The Walking Dead – 7×03 The Cell – Review by R.


If you have managed to withstand the continuous passage of the song Easy Street (The Collapsable Hearts Club, available on iTunes for those who want to repeat all the infinite l ’ ’ experience), you have got acquainted with the base camp of the Saviors. After exploring the gay community and pacifica of The Kingdom, This time we are in fact introduced in the Kingdom of Negan, The Sanctuary.

Again an episode focused on one place, but the result of which is undoubtedly superior to the previous. And not (only) because among our survivors the protagonist is Daryl, but mostly because it finally opened the curtain on the world of Negan. Before we had only been able to deduce certain aspects, drawing conclusions from the words of ’ man and other people encountered previously; now the picture is finally more clear. Kneel, earn points, being in debt and "We are all Negan" were concepts already felt, What time they acquire full significance. In The Sanctuary there are three ways forward: 1. kneel (literally) to Negan and work for him by representing every where (from here, to the question "Who are you?"his men must respond" I ’ m Negan "); 2. live their lives and earn points by working to pay off the debt with Negan for a roof, supplies and every other resource (under threat by a score if they fall behind, Lucille); or 3. die and go to enrich the large group of walkers impaled in plain sight for everyone.


It is obvious that in Daryl, Negan see a perfect candidate for the first street – the same Sherry and Dwight had believed a Savior when they first met. But we know Daryl and we know that it is impossible to kneel. Or at least almost, because the psychological and physical torture that undergoes would bend anybody and see Dixon in those conditions inevitably leads to hope for that to happen as long as the torture ends. Daryl is locked between four walls, in the dark, naked, with time marked only from sandwiches served by Dwight, icing on the cake, the continuous repetition of Easy Street, that enters the brain worse than a Jackhammer. After a few seconds would bring myself down the volume every time he went away because I couldn't take it anymore. A torment that simply images makes it clear that l ’ warning of Sherry, "Whatever he ’ 's done to you, There's more ’. There's always more ’ ", is pure truth, so much to be hoped that Daryl follow his advice and abandon the idea of escaping. Unfortunately, Dixon insists, falling into the trap of Negan and doing so soon back in his cell, weighed down by the barrel, from music and from the picture of a crushed Glenn to constantly remind him who (and as the) lost.


Daryl prisoner is someone who allows us to introduce us to The Sanctuary, but in fact to emerge as protagonist and to reveal the perverse mechanisms of the place is its jailer Dwight. We should hate him for everything he has done and continues to do to our Dixon since he put on his way, Yet as the minutes flow, We begin to glimpse the Dwight under l’ "The ’ m Negan" and understand why he decided to kneel. In "Always Accountable (6×06) Dwight, Sherry and her sister Tina had recently escaped from The Sanctuary, stealing the drugs that the third needed for diabetes; Tina was killed by walkers. Now we find that before the fleeing, Negan wanted to marry the "super hot" Tina to rectify at his being left behind by a score. Dead bride, Lucille seemed l ’ common destiny of Dwight, but Sherry has offered to take the place of her sister to save her husband. Negan ’ was married to equally "super hot" Sherry, but not before leaving to pay to Dwight ustionandogli's face with an iron. Introducing l ’ personal hell of Dwight.


In light of this tale explains his attitudes during episode, by curiosity for a pregnancy test to reject a prostitute free (provided that consenting, evidently even the moral of Negan at least rape is unacceptable, which is already a step ahead of the first guys to Terminus). But especially illustrates the inner conflict of ’ man who shows both to be swapped with the ’ former friend on the run with Daryl. The fugitive had folded and now has no intention of doing so, also kills me., Why has no one left; Dwight cannot afford it because, on the contrary, still has someone that they have to think, his wife. One remembers, l creatogli l ’ ’ other is still living hell from Negan. And this is the same reason why not even Daryl can kneel: lost Glenn, but worse, He feels responsible for his death and remained only, didn't anyone for whom bending.


"’ there's only one of him and all of us"says the fugitive and actually counting how many Saviors, the question why not team up against Negan rather than kneel, is legitimate. And the same can be answered with the words of King Ezekiel of the last episode: l ’ human being needs a leader who will give him a sense of security; the difference lies only in the way the two men convey this ’ last. Dwight's answer, "We were losing, Now we are not ", goes in this direction. Negan ruled with fear and makes sure to be anywhere by faith/identification in him of his men – "We are all Negan" – and in fact at the moment is winning. The Kingdom will be full and fair weather, but is exploited by The Sanctuary like Alexandria and Hilltop, While men of Negan live like royalty between provisions, music and old tv series.

Also in this episode isn't very successful from the point of view of events, However unlike the previous was by far more interesting. Negan and his world needed a whole episode that satiate himself that curiosity sort already last season and Negan is itself a character able to withstand even from just 40 minutes. The presence of Daryl was that more sufficient for emotional involvement; It is unlikely that after all l l ’ ’ commitment to his and ben Negan farewell two protagonists, should we fear for the fate of Dixon, but I defy anyone not to WinCE whenever Lucille approaches our biker. Aside from the same Daryl obviously, that to the end remains true to himself, all ’ man to whom we've grown so fond in these seven years. Daryl Dixon is always Daryl Dixon, No matter how much torture is subjected.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥½ the sandwiches with dog food is still better than the flesh of pigs fed a zombie!

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