The Walking Dead – 7×01 The Day Will Come When You Won t Be ’ (Season Premiere) – Review by R.


It's been over six months since The Walking Dead left us with that questionable cliffhanger. To want to tease you even more, This year the premiere came with about 10 days later than we were used to the timing. But tonight the victim of Negan was finally revealed and every minute he made straight to reach higher levels at presentation of man as the most evil villain ever.One of the main criticisms leveled at that cliffhanger is the ’ inevitable power outage throughout this time, making it less involving the death of the character once discovered his identity. The manufacturer avoids this risk with a construction of the episode and the inclusion of additional twist that take you back in the exact condition of the season finale: to WinCE and shudder of fear together with the protagonists in front of each movement of Negan and its Lucille. The episode opens on the look of Rick, our Sheriff able to stand up and fight in any situation. And in fact that is how he appears again. We had left him mentally destroyed and we find him with a resurgent, albeit faint, will to fight, as awakened from massacre has just witnessed. Rick threat Negan and psychological torture of this ’ last restart, dragging inside ourselves. The cliffhanger is extended further, showing us only the blood out of Lucille and the remains of an unidentified skull crushed. Negan tormenta Rick when he reminded him how things could go (that is worse) and as indeed have gone, with the boundary between the Sheriff's race walkers to make everything more creepy and confusing. A succession of images between memories and fears, until the return to the concluding scene of the season finale, revived from the very beginning of the counts. "Eenie, meenie, miney, Mo ' beats again our heartbeats and characters, with the terror of finding out who will touch, as long as Lucille stops and this time the resumption reveals that in front of her c ’ is Abraham. The Sergeant makes sense, remains standing and responds in kind to Negan even after the first blow; but subsequent shots are a monstrous massacre. The manifested desire paterno in the Season Finale it was therefore really revealed deadly which is a shame, as for me of ’ unique among the show's veterans who had not earned a place untouchable among the latter.


Assuming that I'm sorry a lot for his death, Abraham is "comfortable" that on the one hand would detract from a character of weight without affecting the hard core of the cast and the other avoids predictability by saving the intended victim from comic books. Or at least that's the initial feeling, because besides Rick c ’ is someone else who still has not permanently surrendered to Negan, Daryl, who rebels when l ’ man causes Rosita. Negan is a man of his word and that gesture should be paid. This time no count and no waiting, Lucille affects all sudden ’ Glenn, making him literally jump one eye out from head. It is a scene even more creepy than the previous, with the pizza boy from his face now devastated that finds the strength to say a few last words to her Maggie "Maggie, The ’ ll find you ", before collapsing with successive blows. And so Abraham becomes a diversion to distract from what was the highest-rated outcome ’, rendering it unexpected. Glenn in fact was not only one of the original series (even before the Season Finale c ’ was the near certainty that to leave would have been just one of them), but above all, he was the victim of Negan in comics. Its annoying as needless apparent death last season exposed to the risk of repetitiveness, However, even here the construction of events ran. The death of Abraham made us complacent and there struck again in an even more heinous Negan for ourselves and Rick.


We lose in fact brutally one of four survivors found since the first season, This is really a devastating loss, from which it is difficult to understand if and how Rick manages to get back on track. And yet it is the most appropriate, beyond the sorrow. Because on the one hand his death gives way to a new phase in fiction for the protagonists were (just as we had anticipated the producers justifying the cliffhanger). From ’ more, Glenn was perhaps among the Veterans l ’ only expendable, having already explored his character under each facet, by ’ friend to husband, to the father (Here, at least with regard to paternity tests mentioned with Enid); also in relation to the couple Glenn-Maggie, I doubt you could find some other way to make it interesting – and if you didn't get it "and they lived happily ever after" with Meredith and Derek in Grey’s Anatomy, I don't see why it should be different for them.

The Dim bravado manifested at the beginning of episode from Rick, collapses as realizes what happened and to make sure to stifle the flame, Negan threatens to kill all his companions were if he will not cut his arm to Carl – that keeps a commendable coolness! A new torture of which there is, however, saved the final slaughter. Negan blocks indeed Rick when recognizes in him a new look: no more that scared, upset, but still alive, by leader, seen in the opening of episode. Now it's just devastated, completely knocked down. There ’ is more a breath to threaten, not a force to use the ’ accepts against the enemy. Rick is no longer the leader, now c ’ is commanding Negan. All the survivors are in that State: dried up, unable even to despair for the carnage that have undergone their friends; remain there harmless and properties even when Negan and his men leave. Even the strength of despair gave them up. Just a physically and emotionally destroyed Maggie seems to have some more’ and encourages them to take at least care of Glenn and Abraham.

The first encounter with Negan complied with expectations, There has been "a productive damn day", do not ever Miss voltage, anxiety and cruelty. I don't regret the Governor only because Negan is far more engaging. If the structure of the episode managed to recreate and maintain the anguish of the Season Finale, less has been able since emotionally, at least for me (or I was too flustered to move me). The fact that Daryl's alive has certainly helped in this sense; However for him, prisoner of Negan (and Dwight), the situation remains critical. The Walking Dead for a fresh start with Rick&Co. "ownership" of Negan: a new order is established then, citing Negan, "Welcome to a brand new beginning, you sorry shirts!".

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥♥♥ – but now just cliffhanger similar!


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