The Walking Dead 7, from the Comic With the first trailer

Like every year, the panel at the San Diego Comic Con The Walking Dead has the first trailer for the new season; and ever since this time the curiosity is skyrocketing, ready to seize the smallest clue Negan victim detector.

Predictably the disappointment is behind the ’ corner, because nothing lets the character who will meet again for the seventh season of the show AMC. The first plans with which we left them in the Season Finale and flashbacks on each of them, the bat Lucille still represents a threat to all; I mean they don't give us even some anchors on which arrovellarci in recent months d ’ wait. At the moment the only ones I personally believe salvi's Rick and Carl, always under the final minutes of the finale.

Putting aside this big question mark, the trailer gives us however also some interesting picture on what lies ahead. Besides Negan and its – that most likely will be the hosts for most of the time – We are introduced to a new, yet another group of survivors: the inhabitants of Kingdom ruled by King Ezekiel. Logic suggests that it is the community that owns the man appeared to rescue Carol and Morgan. Is Khary Peyton to interpret Ezekiel, a cartoon character known for lack of sympathy towards Negan and especially for his particular pet for which l ’ love inevitably begins already to bloom: the Tiger Shiva.

The premiere of The Walking Dead is set for the 23 October. Three months after return, who is the victim of Negan?


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