The Walking Dead – 6×12 Not Tomorrow Yet – Review by R.


All heralded a quiet episode, focused on the psychology of the characters, Maybe with some harmless zombies here and there, In short a break before the tour de force that would lead Rick&Co. face to face with l ’ annunciatissimo villain Negan. And in fact this is the feeling that remains for good 25 minutes: many words, many discussions and much preparation. But just when it seems certain that the clash with the Saviors is postponed, the battle begins. Unfortunately for our survivors is only the first.

Get people in Alexandria against the Saviors is easier than expected. The prospect of "making a living" in conjunction with the preventive protection from a dangerous enemy leaves no room for objections, especially after words of Aaron, Mindful of ’ experience with Wolves. Obviously there has to be the usual contrarian Morgan, who comes up with l ’ eligible to talk to the Saviors. Luckily nobody pays attention and he is likely to remain in Alexandria while others will fight. Rosita – ben remembers what happened with Wolf – then perfectly captures my thoughts on ’ men "he should take the win that we didn ’ t kick his ass out for hiding that psycopath". Yet Morgan beliefs begin to take root in some less we would have wagered.

After two episodes in which is not received, We finally Carol – and this is already a good reason for hope in the episode. The woman has fully resumed the role of Bree Van de Kamp in Alexandria, divided between the Cook cookies for everyone and the launch without hesitation into actions that Tobin calls "the scary stuff", thus becoming a sort of mother for the community. Tobin, however, doesn't see it as a mom and for the first time faces the possibility of a story by Carol – Yes, even beyond Daryl. The sermons of Morgan, however, have made inroads in women, It is perceived from the way she talks with him and then with Rosita, but above all by the fact that now write down the number of people killed (It is at an altitude of 18); his weight has most likely also had Sam's death, at whose tomb Carol brings a cookie. Road side for Gabriel what a, while retaining the habit because it's part of himself, is ready to take up a ’ firearm and shooting. Finalmente!


Deserves a separate discussion Rosita, dumped all sudden ’ from Abraham. They were greeted just hours before it was obvious that the poor thing could not imagine anything; the Sergeant for his pack to leave without giving even an explanation and when she rightly obliges, Here's the answer from ’ man: "When I first met you, I thought you were the last woman on earth. ’ you're not ". I've always been more pro Abraham that Rosita, even more pro Sasha, but now I m ’ care if l ’ man acted so to get hate and make things easier (only explanation which I find not to permanently destroy my image of Abraham): Abraham, with the heart, you are an asshole!


"We do not want to kill ’. We don t like it ’. "It happens", a ’ other joke about Rosita that hushes the thought of Morgan, but at the same time explains the difficulty they face our protagonists in this episode. Rick&Co. prepare to kill other human beings, a situation involving completely different from being ’ eliminate the walkers. Add to this that the Saviors are attacking them, Surely they would do so at the earliest opportunity, but now the plan is to kill them in their sleep, When are vulnerable. Rick&Co. s ’ sneak and then in ’ building of Saviors and they make them out one after another while they sleep ’. But all, senior and junior alike, don't go lightly. Even Rick has his moment of torment. Glenn can't watch when like hit and is forced to act in the place of Heath because they can't make it to go all the way. Photos of mangled heads hung on the walls make it soon evident that maybe all those moral concerns can be put aside. And when one of the Saviors wakes up and the battle really begins, the bullets flying from all over make each shot much easier. Especially if a door keeps you from seeing the carnage you're making. Is a mess, I didn't understand anything anymore, I didn't know who was firing at who. L ’ important however is that in the end, Rick&Co. they are all still standing, l ’ building of Saviors is conquered and Heath and Tara may leave for another expedition (I guess it takes to justify l ’ absence of ’ actress who at the time of filming had to be about to give birth; Alanna Masterson has indeed become a mom to a baby girl last November).


Too bad it was all too simple, the catch is evident. And in fact, just one sentence to the brink "artless Michonne to openJust want to know which one of them was Negan". A man appears on the motorcycle of Daryl and his foolish attempt to escape becomes a trap for our protagonists: a female voice intimate them to lower their weapons, sure they will because they caught Carol and Maggie. Negan was presented as a ruthless man, He killed a young boy and his men were about to kill Abraham, Daryl and Sasha; the bike by Daryl confirms that this is the same armed group met from Dixon in sixth episode This season. Believed really to resolve this issue on a couple of ’ hours? The folks at Hilltop was not enough informed about the structure of the Kingdom of Negan and the result is that only have awakened the beast finishing straight in her mouth. Rick&Co. are trapped like a Terminus in the finale of the fourth season, but the Saviors seem much better equipped than those cannibals.

I had promised to abandon prejudices on Maggie, She makes my effort complicated. It's all your fault. First because you are pregnant doesn't join the zombie walk, but now he joins the Mission against the Saviors. Carol tries to keep her away from danger (thing in itself makes the situation more risky for others) and she s ’ should stick. Result: the Saviors have a ’ weapon against Rick&Co. Congratulations Maggie! Couldn't stand to be in fellowship in Morgan or testing mom with Judith and Enid?! The excuse that signed her the ’ agreement with Gregory holds little: OK the responsibility for the situation, but attend to make presence creates only damages! The cunning of Maggie has at least the merit of SHAZAM us into the world of Saviors, that is taking shape faster than I imagined – thankfully. Now there are more fleeting and random encounters, the Saviors they found them and will not let you go easily. And anyway cannot get away before she met Negan.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥♥ OMG!

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