The Walking Dead – 6×07 Heads Up – Review by R.


After one month, the big question of this first part of the sixth season of The Walking Dead has been answered, along with another whose, Let us tell the truth, We had completely forgotten.

Glenn is alive. Jubilant fans to veteran survival, not as far as I'm concerned the way in which it has come to this result. How many of us had predicted, the guts that the walkers were they tasted of Nicholas, While the blood and zombie bodies duly killed, Glenn has found refuge under the dumpster, where it remained for a long time until the herd affamata ran. L ’ ploy more predictable, come to think of it I still l ’ puzzled expression; I almost preferred the continuation of doubt until a plot twist that could prove that. That being said, are obviously glad that Glenn is still on the show, I repeat that if you have to blow the couple bet on better Maggie, the event is currently not feasible having regard to pregnant. It will be for the ’ influence of the last ’, Greene as Rick points out Judith is beginning to resemble mom Lori, to those who have Rised to hair? Even a little Rick, I'm afraid. I myself, that are among the very few to have enjoyed a Lori, faced with that joke I wrong a little’ the nose. M ’ I guess though that the memory of childbirth torments Maggie woman since the day he found out I was pregnant, then we'll be striving to rethink just positive moments of ’ friend.


Is Enid the first find Glenn. Pure hovered over her the mystery, but I would say that the comparison between his suitors interested us most. If you're playing hard, What does not need anyone and points the gun at Glenn, We could very well remain in the dark about his fate. Obviously he did not abandon, so we can bore with her pout and its history of hardship. Breaking news, Enid, you're not the only one to be an orphan because walkers! Glenn is tender in trying to open a chink in the armor of the girl, "You honor the dead by going on. Even when you re scared ’. You live because they don t get to ’ "; beautiful words, good tutorial from future Daddy, but we are not interested in Enid. With angry kids with the world and their stupid actions we already given along with Carl and the current teenage triangle ’ that Enid is seen a burden more than enough. At least two suitors begin to take it to another level. The idea that ’ Ron Learn to shoot promised terrible. Carl to attend lessons with that tone saccente, you dig your own grave. Jessie's son steals of projectiles and heads straight towards Carl, ready to pull out the ’ weapon. In spite of the premises, for me it was the most electrifying moment of the episode, that scene has brought some’ Alexandria's life. After a deep discomfort toward the son of the Sheriff for the first two seasons, with the third began to improve in my eyes, with some fallout here and there, but bearable, so I'm seriously worried about him. Carl has a cross-hair on the chest almost always as Rick's son, he survived the shot of Otis and the finale of the fourth season, He was a real tour de force; all right against that peach fuzz of Ron?


Even Spencer in that clumsy attempt to be helpful equalled Ron voltage — Carl, What did you do? The hassle of Rick in front of ’ nth almost designed by a local drama of the community is understandable. It's true, He would never have supported the Spencer plan as did not approve the aid given to him by Tara, However, the reason is simple: are not reliable. Tara is not at the basic level as Spencer, but let's be serious, who puts his life into the hands of Tara? Between the ’ other pregnancy of actress ’ is quite obvious (Alanna Masterson became a mother at the beginning of November ’), so see you in unsafe position to save Spencer was also rather alarming.

Rick must begin to think for the Alexandria community as a whole, No split between "us" and "them"; both tell Tara that Michonne, especially the words of Tobin and Deanna projects to affect him. Perhaps the ’ of Andrew Lincoln on the fact that his character too often repeated the words "we" and "they" will not be repeated for the second half of the season. If the story with Jessie – of which there are hints – could help in this regard, the actions of the son of the last ’ may hijack on opposite way.


Time for reflection Morgan, who begins to doubt about choosing not to kill anyone, especially after the Wolves he saved nearly killed Rick. Compare her to them when he found Grimes in season there are up to a certain point: for Sheriff, Morgan was always the ’ man who had saved him just had catapulted into this new world, and who had recently lost her son. Morgan is proof that people can change, However do not kill anyone because of this is not only not so simple, but most of the time in The Walking Dead It is not even possible, as Rick question "Making it now, do you really think you can do that without getting blood on your hands?". And Carol explains it more effective to terrified Sam "The only thing that keeps you from becoming a monster is killing". Just Carol is one step away from discovering the secret of Morgan, whose will to heal the wound of the Wolf shows how still perched on the zen line.

It's already time to Mid-Season Finale and in fact we saw very few hours of the lives of our survivors, six episodes just for the day of the long March of walkers; Okay show all opportunities, but so is a little’ troppo, especially if you have to wait weeks to find out what is happening in individual characters (any reference to Daryl Dixon is purely intentional). While we do not know who owned the request for help came at Daryl's walkie talkie, the much-talked-about Glenn signal all ’ horizon appears in the form of green balloons released into the sky, a sign of hope for the people of Alexandria and especially Maggie. The relief lasts but a moment, l ’ the limits of building walls, After scricchiolato for forty minutes, crolla. The opening of the ’ gap is inevitable. The walkers are going to invade Alexandria, Carol Morgan and Ron addresses has all the ’ intend to fire Carl; Alexandria will survive?

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