The Walking Dead – 6×13 The Same Boat – Review by R.


The first few minutes they did fear that we would have followed the path that led Maggie and Carol to end prisoner of Saviors, only after reaching the same timeline with which ended the previous episode. Fortunately it wasn't that. Chronologically we move forward and although the episode is focused solely on Maggie and Carol, the two women did not make for nothing regret their fellow men. The contributed to that effect also comes from Saviors, in 40 minutes which is inevitable comment praising the Girl Power!

Women are in fact to rule l ’ episode. Maggie and Carol are captured by four Saviors, three women and a man. This ’ last though is immediately put out of play, before the wound d ’ Rocky firearm by Carol, then by his own "babe" Paula who – in the face of violence of man against ’ Carol – hits him and calls him "just a warm body for my bed". By now it is clear that Paula (Alicia Witt), Molly and Michelle are tough women, for which the loss of the only men of their group (First is a prisoner of Rick&Co.) ’ is nothing but a disadvantage. The juxtaposition of the initial minutes, with Maggie and Carol tied and gagged as they taunt your other, does not last long; quickly understand that the difference between them is not so clear-cut. Indeed, the feeling that pervades the bet is that if we had followed by ’ beginning their paths maybe is with Paula, Molly and Michelle that there schiereremmo. If the hardened smoker ’ Molly occupies a role a little’ sheltered, Paula and Michelle are perfect counterparts respectively to Carol and Maggie.


Much of the blame for being captured is attributed to Maggie, If he had not balked hampering Carol probably the Saviors they would have no weapon against Rick&Co. However in this episode, Maggie leaves aside the silliness that the ’ had characterized, demonstrating strong nerves and determination. Soprattutto, Greene doesn't let soften from Michelle's story, Fortunately because for sure this last did not ’ made the favor. The discovery of pregnancy by Maggie scratches for a moment the hardness of Michelle and the reason is easily explained: She also was pregnant and was going to call his son as his father. The woman was also cut his finger for trying to steal petrol to go look for her companion, I mean Michelle as Davos of Game of Thrones, Stannis docet. Like I said though, the woman you leave upset just for a second: He doesn't want the compassion of Maggie, just want to know which comfortble arrives.

If Maggie gets enough left alone, credit goes to Carol You can dive go perfectly in the role of victim of the first seasons, the helpless woman, abused by her husband, praying God for the sake of her daughter and so scared to go hyperventilate. A "nervous" little bird "even more delicate than what occurred at Alexandria because only with an act like the opponents current cannot remotely imagine what they're going to meet. Paula has a history much different from that of Carol: She was a quiet woman, She was a Secretary and read mail automotivazionali; When the ’ epidemic exploded could not revise neither the husband nor the four daughters, was stuck in the Office with her boss, the first man who killed to survive. He stopped counting people killed when the number reached double figures; Carol has just started doing this and is 18.


Carol and Maggie as their opponents do not soften in the face of those experiences, indeed stand like the protagonists of a horror, Turning from victims into perpetrators, everything to survive and protect their group. The new zombie Savior is exploited to kill Molly, While Michelle and Paula have to deal face-to-face with their counterparts, Although the decisive blow is up in both cases to Carol, that first shoot with Michelle then impala Paula, that is so disgustingly devoured by a walker. And it's not over: women attract men called from Paula in the slaughterhouse and ignite. Destroyed and covered in blood come out from the ’ building where found their group and can finally let go: with l’ "I can ’ t anymore" by Maggie to Glenn and Carol in the arms of Daryl can breathe a great sigh we. For Carol some reflection in addition though is d ’ obligation, the woman is in fact taking the weight of the words of Morgan, What then does damage from afar. Counting people killed is the minimum, Carol indeed hesitate before ’ opponent: shoot Michelle only when it attempts to hit Maggie to her lap and repeats several times to Paula to get away because he doesn't want to kill her; even with the ’ man at the beginning of the episode he hesitated. By the Mid-Season Premiere Carol is changing; shall be the words of Morgan, l ’ have killed the Wolf was helping despite Denise or death of Sam, a disturbance in Carol c ’ is and this is hardly the time to doubt themselves and be dominated by remorse.

Michelle, Maggie, Carol e Paula underwent painful losses and in order to survive they had to perform acts that they would never imagine. They really are very similar and maybe this speech could extend to other Saviors: as the title says dell ’ episode, are all in the same boat. We could say that the difference lies in the fact that Rick's group you are just standing up as happened with all fools met in the past, but this time is different. Paula points it out to Carol when talking about the Group of motorcyclists: in that case l ’ explosion caused by Daryl was a reaction to an attack, But what just happened? Negan doesn't even know of their existence, Rick&Co. they started the massacre. "You ’ 're not the good guys"if we look at it to Maggie and Michelle says from his point of view has a point. Say that attack the Saviors before being attacked, It's not so much different from the reasoning of the people of Terminus: they too had learned to become butchers to avoid the risk of becoming cattle.

Negan was described them as a maniac who will kill them at the first opportunity and this is the data on which they must focus on to move forward now that triggered the fuse. Even more so considering that they haven't any idea how Negan is maniac. They don't even know Chi sia. The Saviors talking about this with almost epic, Super-sizing its reputation; come so far as to say "We are all Negan". First claims to be him and Rick kills him finally l ’ episode, but the reality is quite different. The Group of Saviors is both larger and dangerous than you believe and if you leave weaken by sudden good feelings don't have hopes.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥ ♥ ♥ Quality TV

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