate the emergence of what Lauren Cohan? Guesses abound.

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