The Walking Dead – 6×14 Twice As Far – Review by R.


Spend quiet days in Alexandria, where the usual routine is repeated by introducing some small element of newness here and there. And so it is also for the first thirty minutes of this fourteenth episode, until a series of events that alternate OMG! to WTF?!

In Alexandria the relationship between Carol and Tobin is a fact now and she cut out each day a few minutes on the porch swing to smoke and pray the Rosary; Morgan has finished building his cell; Eugene participates actively in watches; Rosita and Spencer bridge, the one in the arms of the other, the loneliness in which they suddenly found – He believes more of her. When two shipments recede from community, are Eugene and Denise to be the protagonists of the episode. The two helpless lovers of science will bring into play to prove to themselves and to others who know how to adapt to this new world: they have reached the second level and are survivors; Maybe I'm still not very good in a melee with a walker, but they can get away with. Eugene wants to create bullets – the new coin of the present reality – Denise convinces Daryl and Rosita to accompany her on an expedition in search of medicines. The fan of Grey’s Anatomy alternates moments of difficulty and discomfort to confidences (He had a twin brother named Dennis) and comedy (When he tries to explain to Daryl using manual transmission), While Eugene is the usual Eugene. Both decide to raise his head before in deed (trying to rectify a walker) by the words, Unfortunately they do over time and in the wrong place. So you can't define an exhilarating episode, appearing rather ’ ’ l ’ interval between one episode d action and ’ the other main characters ' psychology. We sit there, trying to figure out what she's going through Denise and especially what the heck you're talking about Eugene that doesn't slow down his GAB. But as previously, Nell ’ moment we're putting your heart at rest that nothing will happen, Here's what the shareable – especially when speaking of security who will forward Daryl – Denise's outburst is interrupted by a shot of reappeared Daryl leaf. An arrow pierces from around the ’ eye and she goes on to talk for a few more seconds.


A group of armed men, with Eugene prisoner, stepped in front of Rosita and Daryl. In command Dwight, the boy met by Dixon in the forest burned down in ’ episode 6×06, the same as before you had him kidnapped and then stole the bike as “Thanksgiving” for ’ help. C ’ were the clues of its possible reappearance: before the bike which suggested that that guy had bent to the will of Negan, then the statuette and Daryl chat with Carol. Dwight isn't what it encountered in the first half of the season, half of his face is burned, probably the price he had to pay to Negan. But mostly it is vicious: then it seemed only an ingrate unable finished in a bad situation, too frightened by Negan to think of one who had saved him behave properly; It is now in command of an armed group, just killed a woman – l ’ again stated that he had never killed a human being because "(…) If I did, ’ there'd be no going back " – and it's so pissed with Daryl to be confirmed that she wasn't the real objective aimed the crossbow. His demeanor and the way he talks of agreements – wants me to let them go to Alexandria – suggests that he too has adapted more precisely that it is adapted to the world of Negan: to want to resume his old words, Dwight knelt and agreed to kill on behalf of someone else. Fortunately even Eugene is really passed to second level: pointing to Abraham, It distracts men by Dwight then bite literally virility of this ’ last; now Daryl is no longer the first on the list of most hated men by Dwight. Eugene is injured, but Abraham, Daryl and Rosita put it to safety. The new encounter with men of Negan ended today, but this time c ’ is the first loss.


I admit that saying goodbye to Denise sorry; along with Heath was one of ’ l new characters that I appreciated. L ’ we saw her overcome her fears, become familiar with the medicine thanks to the manual ’ Gray's Anatomy, risking death to retrieve a can of soft drink preferred by his girlfriend and repent for failing to tell her that he loved ’. It's too bad I lost her so.

While the decision of Abraham and Sasha to give itself a chance seems minimal as was treated the poor Rosita, other choices of episode leave a little’ more doubters. In the initial conversation with Carol, Daryl, in reference to those who stole the bike, says almost prophetically "I should ’ ve killed them", How to blame in hindsight? Later Dixon prefers the road twice as far "to reach the Pharmacy, While Rosita opts for the shortest path; upon returning he instead folds of this ’ last – that proves fatal – "settling" the two women, because? I teach even fairy tales enhance the main path is preferred and in general the survivors have always followed this rule, so why, Daryl? Because It?


But the biggest "whys" of the episode should be addressed to Carol, whose crisis reaches an unexpected level. While Morgan last cell that should give you the option to choose between killing or less the next foe – and that will probably remain empty – Carol seeks solace in prayer and the relationship with Tobin. When Daryl asks her what they did to her and Maggie, responds "To us? They didn t do anything "and ’ already there you know it just cant accept his last actions. The death of Denise does not ’ effect of collect it as one could imagine, on the contrary. Rick l ’ had pulled away in the fourth season because killing of fellow ’ to prevent the spread of epidemic had pushed too far. Now are you convinced that they boost even more too far and that the only solution is to leave ’. "I can ’ t love anyone because I can ’ not kill for anyone. So I ’ 'm going like I always should have, "writes in a letter. Ora, Carol is the same one that last season had never been duped by the perfection of Alexandria, He knew what needed to be done to protect herself and her group. Has always been strong and determined then a crisis we may stay. OK the inner torment, but this isolation that condemns cos ’ is? As we passed by badass Carol that we love so much in this? May l ’ latest series of events l ’ has shocked? I must say that this shift leaves me somewhat puzzled.

As announced by Entertainment Weekly, il Season Finale of The Walking Dead will be, as of ’ year, of 90 minutes (advertising included, then come shopping here as well to a ’ hour or so). There will be more time for the presentation of ’ highly anticipated Negan, whose face to face with Rick&Co. is inevitable. Clashes with his minions have so far resolved in favor of our survivors, but the loss of Denise makes clear also by our ’ that the war is only the beginning. L ’ meeting with Negan should take place right in the Season Finale and now the question is: Carol there will be?

Rating all ’ episode: ♥ ♥ ♥ Quality TV

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