The Walking Dead – 7×07 Sing Me a Song – Review by R.


In a week from Mid-Season Finale, The Walking Dead fix some’ the shooting with an episode definitely more exciting than previous, a result quite obvious when the protagonist of the episode is Negan. The villain is in fact ’ only this season that manages to make things interesting, even when c ’ is just him (nothing to do with the episodes dedicated to Governor) and the danger of ’ effect rewind is behind the ’ corner. I was much more excited for 90 minutes (largely satisfactory) the Season Finale of Westworld rather than the extended duration of this installment of The Walking Dead, However the relationship between Negan and Carl rekindles the curiosity about what lies ahead.

L ’ arrival of Carl at Sanctuary shows for the stupidity of the mission undertaken by the kid, whom, After taking out two Saviors, ends straight into the hands of Negan. Despite this ’ have made it very clear that it does not pass some whammy, you never get the feeling that the younger Grimes is in danger of life: sure isn't doing well, but l ’ the son of Rick causes Negan has for him other projects. Carl is prisoner of ’ man, yet within seconds she finds herself in a situation similar to that of his father in Alexandria during the first visit of the Saviors. Carl follows quietly Negan on a tour of the Sanctuary, visit her room, one of his wives (polygamy is granted, the betrayal absolutely forbidden) and witness, along with all the other subject, the brutal and gruesome punitive methods of ’ man. As was the case with Rick, Carl was entrusted to few minutes Lucille, However dell ’ homicidal intent which had brought there the boy there ’ is no trace, not even a hint all ’ use of the bat against the enemy. Carl sometimes looks more like a protected Negan, instead of a prisoner.


Giving us yet another proof of how captivating charisma ’ l, Negan humiliates and tortures Carl. The teases on Remembrance of mother, does it sing for him, but above all, forces him to take off his bandage by ’ eye for then mortificarne its been: at that moment is impossible not to feel close to the heart for that little boy. Because Carl will also be raised quickly and may have had behaviors that have not made the cutest character of the series, but it's still just a kid, a teenager who needs to understand what its Street. Starting from this ’ subsequent attitude awareness l Negan assumes a most impressive light: Negan enhances infact l ’ intelligence and courage of Carl, praises something that Rick would blame, something that is very far from all men who are part of the boy's life. Negan is everything when his father is not, even Daryl appears now as a submissive derelict. C ’ is really a risk that Carl steps over to the dark side? After all, it would give a ’ look at couple Sherry-Dwight to understand that resist Negan is not easy. And Carl's weakness toward Sociopaths has already been demonstrated in the days of Shane; Since then the younger Grimes has made enormous strides, Yet I wouldn't feel to completely exclude such a relapse.


In any case Negan is a thousand times better than Shane. It is needless to point out how sadistic, perverse, bully, exploiter, master in Mortification and so on and so on and so forth, Negan is the only one that lately has proven able to revive the episodes. Even in this there were elements already used (Mike's punishment is simply putting into video of what happened to Dwight) and is also an episode of a ’ now in practice entirely focused on the leader of the Saviors. Yet the minutes in his company run fast, with the right mix of disturbing irony, tension and development (albeit slow) of events. All other, Rick understood, remain in the background; shows little and sometimes for things so useless, that their scenes are an annoying interruption to Negan monologues.

Rick e Aaron find l ’ habitation rich in resources (and weapons) a man presumed dead and that is obviously very difficult to reach because it is surrounded by a Lake full of walkers. Rosita strength Eugene manufacturing a bullet; flying over the fact that the request for this ’ last dates back to episode number four, We have to endure yet another tirade on ’ cowardice and uselessness of Eugene, What I thought had been outdated by time. We also have dedicated slots Spencer, he confesses to father Gabriel how much you hate Rick, as well as his conviction that we can be a better leader. Now l ’ idiocy of Spencer doesn't even laugh, even I like Gabriel would rather make your way on foot among the walkers rather than spend another minute drive with him. Unfortunately the luck rather than help the brave, help people like Spencer, that instead of being mauled by ’ only zombie that meets (and that only dies falling from the ’ tree), find a ticket in Latin that leads him into a hideout full of supplies. Rest convinced that it would be more productive to Miss Spencer who find those resources. Jesus is meanwhile managed to enter the Sanctuary, will her the message "Go now" left Daryl complete with key and match?


One of the final scenes explains the meaning of the first we have seen. Michonne prepares a trap that blocks the way to a Savior and, not without difficulty, forced her to take her to Negan. Pity that Alexandria's and both have no intention Negan to leave. After having terrified and offended Olivia, did a quick tour of the community accompanied by Carl, Negan enjoys a lemonade on the porch of Rick cradling Judith and concludes that live there, rather than that huge grey factory, It wouldn't be a bad idea. This is the last picture we see ’ before Mid-Season Finale. Yes, We are already at the time of break. Not much happened from the premiere – it is significant that both Carl to have made the most progress of all – and it is not at all clear where the next installment will bring us a level of storyline. The protagonists are scattered in the surrounding area, each with its own mission. From the promo apparently, between a digression and l ’ other, We will have to wait with Negan the return of Rick, so at least "good" company seems assured.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥ – I can't imagine how they could be the gift boxes of Negan

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