The Walking Dead – 6×16 Last Day On Earth (Season Finale) – Review by R.


If you don't love the cliffhanger, We could not follow a tv series, it our mental health. However the finale of the sixth season of The Walking Dead puts a strain on even the most hardened series addicted because another epilogue so brutal, anxiety and mysterious is hard to find in the television landscape.

Even the storyline of Carol and Morgan, which is perhaps what this final didn't care less, gives more times the feeling that here might find a dead level. Has already become a walker or is about to be killed, Carol indeed makes us worry not little. The woman does not have the slightest intention of going home because just standing alone – and then not having close loved ones/to be protected – can stop killing. But Morgan cannot give her up, can't let you condemn to a life as a hermit and in doing so shows how the woman's right: facing the final stroke survivor who is about to shoot her Savior, Morgan kills him to save her. Carol remain critical conditions, though the appearance of the boy who had lost his horse and his companion giving hope, species that there is in circulation a few decent subject. It is still early to judge these strangers.


But we're not interested in the coupons, is the new villain who expect road at every turn. Negan makes his grand entrance on stage finishing the process of annihilation of the self-confidence of our protagonists and especially by Rick Grimes. That was their weakness ever since they heard the name Negan: believe to have overcome so many that we can deal smoothly l ’ yet another insane dictator. And they believed all ’ last. For three quarters of the episode Rick He's convinced he can still do, to have control of the situation. And the others are no less, be with Grimes to Hilltop to help Maggie or Alexandria community protection, all believe they have the skills to survive, di nuovo. Father Gabriel is in charge of the defense of Alexandria, Eugene volunteered to mislead the Saviors, the Sergeant and Sasha expected to have a baby, Maggie feverish firmly believes in Sheriff: These are the clearest examples of the climate of absolute and blind confidence in their abilities. In the paths towards the Hilltop Saviors knit a disturbing game of cat and mouse that is raised l ’ bar of terror at each stage: all roads leading to increasingly numerous groups and Hilltop are manned by heavily armed with Saviors; one is blocked by a row of walkers chained and styled with the strands of Michonne and arrows of Daryl, implying the worst case scenarios for their fellow; a ’ other beat a man is hanged, While a stack of logs catches fire.


The Saviors are everywhere, await you calm and quiet, demolishing their confidence a bit after l ’ more. At first met Rick holds head verbally to the Savior, Indeed he even wants to dictate the terms, even with the threat "You want to make today your last day on Earth?"; as you go along (and back and forth and back again) but, is the Savior to utter those same words and Grimes cannot answer back. The Saviors anticipate their every move, even conceived by Eugene that seems impossible to predict. Is this yet another trap that Rick&Co. crumble: just the boos and the shadows among the trees to make them tremble. Rick, Carl, Sasha, Abraham, Aaron, Eugene and Maggie forced kneeling, Sudano, tremble, don't know where to look, on their faces is painted sheer terror that only increases with the addition of ’ Rosita, Michonne, Glenn and Daryl – White as a sheet and bleeding – (It was their vision from ’ in a dark space with which, on several occasions during the show, We have heard some of the words of the Saviors). For the first time we see them all absolutely frightened and vulnerable; is impressive if we think about how they had immediately reacted to Terminus. Yet they still have not seen anything, or rather "they don t know ’ shit".


Negan Finally makes his entrance, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. It is difficult to recognize him as the Denny who made move in Grey’s Anatomy: leather jacket, hair pulled all ’ back, evil smile. But the ’ aspect is nothing compared to the charism that shows in every word you pronounce. Negan looks like that nasty that inevitably fascinates, What scares from "pissing our pants", but they might as well rip out half-smile with his jokes. He remains enraptured by his monologue. Negan makes clear how much the "new world order": Rick&Co. now working for him, She wants half of everything they have and produce, and if they don't have what he wants, should I get one, No matter how. Negotiation is not feasible after all the men who killed Rick, Indeed for that they must pay a price what more can only be the life of one of them by the hand of his beloved Lucille, a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. Brings us the confirmation of ’ goodbye to a character and watch out with the players waiting to hear who will be the poor guy. Glenn gets close when Negan turns to Maggie, Ditto Rick with Carl, but we like to play and torture in ’ waiting Negan to opt for a classic children's matters "Eenie, meenie, miney, MO ". Lucille passes first slowly then faster and faster from ’ one ’ of our other survivors, at the end I was so confused that I may have a great time took it the blow on the head. And this feeling helps the passage of first person shooting, seeing Negan like we the unlucky. If unfortunately at Wrestlemania Dean Ambrose had no way to use her Barbie (always a bat wrapped in barbed wire) against Brock Lesnar, Negan uses his Lucille, nothing can stop his blows. We see the blood, We hear the screams and cries and the screen goes to black. Who killed?


Considering that the dead man was practically certain, leave us with this doubt is a little’ deludente. It is equally true, however, that from the tv series lovers cannot fail to appreciate the extent of masochism tension where The Walking Dead leave us. Until October. Showrunner Scott. M. GIMPLE to Entertainment Weekly justify the choice of a similar cliffhanger explaining that l ’ murder of one of the characters at the hands of Negan marks the end of a story, While I find out who it is and its aftermath represent l ’ the beginning of a ’ other, What will be told next season. The same is repeated by the Director of ’ episode Gregory Nicotero, It also States that not even the actors know who was killed. Insomma anche per noi come per loro vale la battuta di Abraham “We are neck-deep up shit creek with our mouths wide open”.

After an uninspiring first half of the season, The Walking Dead deferred perfectly on track. Maybe some scenes were a little’ redundant (the continuing clashes with the Saviors and in this installment l ’ back and forth with camper), But besides serving to strengthen/destruction of confidence by Rick&Co., They also created a growing tension, culminated with the ’ entrance of Negan. And now we are now accepting bets on who lost the counts. Personally I would exclude secondary characters as Sasha, Rosita, Eugene, Aaron Abraham (Although this ’ last bothers me a little’ for the manifested desire paterno); before the fatal shots, Negan warn everyone not to intervene or tear Carl eye before and will eat l ’ Rick, so this could save them, too. I can think of is Daryl, that then is already quite hurt. Remain Maggie, Glenn e Michonne. Greene is put as Daryl, so I have two, but at the moment I would not venture to none. Time to do our personal predictions we have several, I'll probably change my opinion every day. And you on who you stake?

Rating all ’ episode: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Masterpiece

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