The Walking Dead – 6×08 Start to Finish (Mid-Season Finale) – Review by R.


The Mid-Season finale of The Walking Dead has already arrived again this year and perhaps more ’ than in the past that "already" pretty heavy. To make this episode worthy of Mid-Season to which we were accustomed c ’ were all, After watching the general feeling remains some dissatisfaction, We could do something more. The cliffhanger to leave too much in abeyance, with the credits that burst in the middle of a high-voltage action ’; While the post credits scene is probably the most interesting and promising of the episode.

L ’ beginning is respectful of expectations, with the ’ horde of walkers who breaks within the walls of Alexandria, sparking panic among its residents and us spectators. Whatever the character on which focuses the resumption, around every corner you turn there are no zombies ready to azzannarlo. The scene of Maggie is the most terrifying and despite not being a fan, profound esteem for the force with which she managed to climb out of that tower. Deanna goes to the aid of Rick, but he hasn't learned to hit the head walkers; the woman is injured just before the various small groups where they separate the survivors find refuge in several houses. And it is here that the ’ episode loses some’ Dell ’ action and the expected voltage. L c ’ ’ anxiety is, but overall it lacks something or at least you could speed up talks we've all included except those directly involved. We look forward, di nuovo. First we waited with Rick&Co. Daryl was coming back, now that the walkers will dileguino to l ’ Armory. Above all we wait for something to happen.


The Group of Rosita, Tara and Eugene Obviously we satisfied in this regard. L ’ man shows us that he is not a total incompetent by opening a lock with a paperclip, While Rosita turns his thoughts to Abraham; Yes, yes, think of your Sergeant, you got a nice surprise when see him again! The three become significant when accessing the same space of Carol, Morgan, Denise and the Wolf. Carol manages to discover the secret of Morgan and wants to put an end immediately; Morgan does before resorting to the excuse of "no time", then confronts the woman to stop her, even with the strength. Carol team without hesitation! It's amazing that l ’ man is willing to injure Carol to keep her from killing a madman who continues to make it very clear his intentions; and is both annoying as you bring the woman on the verge of tears ’, forcing her to an act – killing the same Morgan – who doesn't want to commit. We know that Carol's capable, l ’ we saw go to actions for which even Rick would have struggled, While Morgan put out to defend the Wolf leaves me speechless; He deserves the full stroke that receives a second later by the Wolf. Congratulations Morgan! How many people will still have to put in danger before they realize? Denise a good psychologist tries to communicate with that crazy using his same "reasoning", but the arrival of ’ Tara, Rosita and Eugene causes l ’ men use it as a shield to go.


Home of Jessie you consume two highlights: teenage showdown and Deanna's death sentence. Ron Search seriously to kill Carl and the clash between the two due to rupture of a patio door resulting in entry of walkers. Fortunately Carl's fine! I know they are among the few to appreciate it, but I must say that in this episode he confirmed l ’ positive view that I have slowly gained on him, doing with Ron at both the physical confrontation than words; Carl hushes in every sense his opponent, before covering it with his father – although Rick understands immediately – then with a joke that doesn't allow replicas: to the previous "Your dad ’ s a killer" by Ron, in fact, responds "My dad killed your dad, but you need to know something. Your dad was an asshole "". Perhaps the eldest son of Jessie comes to his senses, but the damage l ’ did, the walkers come relentlessly and l ’ wait no longer a ’ option. Rick uses all ’ ploy devised by him and Glenn in the first season, become covered the body of bowels of walkers to blend into each other and get away. Gabriel nauseated face opposite the disembowelment is priceless.


All will face that disgust, except Deanna. L ’ former First Lady of Alexandria in fact the principle was not simply wound, but vise. She is therefore the character for ’ farewell in this Mid-Season; I guess we can pass safely this departure, Personally I've never been able to withstand it very. His dream of building a better future together with her family realized it and now can be brought forward by Rick and Michonne. The girl especially manifested l ’ intention to implement the projects of Deanna, which begs the question that terrifies many "What do you want?" – mi raccomando, Michonne, Alert me when l ’ you understand. To Rick woman hands symbolically the scepter of Alexandria, explaining why she ran to her rescue when the walkers have entered: “I didn’t run over to help you out there because I like you or because I think you’re a good man, a good father or that you can grow one hell of a beard. I ran over to help because you are one of us”; ciò che fino a due giorni prima sembrava impossibile, ora è un dato di fatto che anche Rick deve accettare: tutte le persone di Alexandria, da Glenn all’ultimo incapace (vedi Spencer) fanno parte del gruppo di Rick, non esistono più “Us” e “Them”. The character of Deanna greets us with two scenes that make us tremble for a few seconds. When we see her bent over from behind the box Judith is inevitable to share terror by Rick, Fortunately has not yet turned and just wants to see the baby one last time. Deanna, After delivering a Michonne two messages for Spencer and Maggie – in an interview with ’ Entertainment Weekly his interpreter exposes the contents – want to keep up all ’ last his freedom of choice: She will kill you when it's ready; but not before killing a few walkers approaching, image that witness that finally has learned to shoot him in the head, It's never too late.


Rick, Carl – Judith – Jessie, Ron, Michonne and Gabriel are venturing outside their homes covered in viscera and surrounded by walkers a few centimeters away. Pure terror. To worsen the tension of the moment like that sudden sound that in every horror movie the victim of a killer does in silence, is Sam, the Devourer by biscotti. "Mom? Mom! Mom!", mom what? Shut up! Quiet and slow, It is not difficult to understand, already the first "Mom" I expected that one walker left all ’ attack. That concludes the first part of season, with that "Mom" that does not bode well and l ’ only woman who would know how to shut that baby, unconscious in a basement.

In eight episodes we covered a very short period of time, Maybe a little more than two days, with just a few characters at a time, and a deep psychological study. This structure explains why steps taken by individual characters appear too small, If not yet underway: We have to waste again minutes on the closure in itself of Enid and breath to scream at Deanna to shoot at the head of the walkers. The second season had been much criticized for the long time spent at Hershel's farm to investigate an evolution psychologists of various characters; I actually liked it a lot, as opposed to this that leaves me some underlying dissatisfaction. A slow first half of the season, with just a few characters at a time, too many long speeches aspiring to who knows how deep and even Daryl bound to the position that a year ago was by Morgan.


Daryl Dixon the review in fact with Sasha and Abraham in the post credits scene, After the mystery of’ "Help!"the walkie talkie was unveiled with Eugene. The path of the trio is interrupted by a motorcycle gang style Sons of Anarchy Unfortunately not part no Jax Teller. L ’ man at the head of the Group States that each of the three properties now belongs to Negan, that is, the character in the long-awaited by fans of the comics that will be played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, as announced a few weeks ago. These two minutes alone are enough to increase the ’ hype for the show's return on AMC, doing regret to this storyline hasn't been devoted more space in forty minutes earlier. Long expected l ’ arrival of what is considered one of the greatest cartoon villains, even worse than the Governor, But if you don't want spoilers not sued over. Finally l ’ waiting for Negan is coming to an end, The Walking Dead will return the 14 February 2016.

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