The Walking Dead – 7×06 Swear – Review by R.


An episode filler in between other episodes fillers. So we could call the sixth installment of The Walking Dead, 40 minutes devoted to a story, put it there just to further lengthen the stock and that in the end lacks even the merit of ’ originality.

Yet it gives us an answer to the question that gripped by months, Why don't we waited that long to know who would be the victim of Lucille or how they would be evolved the storyline of Negan, No, no, all were wondering what had become of Tara; don't expect more than a ’ entire episode centered on her. The producers kept us so much to surprise us with a gift like that instead of spreading the usual promo with l ’ preview of ’ episode, I have packed an ’ with a smattering of images of what we will see in the coming weeks. Evidently realized too that if we guessed what awaited us, We wouldn't even hazarded the vision, contributing to the already existing free fall of plays of the show. After the 17 millions of viewers reached through premiere, the series had a slump that with the last episode has touched the 11 millions; a physiological decrease there is, especially after the ’ hype created around the premiere of this ’ year, but the decline was gone continuing week after week and you can't consider unrelated fact that the plot is pretty much stops by October. Since the end of the premiere breakthroughs can be counted on the fingers of one hand and among these we should mention the first kiss of Carl. We continue to meet new people whose names we forget as soon as they leave the credits, to make speeches on morality mince and rehashed on which by now I don't even want to ponder and relive all the infinite of the same ’. During the second season many complaining because nothing was happening and not just sitting for 16 episodes in the same place; actually that is one of my favorite seasons, It is true that we walked away from the farm of Hershel, However we assisted both a ’ psychological evolution of significant characters, both non-apocalyptic events, but equally relevant. The triangle Rick-Lori-Shane was at its peak, Shane was showing signs of imbalance, were the special relationship between Carol and Daryl and ’ love between Glenn and Maggie, Beth attempted suicide, Carl was Carbonell and Andrea worse than he. There was bored.


This time however I haven't seen l ’ now that the episode would end up because they are not simply full episodes that don't make us do a half step ahead, but he was also focused on Tara, even on Heath that at least makes me sympathy; seriously thought we were much interested in her to dedicate a ’ now?! It should be remembered that Tara and Heath had left before the Season Finale to go looking for supplies, because the majority of comments I noticed that many people were also forgotten of ’ existence of Tara. The girl after a collision with a zombie ends in a community entirely female and overflight observations that could be done about a similar fate considered l ’ homosexuality of Tara. She tries to be smart and funny, but it's not Carol. S ’ invents to be traveling on a boat two years ago when does not distinguish the galley from the ship itself; rule number one: invent starting from stuff you know. And when after two seconds the House of cards collapses, Snitch for Alexandria and the treatment reserved for Saviors as if his interlocutors weren't deciding on his fate. Tara misses even exchange glances between the older woman at the head of the colony and that he had pointed a rifle, a look that at least for a few minutes makes you hope for in a Cliffhanger. The colony is hostile and armed, reminds a little’ the Amazons and a little’ the bucolic version of the witches of Suspiria, too bad that in the end everything will be resolved with the usual pappardella we repeat from last season. Although he had little sense, for a moment the glance exchanged between the two women made me think that the colony could be the female counterpart of Saviors killed at radio station, their partners, Sisters, daughters. In that case, Tara would have been in the Wolf's Lair. There would have been a different story, but at least there would be some’ by pepe. Unfortunately women have Yes had to deal with Saviors, but also as victims: the Saviors they killed all their men, they escaped and then hide among trees. Exactly how to Hilltop, in The Kingdom and in Alexandria. For no moment c ’ is the feeling that again Tara, that is obviously saved from bastian contrary/bearer of morality of the colony. And Tara goes home happy and contented before being struck by the news of the death of his lover Denise and weight of having to lie to Rosita on the lack of a safe place somewhere. L ’ only one whose fate remains unknown is Heath (Although obviously have fun again with Vice to make us believe for a moment that he died); whereas the ’ actor is the new protagonist of reboot 24, his absence is justified.


So for ’ once again we are being reaffirmed as the Saviors are ugly and bad, exploiters of each community they find on their way. We still don't know enough. What could have been a different and interesting filler episode, turned out I mean merry-go-round on Saviors, most importantly by focusing on a character about whom little we care, with all that that implies in terms of involvement. You can place bets fillers, that's not the point, but you have to do them well and sensibly. If you have seen Sons Of Anarchy, remember "Salvage"(6×06), Here's what for me was a bell ’ episode filler. A funny story, an ordinary day in the life of the club, that made you laugh and hope that those mouthfuls d repetition of air ’ more often both the protagonists and your emotional and mental health. And even had meaning because it came right after a dramatic event (l ’ explosion of the club house) from which all needed to regain his breath. Repetitive story apart, the bet on Tara and the women's colony square instead after four other episodes where we didn't do nothing but pull your breath; can I save the third and fourth, but also in the facts we didn't go forward, continue to confirm the same things, the same that we had already learned in the latter part of last season.

We basically stalled from the premiere, Since then there have been new ideas nor we understand where they want to go there, Indeed it seems they don't know how to fill the time that separates them from the break. And this is not possible already to his, let alone in two episodes by Mid-Season finale!

Rating all ’ episode: ♥ an episode of the Love Boat would have been better

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