The Walking Dead – 6×11 Knots Untie – Review by R.


A year later we find ourselves in a situation in some respects similar to that of the ’ arrival in Alexandria. A new community and a new hope for the future are all ’ horizon, but the premises are different. Rick&Co. come to us with a renewed confidence that if one side makes you less that ’ hostile distrust that made it hard to l ’ home in Alexandria, from ’ else can cost him a very high price.

Jesus introducing Rick&Co. in his community of Hilltop, a corner of the past to a day away from Alexandria. Surrounded by wooden walls, with all kinds of crops and livestock, Hilltop invokes a colony of the seventeenth century; the caravans and the Barrington House could mislead by that ’ image, but then that's appearing in the role of leader and Xander Berkeley in a moment of Salem witch trials seem to be in the center of the eponymous television series. Berkeley interprets Gregory, the head of the community, in a few seconds we understand being full of himself and "a real prick" as he calls Jesus. Although not a fan of Maggie, It is really hard not to cheer her on in both chats which with ’ man, hoping that at any moment all else ’ put it down not just words. There is no wonder, then, that ’ one of his own men do not think twice to sacrifice to save his brother prisoner of Negan. Gregory and the character of Berkeley in Salem (the magistrate Hale) look alike: both hold a position of power and while facing people in distress as Rick&Co. (they are running out of food supplies) make the big voice, before the devil bow their heads. If in Salem the cahoots of Hale with witch Mary is justified in its very nature, in The Walking Dead Gregory lets subdue from Negan for fear; This ’ last in fact does not attack his community, If they give him half of everything they have and produce. To complete the description of Negan – FRG leader of Saviors – as the devil, the story in which he beat to death a 16-year-old Hilltop in front of everybody to make sure that they have understood the message – the perfect synthesis of Daryl "These dicks just got a good story. The boogeyman, He ain t shit ’".


Shortly before being stabbed, Gregory denies agreement with Maggie arguing that Alexandria is devoid of anything Hilltop may want: Alexandria needs food and medicine, While Hilltop wouldn't need weapons and ammunition. It would take a Trashy Italian gif to adequately respond to this tactic of Gregory. Negan wants the head of Gregory to free some Craig. Shouldn't you. Craig's brother, Ethan, hits him in the stomach, but Rick&Co. Save the situation by killing Ethan and making it clear what they're made of. Grimes is covered in the blood of a member of Hilltop, like a year ago was that of the husband of Jessie. The folks at Hilltop however seems a more objective and forward-looking wire, also thanks to ’ eloquence of Jesus; and that ’ image that the inhabitants of Alexandria appeared as a threat, for those of Hilltop turns hoping to permanently get rid of Negan and his Saviors. All sudden ’ Maggie It has a leverage to bargain with Gregory and maximise, also risking to dare too: half of all it has Hilltop and Alexandria will release from Saviors permanently. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised Maggie here, I did not believe in his skills in public relations, I honestly don't know where he came from all that confidence by Deanna (and Rick now) in her. After all, cos ’ did so relevant since he reunited with Glenn in season four? Now, however, it would seem on track, then I will put aside my prejudices against him.

On one thing though Maggie is wrong and is not alone in his error. As I mentioned at the beginning ’, the renewed faith in the future by Rick&Co. takes them to a less distrust towards others – they proved it with Jesus and now with its community – as well as a total confidence in their means: How to realize that with Negan "’ It's going to be a fight", are sure to win. Maggie States who already had to deal with men like him and now they're dead. The mind races for Governor, but from what it says, compared to Negan, the Governor had a little lamb. Rick&Co. they don't even mind the ’ element that will be confronted and underestimate it could really cost you too dear.


If l ’ l ’ the first ultrasound meeting with Maggie obstetrician and contribute to the climate of hope, Abraham involved in a love triangle gives a light touch to the bet with his lines in both directions. Sasha or Rosita? It's a nice dilemma, Rosita is the perfect companion, Abraham is fully aware, but the ’ agreement with Sasha is strong. And the clash at Hilltop seems to let him make a decision: When it is on the ground and is in danger of being strangled, his thoughts are with Sasha, While you forget the pendant given to him by Rosita. Rosita, I'm sorry, but I see bad.

One episode started slowly that boded no that, but that was lifted as soon as you have mentioned the name of Negan and Rick&Co. they returned to the fighters that we know. With Negan approaching, time to pause and serenity is already in conclusion (per fortuna). This means that the Richonne will not take much to understand their situation, but Carl and us is pretty clear: quiet, Rick, We understand and that's okay, "’ It's cool".

Rating all ’ episode: ♥ ♥ ♥ Quality TV

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