The Walking Dead – 6×10 The Next World – Review by R.


After an episode that he exhausted as if we had fought with the protagonists, It was predictable that this week was generally quiet. And so indeed it is, Despite not becoming a boring episodes that sometimes The Walking Dead We have become accustomed. The storyline of Daryl and Rick is a mix of action and fun, I could also follow 40 minutes focusing on them in the car without ever getting old. But to contribute decisively to a positive assessment of the episode, In addition to ’ introduction of an interesting new character, is the turning romance of final minutes, that much of the audience was waiting for a long time.

Life flows peacefully in Alexandria, the feeling is it's been a while’ time by the facts of Mid-Season premiere – at one point Maggie talks about weeks. Carl has engaged in physical therapy, Tara and Denise are a couple, Eugene became l ’ crop and expert Rick and Daryl are ready to venture outside the walls looking for supplies. It is during this expedition they encounter Paul Rovia, said Jesus, that lend her face l ’ British actor Tom Payne. Jesus beard and long hair, two green eyes that you can not remain indifferent and is skilled in martial arts; He is charismatic, mysterious, fascinating and give three times Daryl and Rick without becoming the new public enemy number one. Indeed. The scene where escapes Daryl in the meadow is a lot of fun and is followed by saving this from ’ last ’ attack of a walker; I would say that it has already done everything to win! Dixon does not bear it, Rick even, but is more prone to the first give him a chance. Jesus is so carried to Alexandria and held "prisoner" waiting to find out who he is. Already, who is Jesus? The Sheriff Grimes noted that his hair and beard trimmed so cannot live hand-to-mouth as wanted to believe in the first Exchange of banter. Jesus said "I think you know I ’ 'm not a bad guy" and Rick at the bottom is d ’ agreement or not l ’ would have resulted in Alexandria despite the new spirit of hope in humanity and ’ in the future. Especially Grimes would never have risked aware of ’ existence of Negan: Daryl must have reported of men that came across, then both should know that bad encounter is behind the ’ corner. Yet they go around quietly, with loud music and ready to repeat the same thing the next day despite the law of probability was "bullshit".


Unfortunately it keeps giving way to Enid, that to accompany Carl outside the walls gets lectured by Maggie, which apparently only goes between the evidence from mom and recovering the role of big sister. Carl isn't great company; poor guy, He lost an eye, that is not emotionally is maximally understandable. Nevertheless gives us a tender testimony of affection at the time of the walkers. The guy makes walker Deanna – miraculously escaped the battle of Alexandria is killed by his son Spencer, deeming it appropriate that such an act is committed by a family member, someone that loved ’, just as he did with Lori in season three. And would be ready to repeat it with Michonne, because she now is his family. Since his arrival at the prison, Michonne clinched right l ’ affection of Carl, He was the first to give her a chance, to make her feel part of a group. The woman came shortly after the death of Lori and since then her relationship with Carl has been a crescendo, so much so that getting together with him and Rick ’ prison after abandoning it seemed the most natural thing. Michonne, Carl, Rick and the little Judith we see them as a real family. And so when at the beginning of episode breathe a ’ air of serene daily life familiar from four, There are surprised. Yet c ’ is something more. The complicity between Rick and Michonne looks stronger: She is in her bathrobe, goofing on his toothpaste and greet each other giving a five bass; If we did not know how things are, He'd have thought such a real couple. The ground seems ready for that breakthrough that many were waiting for: Michonne and Rick together at last!


In another moment of quiet normality, the two chat as spouses of long course on how their days and the hands that touch lead to the first kiss and beyond. Already, It really happened! I began to understand why many shippassero the only Richonne in the finale of season 5, first I liked them together, but they were never my otp. Very etched past Rick's love, Lori and Jessie have nothing in common with Michonne: the Sheriff has always set his sights on the woman emotionally confused with trends from dead cat, What can make him feel alternately l ’ hero or suffering for love. Michonne is more like him, strong, loyal and capable of taking decisions which serve at any given time. Showrunner Scott M. GIMPLE into a ’ interview with Entertainment Weekly He admitted that l ’ idea of the couple was in store from time, just waiting for the right moment to come to light, perché i due realizzassero quel che c’è sempre stato tra loro: “It was all about finding an everyday context. It was all about having these two characters come to realize that their intimacy and bond extended beyond friendship. (...) These are two people who have found kindred spirits in each other, strength, respect, support, loyalty. But the world has been screaming in their faces and clawing at them for a good part of their acquaintance. For all they’ve been through, when the world stopped screaming and clawing for them, they realized what they had ". The immediate reaction at the end of the episode was confusing, Let's say the time jump that meant that a week ago Rick was with Jessie and now with Michonne did not help me to see this approach as the natural flowering of a couple who were already there. However now I can say I'm very happy. Although seen past Rick's love, Maybe it's time to worry.

The first night together by Rick and Michonne is abruptly interrupted by Jesus, who breaks into their room, wakes us and if it finds them both standing in front of him, naked and armed. What ’ is so urgent? Ma soprattutto, in the same interview to Gimple refers to a cartoon storyline ever performed in the series: a relationship between Rick and Andrea! Andrea! But we realize what we're survivors?!

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥♥ OMG!

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