The Walking Dead – 7×04 Service – Review by R.


In advance of the week indicated to Rick, Negan occurs for the first tour in his new Cologne and, you know, the surprise visits are often sources of trouble. By ’ disturbing knock knock at the gate of Alexandria you have the feeling that we will have before minutes tensile loads, where every small sign of non-cooperation could give a ’ other carnage. But this time to allow ourselves to be blown away is not the spilled blood (that there is ’), but a few words of Rick no less painful than a real wound.

Not that the danger of a massacre missing. Always slow to understand what situation are located, the inhabitants of Alexandria makes it concrete on occasions, pledging to make the visit of the most insufferable Saviors and deleterious than it already is by itself. Looks of contempt, absences and real acts of opposition are counterbalanced by Rick subduing all absolute ’, unrecognizable as much to those who until now feared him as to the people closest to him. The people of Alexandria before had no idea of the danger walkers beyond the walls, now does not include that represented by Negan, He didn't see what he's capable of, He just heard tell,. Carl (Li cut that hair?!), Michonne and Rosita are witnessed, yet they have completely lost the strength to fight. All of them are United by ’ idea that sooner or later there will be a way out ’. Rick do not. The torture suffered by Negan in premiere got fully ’ desired effect, making the movie's bearded Rick a distant memory. The current Grimes reminds me of the Reek of Game of Thrones, that Theon destroyed by Ramsay that for anything in the world would have disobeyed unto his master. Throughout the ’ episode Negan Appoints Rick his Lucille as Ramsay had given him a razor in his hand to Theon (4×02): both a little gesture, Yet neither dares to rebel against his master. There are brief moments when the Sheriff seems about to explode, but manages to restrain himself.


Unfortunately Rick maintains the same attitude towards Spencer. The same guy that his inability endangered himself and others on multiple occasions, steals food and liquor and now, hiding two pistols (that probably doesn't even know use), He almost did kill the poor Olivia, really he is lets do the sermon to Rick, blaming him for all the past misfortunes, present and future. It would not be another sign of good will be placed in the hands of Negan?

But Rick's a good ’ man, was that even in his darkest periods when differences with Negan weren't many and continues to be. The Sheriff tells Michonne because he's sending down every single Toad retracing a detail of her story that I didn't for a few seasons and that certainly didn't think would emerge in this way. It is for the good of the people you love that Rick accepts the current situation with Negan, so as to protect Judith, He agreed not to be the biological father. Boom! The triangle Shane-Lori-Rick is unfortunately imprinted in our minds and we always knew that there was a doubt about the paternity of the child. But Shane is dead, then Lori and question paternity has never really mail. Rick during the second season had accepted what happened between Lori and Shane and the same silent mode seemed to have exceeded even the doubt on the small. But now the Sheriff makes it clear to you that small is not his. But he accepted "I know Judith ’ isn t mine. I know it. I love her. She ’ s my daughter, but she isn t mine ’. I had to accept that. I did so I could keep her alive". The anger on the oppression of Saviors and ’ anxiety created every moment from Negan are nothing compared to the heart causing this confession by Rick.


We cannot underestimate the performance of Negan, that would be obnoxious, but of the ones we love to hate, captures us with his charisma and his catchphrase, perfect as disturbed, without miss a few laughs with his jokes in bad taste. The reaction to the sudden appearance of father Gabriel ("You are creepy as saigal, "Sneakin’ up on me, wearin’ that collar with that freaky-big smile ") and a summary of the position of Rick ("I just slid my dick down your throat and you thanked me for it") I'm l ’ example. However, we should applaud even Father Gabriel for his amazing ingenuity: l ’ man prepare a fake grave, doing so believe Negan that Maggie has not survived.

There's no sign nor Greene nor Sasha, However we should not be misled into thinking that the two women along with Michonne (rightly full of rage for stolen and burned mattresses) and Rosita (He asks Eugene to produce guns projectiles) are the only aware of what enemy have in Saviors and equally are still willing to fight. To follow the example of Rick ’ seem to be Eugene and Aaron; and poor old Daryl that, Although you are bent to Negan, He learned the lesson of the week.

For the first time this season we see an episode from long-form. A privilege that is normally attributed to premiere, finals or episodes especially challenging, but sometimes misses raison d ’ be. And this is the case with "Service" that although proves a bell ’ episode overall, has many things to tell to justify l ’ extra time. At the end of the fourth episode, however, the new State of Affairs has now established; It only remains to find out which road will be taken in view of mid-season finale.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥ This time land Rick's words do more harm by Lucille

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