The Walking Dead – 6×09 No Way Out (Mid-Season Premiere) – Review by R.


The Walking Dead Returns and so does explosive, literally and metaphorically speaking, making us forget the doubts and concerns that emerged in the first half of this season. Although there have been some exciting moments even in the eight episodes behind, It was precisely just moments, While the general feeling was that always lacked that bit extra. Glenn version Jon Snow has been l Apex ’: much fuss and shock then resolved trivially.

With this installment The Walking Dead We recapture; nothing is missing: high voltage, sudden deaths, Walkers everywhere, action and last but not least, the ’ evolution of the characters. There were some scenes where I feared I would lose it again down the road: Morgan still perched on its position to give second (and third, quarte…) chance left and right despite the coup received as thanks; Glenn intent to give life lessons to Enid… But enough, is the third episode that says the same things in different words! And Glenn a note I ’ I: among the people who helped make it what it is, He recalled Andrew and not his sister-in-law Beth… Andrea! Seriously, Glenn? A does everything to forget her and you remember it so?! Fortunately, however, it is just short scenes that indirectly give a sense to some later developments.

L ’ episode picks up where we left off, in the middle of the walk from Rick&Co. camouflaged among the walkers, except that Sam is now shut up. Everything seems to be proceeding well, but the zombies are too many, l ’ only way you get them away from Alexandria. It is at that point that Father Gabriel offers to keep Judith safe and that, Despite the ’ initial hesitation, Rick decides to trust. Ah if that little knew already talk! I don't know if his face was more frightened for walkers or all ’ being handled by Gabriel!


Night falls at Alexandria and from there onwards is a nonstop adrenaline rush, by stravolgerci like we had struggled with the protagonists. Is Sam to unleash a deadly domino effect. Obviously Sam. Yet there the illusion can make it when she stays at all costs at the side of the mother while it can hide with Judith and Gabriel. Believed to be able to move on. Passed the time of dive, It seems I can swim, but then the walkers and the echo of the words of Carol the cause a panic attack he realizes how much we prophesied the end of Mid-Season Finale. Sam hangs, she cries, you're slurring some words and in a moment the walkers are wearing, eating at him in front of the mother. Jessie is frozen, can't leave the hand of his son and his screams draw upon her the walkers. Rick is immobile before that scene, the pain and defeat paintings on the face. Takes a few seconds to understand the lure of Carl, whose hand is still held back by that of Jessie: It just matters of seconds because he's the next tile to fall. Rick levy and cuts the woman's hand with a ’ accepts. Short sigh of relief (Why yes, I reiterate my guilt, I'm fond of Carl from the fourth season). Indeed a very short. Ron has just witnessed the death of her little brother and mother because of walkers, the mutilation of mother's arm by Rick to save Carl, After the first killed his father and the second has flirted with his girlfriend: the mental and emotional breakdown is inevitable. Ron points the gun at Carl, Michonne kills Ron with his sword, but part a shot that takes Carl straight in ’ right eye. I couldn't breathe anymore, I was exhausted, for a second I even thought it was all a hallucination of Rick ’ style Final Destination. But no.


Within a few seconds is total chaos and apparently can only get worse: Rick manages to bring Carl to the infirmary and seized by rage and desperation throws herself into the mass of walkers, ready to eliminate them one by one. Fortunately remains alone for just. Michonne paves the way for all the inhabitants of Alexandria were that, Despite some initial hesitation, they understand that the time has come to fight to survive: they can no longer hide behind the walls or wait for others to act for them, because as he read Enid in Church "Faith without works is dead". "No one gets to clock out today. And, Hell, This is a story people are going to tell"these are the words of Eugene, but it's as if they belonged to all, first to those who had already given vouchers reaction signals, then the other. It's time for the great battle. All fighting. Along with Rick. They arrive as well Carol and Morgan, so for a while’ aside their frictions. A few moments before Morgan had not only reiterated its position, but indirectly had strengthened the contrary of women: reminded her of Sophia, but mostly And, that husband who for years l ’ has abused and until last ’ didn't change. Rest on the Carol, I agree fully with you when accused Morgan of having saved the Wolf for himself and not for the good of the community; Yet at some point c ’ is the feeling that the Wolf both changed, in qualche modo. Certainly it seemed to me that it was safer to be in his company that with Gabriel or any other inhabitant of Alexandria. And indeed when he l ’ opportunity to save himself, back to help Denise, finishing bite (and then killed by Carol); I don't know if he's really changed for the last minutes of his life or if l ’ helped because it needed its medical care, but would bet more on his help and the people of Alexandria.

Anche Enid fight with Glenn to save Maggie. This ’ last is likely to rejoice and despair during the same minute when her husband to dismiss the walkers she ends up being surrounded; but Abraham and Sasha they come to her rescue. Daryl focuses on half the city and the battle of Alexandria ends, reaching the point visually more d ’ impact with the ’ image of every single character intent to fight. It's a battle that speaks of history, humans have defeated the walkers; and all have survived. Rick l ’ has done it this time, against all his prediction, with the help of all ’. In front of Carl injured, the Sheriff Grimes for the first time since he awakened from his coma has faith in the future and in the draft Deanna, wants and knows that he can build a new world. A better world for her son, whose handshake confirms the hope for the future.

Alexandria is a new dawn for everyone. And especially for father and son. Will now have to recover and begin to rebuild. But without rest on laurels, because the danger is behind the ’ corner, Daryl, Sasha Abraham knows well. At the beginning of the episode we have seen all ’ clash with men of Negan and they were five minutes of anxiety with the leader of the gang of bikers about to kill Abraham. Thankfully the situation Daryl save all ’ the last moment, reducing the bikers to shreds thanks to Lance-grenades. A po’ I felt sorry for the rapid departure from the music man with his uncanny charisma. However considering the reputation of Negan, that certainly will not take well the loss of his group, We will soon have to deal with quite different levels of perfidy. After half a season so so, This episode gives us the The Walking Dead We love it so much and it marks new hope, not forgetting the new enemy all ’ horizon.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Masterpiece

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