The Walking Dead – 7×02 The Well – Review by R.


Gregory Nicotero had announced to EW, the second episode of The Walking Dead would be l ’ opposite of premiere. So is State, Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you evaluate. The show AMC has accustomed us to this performance: bet to miss your breath every second, followed by one where the breath you take it well too; and you are not denied this time either with an episode of knowledge that sometimes it was hard to recognize what part of The Walking Dead.

A week for us to overcome the massacre of premiere, two days to Carol to recover from the serious wound suffered from the Savior in the Season Finale and consequent delirium hallucinogen which acts as opening words to the bet. With her we are introduced to The Kingdom, a medieval flavour community governed by King Ezekiel, accompanied by his faithful Tiger Shiva. On one side The Kingdom – between school, singing lessons, various crops and Apple Pie at every meal – has a ’ organization that embarrass each community we've encountered before (even advanced ’ Alexandria); from ’ more his style raises many concerns, arising from the eccentric leader has ’ both the veneration that surrounds – by ’ appellation of King, to the throne, his pearls of wisdom painted on buildings. And so the first thirty minutes pass before suscitandomi me the same reaction by Carol, a mixture of fun, skepticism and the feeling that I'm kidding. The confusion is not lacking with pigs fed to zombie. However as this ’ last fact receives early explanation, the ’ image of The Kingdom and the ’ episode itself find a way and a pleasure with the dialogue between Ezekiel and Carol.


The King understands the roleplaying of Carol and at the time of the escape attempt of the woman, the is revealed for what it is: a former zoo keeper, who saved Shiva from certain death and been transformed by "his people" into a living legend simply because it is in the nature of men looking for someone to guide them and makes them feel safe. In short, no more and no less than the concept behind the other communities met in seven seasons. In addition, Ezekiel treats its a contradiction, a fairytale atmosphere in a world destroyed and wicked – What that evil cannot do, at least until it flows into the total unawareness that dominated Alexandria. L ’ former keeper wants to help Carol and although she insist in his forced solitude, fascinated by Ezekiel and embraces contradictions. Carol indeed “He goes and does not go away” from The Kingdom, deciding to live alone, but just a few steps from there, where Ezekiel and Shiva can go visit her. The question if there is love in the air ’ ’ pare d ’ obligation.


To protect the ’ joyous air of The Kingdom, Ezekiel hides his people l ’ the subordination agreement Saviors. It is not clear what its position on them. If the feed to zombie pigs for them suggests a quiet rebellion (and it is not known how effective, probably nothing), l ’ workout of his and the spur Morgan to train the young Ben stick, suggests that the ’ man does not rule out a future via fiercer. Even here, however, no shortage of contradictions, in fact, when Morgan asked if he was greeted in The Kingdom because it was able to kill a Savior when Carol was in danger, Ezekiel says “Quite the opposite”. Morgan is already quite confused by his, There ’ is no need to increase the dose. L ’ man has in fact finally abandoned pacifism in spite of everything, realizing that not all white or black, but sometimes certain actions are required. Maybe you could get there before lead astray Carol, After all even the protagonists of Fear The Walking Dead do ’ have done by the end of the second season! However considering the trouble they created last season, Since you now admit to not knowing what his street, It's a step forward. I can't say I'm a fan, though the change in the relationship with Carol, l ’ attitude wittier and the new relationship with l ’ "student", give positive signals to the Morgan this season, at least maybe I won't have to lift your eyes to the sky to his every appearance.


Obviously no trace of Rick&Co., What irritated me less if the first promo circulated last week had shown them; Unfortunately I had not noticed that this last ’ spoke of "scenes from the seventh season" and not "the next episode" – When ever the promo post premiere is still a trailer of the season?! I still can't decide to break this way the storylines, okay to pull the breath after an explosive episode, but you can find other ways that are not centering forty minutes on a scenario where almost nothing happened. We met a new community and many new characters – including deserve special mention Shiva and Jerry Butler, I'm already well – and I understand that to introduce all needed a little’ of time. Maybe but not a full episode, because il vizietto di The Walking Dead to make ash episodes is fine in some cases, but used indiscriminately harms at the time of the narrative and perception (especially emotional) in the same, at the risk of stalling always lurking. I'd say we've had enough l ’ last year.

In the end however there were positive elements; In addition to the above mentioned Jerry and Shiva, Morgan is improving, Ezekiel is an interesting character, and especially the dialogue with Carol saved my bet, I would have otherwise judged much more negatively. Seen the promo for next week, I doubt I'll be so relaxed as in this: Apparently, in fact, we all ’ arrival of Daryl in the place where he lives doesn't last and Dwight ’ Negan and this will make your life simple.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥½ Here there is still mourning the deaths of dire wolves, Let's not messing with the Tiger!

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