The Walking Dead – 6×15 East – Review by R.


It promises to be a tough week for us fans of The Walking Dead. Not only will the Season Finale with the coveted and anticipated arrival of Negan, but our emotional stability is put to the test as never before in previous seasons because a final episode so don't you'd never expected. I sent back the final minutes because he believed he had lost a key frame that would change everything; but no, I had not seen bad.

When halfway through the season predicted l ’ arrival of Negan for Season Finale, I was afraid that we would be faced with such boring episodes, that would have turned around speeches mince and rehashed. So it was not. Although we have now reached the limit for which the continuing clashes with the various groups of Saviors can be considered acceptable and interesting, These repeated victories have helped strengthen the self-confidence of Rick&Co., that is their current major weakness. It is true that Maggie is obsessed by the idea of an attack ’, the controls are at the level of high alert and the rule is to stay United behind the walls of Alexandria. But it is equally true that many believe that venture outside alone is, If not a good idea, at least one attempt that might be worth it. And the mantra that hovers seems to be "It ’ 's going to be fine": they can also attack us, but we here in our walls and United we can manage, because now we have learned; This in layman's terms what Rick says to Michonne in the first scene that confirms that the relationship between the two is progressing. Glenn the stresses when trying to convince Daryl back, At home, Why "’ it's going to go wrong out there? "".


Small groups they venture beyond the walls: Rick and Morgan looking for Carol, Glenn, Rosita and Michonne by Daryl. To Carol just a little way to come across in the first handful of Saviors, five armed men in front of a lone woman and apparently helpless are bullies, convinced to have found the easiest way to get to Alexandria. Hesitant reaction and Carol weeping perhaps not totally a farce given the recent crisis of conscience, but at least you are prepared if the violence proves l ’ only chance can; the bullets that depart from ’ his sleeve make a killing that receives then the acclaim of Rick and the usual sad expression-puzzled by Morgan. Where and how is now Carol is not known, for a moment I feared really it was the walker met from Rick and Morgan. The two men must deal more among them, Perhaps for the first time seriously since they met. Apparently the verbal confrontation is won by Morgan; apparently, because if you look at the details I could overturn every assertion. L ’ man reminds Rick on different attitudes had with Carol to prison time, but mostly tells him what happened with Wolf by ’ start to finish. With the conclusion "It ’ 's all a circle. Everything gets a return "in reference to the fact that if the Wolf had not redeemed himself by saving Denise, This ’ last wouldn't have been there to save Carl, Morgan prevents Rick off his head; However, it is fortunate that the Sheriff accept his version without retyping, because if we want to play with "If", the "but" and "maybe" I love so much to Morgan, then we should also say that if he had not hidden the Wolf in Alexandria, This ’ last would never kidnapped Denise so she would still have been there to save Carl. The two men made peace anyway so their differences, but soon part ways: Rick returns to Alexandria and Morgan keep looking Carol; will meet soon or it will take three more seasons? – and let's not forget the Savior who followed them.


Same question we can ask us all your questions than Glenn and Maggie, with the first party to bring back Daryl and kidnapped by Saviors. Maggie with ’ help of Enid moves to a new hairstyle that I speak not; for women is a sign of change, for Maggie in particular means go ahead no matter what "I have to keep going. And I don t want anything ’ "getting in my way". Immediately after the woman accuses a severe pain in the lower abdomen; a miscarriage is the ’ most likely hypothesis, that the meaning of the new helmet is already having some effect? Or Maggie will face ben more?

Spoilers from the comic books do not promise anything good, but it is said that they will find full realization in the series, can for example change the protagonist involved as has already happened. There are rumors l ’ goodbye to a major character for the upcoming ’ Season Finale and over the actors spoke of a brutal final, also difficult to turn. However one thing we generally have all been quite quiet: Daryl Dixon cannot die. "If Daryl dies, We riot "is a joke circulating for some time and c ’ can bet that we could hardly digest l ’ goodbye to the character of Norman Reedus. Pity that apparently the writers want to play with our feelings, as if that wasn't enough about Glenn recently found.


Daryl wants to avenge the death of Denise, He feels responsible because he helped Dwight and this has not only robbed momentum and crossbows, but "repaid" this ’ last in the worst possible way. Dixon knows he made a mistake in the sixth episode, giving confidence to those strangers, He knew even before the death of Denise. It now remains only the revenge. Can't avoid it, know that Glenn is right when he asks him to return home, but he must do it, for Denise and pure for himself. Rosita goes with him, While Glenn and Michonne start toward Alexandria. Yet another separation into smaller and smaller groups, yet another rip off: Glenn e Michonne is immediately kidnapped by Dwight that exploits them as bait for Daryl and Rosita – and here a reflection arises: OK do fools others, But how on earth do they cheat ’ is known to be the master in Daryl that identify traces of anyone?! Dwight appears behind Daryl and shoots him while you are turning. Shoots him. Really. The blood stain the camera, the scene goes to black and we hear a voice say "You ’ 'll be all right". You thought that your eyes have deceived? But no, We saw good, There is no doubt as with Glenn. Norman Reedus confirmation to Entertainment Weekly "That's ’ Daryl ’ 's blood that you see. That's exactly what happens ’, exactly what you see ". Although the ’ actor does not give the certainty that the last sentence of ’ heard belongs to Dwight, It is at that ’ last I tend to attribute it, hoping it's a good sign for life by Daryl. Should not be a mortal blow so, But even the ’ idea that has disfigured or maimed throws me into a d ’ anxiety which will run until next week.

It is in these precarious emotional conditions that we approach the Season Finale, 90 minutes (I reiterate will be just over 60 removed advertising) that promise to further devastate our mood. D Moreover ’ in the promo Negan is ready with his bat wrapped in barbed wire.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥♥ OMG!

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