The Walking Dead – 7×05 Go Getters – Review by R.


New episode, new stage. Do Not, non è Beijing Express, but the seventh season of The Walking Dead. A random place in the woods for first meeting with Negan, The Kingdom, The Sanctuary, Alexandria and now Hilltop, These are the places visited in the first five episodes. It is clear that this development does not facilitate l ’ advance the plot and in fact once again the steps forward are very few.

To recover emotionally and physically from the bereavements of the premiere, Maggie and Sasha I'm at Hilltop, the colony of whose existence I'd probably forgotten, If he didn't have Jesus among its inhabitants. Yet it is from there that took off the events because of the deaths of Glenn and Abraham and that Maggie was conducted this past Season Finale. For the woman arrives at least some good news: He suffered only a small detachment of the placenta, then with the proper rest pregnancy should be fine. Considering how had dwindled before the ’ meeting with Negan and that he faced after, This exam result is nothing short of astonishing, but then again they could not give her ’ d the coup de grace of ’ abortion.


After the commemorative moment of their men, Maggie and Sasha confirm ’ trend emerged last week in Alexandria: women still have the strength to fight despite everything and take over the reins. It's the stumbling block represented by the coward Gregory or an onslaught of walkers, both don't hold back. The situation must be desperate as ever, but they must continue, even for Glenn and Abraham, because only in this way can carry on the memory of the men who loved. And if Sasha with the help of Jesus going to discover where he lives Negan, Maggie is unofficially a new Hilltop leaders (the rating of Jesus is already his). It only takes one encounter with the walkers and the actual proof of what Gregory is a dangerous coward to Maggie s ’ imposes on this ’ last and decides that it is no longer willing to suffer any slightest whammy. The speech with which it presents for the first time as Maggie Rhee (the surname of Glenn) is definitely d ’ impact, especially emotional, However to designate new commander would have sufficed the scene with tractor.

As a reminder of how much the defense against zombies at Hilltop is important, the Saviors introduces a ’ car impossible to open and the music blaring all ’ in the colony, drawing you so ’ a horde of walkers. Despite his precarious, Maggie gets driving a tractor and asphalt with few zombie maneuvers and car; in front of this picture, who hasn't put inevitably humming "tractor on the highway going to command"?!


Usually I complain that the stake to concentrate in one place, This time I discover that c ’ is worse. An episode that after a short detour is limited to Hilltop, punctuated by the "first date" among youngsters in the series. Enid want to reach Maggie Carl the following, seizing the opportunity to destroy a car ’ ’ (just because they are not short of resources and soon will receive a ’ other touring Negan). Confidences, a tour on skates and the first kiss between the two teenagers. Not even all ’ love between Rick and Michonne was devoted so much space. There could be worse? Yes, because apparently Carl instead of keep on the straight and narrow path of maturity, Decides to return to head shots of the second season. Then at least the excuse of ’ age and bad influence by Shane, now it's "about" her. Carl wants to reach the Lair of Negan and Enid can't compete with his thirst for revenge. Not to mention the myriad of reasons why the same Jesus should not face such an expedition alone, I don't see how a kid with that hair and one eye (and with which you are not yet accustomed to living) can think of having a small chance. That being said, the presence of Jesus and Carl on the Saviors direct to home Negan is the only event that allows the overall plot to step forward.

While Rick (a sweet kiss with Michonne) We see it for a couple of minutes, Unfortunately there is no trace of Negan ’ and his absence is felt. Not for nothing the only exciting moments of the episode can be attributed to its Saviors, with the ’ zombie invasion and visiting Gregory. Now, however, that the Saviors they command anywhere, take advantage of resources of others and they're all Negan, l ’ we understand. It's time to proceed. In three episodes by Mid-Season Finale you cannot frame among the most significant changes the fact that Maggie has donated the clock by Glenn in Enid!

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥ ½ tractor at Hilltop Maggie is really gone to command

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