The Walking Dead – 6×05 Now – Review by R.


"Now" could be summed up with the joke "It ’ 's the end of the world" and its replicas, from the most mundane "It's not" ’ "This is what life looks like now", long awaited kisses. Except for some time, in my mind continued to echo the refrain of the song by R.E. M. "It's the ’ end of the world as we know it" and I don't say that in a good way. After a promising start indeed, l ’ episode settles on the consciousness of the inhabitants of Alexandria on the current reality and the resulting panic reactions and yield.

The high voltage cliffhanger of recent weeks are resolved quickly, catapulting Rick in front of the gates of the community: We left on a broken-down camper surrounded by walkers and apparently the solution has been run as a desperate home; considering it was just a ’ other race, It's a shame that in the world of The Walking Dead There are no athletic contests. Behind him a horde of ’ walkers that rings the walls of Alexandria, making it impossible to ’ and output l l ’ entry; wait for the return of Daryl, Sasha Abraham because lead also these zombies from a ’ the other hand is the only solution ’. Rick, I have so much confidence in you, but I don't see it as simple. The rest is absolute despair of the people of Alexandria. I can understand that the combo attack of the Wolves and walkers to the walls is emotionally demanding, but these are really tough on the uptake! Rick&Co. They explained in every way the current living conditions, but obviously every word and every dead have passed in front of him like a bad movie images. Cannot be explained otherwise they speak only of Apocalypse Now: What were they doing when it exploded the ’ epidemic? Were closed in a bunker? Don't they realized that they could no longer see the tv series? Razzie, plant, terror, despair, everything would have had to experience a long time ago, comes now. Deanna is paralyzed by the reality that begins seriously to see; the son Spencer, After a speech by leader, She throws herself on the ’ alcohol & blaming the mother for their sudden fall from pear and especially the death of father and brother. Ora, Deanna is also charismatic, a policy created, but give her the blame of sausage slices on eyes that everyone in Alexandria had up to ten minutes before is exaggerated and unfair. At least the woman understands that it is time to abdicate the role as leader in favor of ’ man who has always been right, Rick. Hasn't figured out how to kill a walker but: the head, Deanna! The head! You can hit him a hundred times in the chest, You'll get only a ridiculous amount of blood stains impossible to wash away.


Unlike Spencer, Jessie raise your head for real: in front of the others kill a walker and admits that she first did not want to see the reality. And with the quip "If we don not fight ’, we die "confirms to be the perfect suitor at the heart of Sheriff Grimes: Finally comes the long-awaited kiss from their first meeting. Too bad for her son Ron. After yet another ridiculous ’ scuffle with Carl – why keep wasting minutes on this teenage triangle? – the kid goes to snitch by Rick on the escape of all external ’ and Enid l ’ going to Carl to seek; It also calls on all ’ taught him how to shoot man. I doubt that the anger against Grimes has already passed him, on the contrary, If the rivalry with Carl l ’ has exacerbated; then I were Rick wouldn't trust to give him a gun in my hand, defending mother and brother sounds more like the first excuse that could invent.


Among those who were supposed to realize long ago dell ’ zombie apocalypse certainly falls Denise, I may have passed as nothing the loss of ’ weekly Grey’s Anatomy? The broken dream of becoming a surgeon was a clear clue to the devotion to Meredith Grey, the fact that now seek the solution to his patient in the manual ’ Gray's Anatomy – that the name of the series is inspired by – confirms. Obviously unable to rescue Scott. Then kisses Tara; I don't know if it's for the love or ’ bloom is just a way to say thank you ’ of encouragement, but – In addition to not understand how he put up with Tara – should first thank Shonda Rhimes.


L ’ episode you save thanks to Maggie, intending to regain Glenn. "If he's alive ’, He needs my help (...) And if he's dead ’, I don t ’ want to be waiting on him ", absolutely acceptable reasoning, the worst thing is not knowing what happened to him; think, Maggie, I live this torment for three years for Jon Snow! Aaron the ’ accompanies through a passage between the sewers, where we understand the fragile mental state of girl when one walker more than normal decomposition, believed to stop it by holding, a bit after the other ’ though. The path takes them far enough from the walls, having miscarriages for her husband's research. Like us, Maggie is going to have to be all dark ’ what happened to Glenn, have to live with this doubt – as Aaron with the guilt of having attracted the Wolves in Alexandria. And right now she's pregnant: This was the secret reason that Glenn had not wanted to go with him. Regardless of the thought that every viewer has on Maggie, Admittedly, it is the most unfortunate of the show; After dad and sister and the husband! She remembers the moment when we all realized that the tragedy for the couple would be "burned" his last picture of him because I said I wasn t ’ going to need it anymore. Because I was never going to be away from him again ", had just rejoined before ’ arrival at Terminus. The doubts as to the actual death of Glenn ’ remain. In the space next to clock ’ Hershel is still empty; in the name of Glenn is deleted from the wall (also to Nicholas however, whose death is indisputable) and you continue to refer to the failure of boy help signal. ""I just want to see his face"says Maggie, will be settled one way or the other ’?

Greene apart, another episode quiet after Morgan and we are already at least three episodes by Mid-Season Finale. Next week, however, should repay our patience, in fact we will see what is happening to Sasha, Abraham and Daryl. Yes, Daryl! Because we're serious, soon The Walking Dead you again paused and Daryl Dixon we saw this with the eyedropper, It is not acceptable!

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