The Walking Dead – 7×08 Hearts Still Beating (Mid-Season Finale) – Review by R.

After an electrifying premiere and a series of long episodes of little substance, arrived on time the Mid-Season Finale of The Walking Dead that marks the start of the ski lifts to the protagonists. Whether this will be accompanied by that of the show itself, We have to wait until the second half of the season to find out.

Maybe the show AMC I had accustomed too well until the fifth season, When the Mid-Season Finale was thrilling and decisive for the plot; the fact is that although "Hearts Still Beating" is overall a good bet, I can't say I found it awesome. The episode suffers the consequences of dubious choices of previous installments, those that have slowed too much pace and have digressed from the main storyline, bringing below zero enthusiasm of premiere. In eight episodes we covered a span of a few days – this is confirmed by the words of Gregory to Maggie – while the multiplicity of uninteresting minor storyline means that when we come back to get us on par with these, It is hard to remember what they are talking about. In addition to Hilltop and The Kingdom doesn't happen till today nothing, prejudice to consider that the super sense of smell by Maggie, that would compete with that of the late mother of Howard in The Big Bang Theory. Simply we are reminded about the existence of these communities; Unfortunately remind us also that of Enid, who launches into a tirade to Sasha really unjustifiable: barely know your name, back to play with skates!

The various characters have implemented solitary attempts to combat Negan; attempts already at first glance appeared unconvincing, If not downright stupid (because you were lucky Carl! I still you don't realize), especially since when you face an untold amounts of Negan, You can't win by the lone hero. And in fact each manoeuvre results or to nothing or a worsening of the situation. We start from one who does not deserve absolutely have to endure for so long, Spencer. The boy continues his insane belief of being the leader in Alexandria instead of Rick, When his mother had preferred that stranger bearded of Grimes, two questions about it no? Do Not, Spencer is so firm in his idiocy to believe they can manipulate Negan so that would eliminate Rick for him. Negan is the play of Spencer, take it for a ride for a few minutes before we grace with pun: "You've no guts" and to check the open in two belly spilling your guts. There is another character of The Walking Dead for whose death could Exult as much? Maybe not even Andrea. Finally we freed, Thanks Negan!

The inhabitants of Alexandria don't share the pleasure of the moment and Rosita seizes the moment to shoot a bullet with that one fabbricatole from Eugene Negan – I'm pretty sure that father Gabriel not meant when he said to wait for the right moment. The girl shoots but with a few seconds of delay and thus to stay wound is Lucille. Whereas Negan had even put on the Chair while he had lunch, It clearly doesn't take it well at all. A few minutes of tension, However the immediate feeling is that Rosita will be fine with little (a scar on the face); are others to risk seriously and more POSSIBLES are Eugene and Olivia, the first for having fabricated the bullet, the second because, like Spencer, Lately he has had too much screentime. In fact a subject of Negan shoots Olivia to avenge the snub by Rosita: as Rick and Daryl have cashed the hit of premiere, now Rosita must carry the burden of the death of Olivia and taken hostage by Eugene, from her forced to create that bullet of discord.

A weight that reverberates even on Rick. The Sheriff has just had to watch helplessly the beating of Aaron and lies with two bodies. Don't you think if the companions had given the slightest line, probably things would have turned out differently, because in fact understand that always ready to shoot a bomb Negan is: No matter how much you “will respect”, There will always be something that will cause him or her Saviors. Until shortly before Rick was still not fully convinced of his submission to Negan and Aaron had expressed in words understandable Grimes thought after witnessing the carnage of the premiere "Either your heart's beating or it isn't, either your loved ones’ hearts are beating or they aren't ". But it is one thing to survive, Another is live and Rick knows. The horror he had to witness him dimmed for a while, meant that the fear for his loved ones the braking. Michonne's words are just an extra boost, because now Rick Grimes is back and with him all the other survivors.

Although even the part of Daryl becomes interesting only in the finale – return to see every single step he took to escape not created some suspense – the man pronounces a sentence that we can consider the catchphrase of this Mid-Season Finale "It ain't just about getting by, It's about getting it all": survive and simply no longer an option, He returned time to fight. Alone have attempted, each in their own way, but for that "We're the ones who get the things done" serves primarily "We": together they fought, together they overcame every obstacle and so it must be again. The only chance they have against Negan is stick together, fight together, Hopefully with the help of someone who has a beautiful Tiger, but this will be discussed in 2017. Today we can say that Rick&Co. gathered, la reunion at Hilltop, especially the embrace between Rick and Daryl, is the most exciting moment of the episode. With them together again, the hope of defeating Negan starts to rise seriously and with her that that the second part of this season is better than half just ended.

Obviously The Walking Dead don't go on holiday without a post credits scene: the man with the boots you spied Rick and Aaron – probably the owner supplies that have recovered – arrived in Alexandria.

There have been words, healthy splatter, two deaths and – exceptional event – we saw all the protagonists, I mean on paper there was all. Yet the farewells were predictable and certainly wouldn't lose sleep; but especially emotional engagement came only in the final one-hour episode, where the first half has passed trying to remember where were we with the characters appeared for one or two episodes. There were those who expect a big showdown before the break, There was, and indeed it was impossible because they lacked the conditions. A Mid-Season Finale good, laying the foundations for the new episodes and leave a little’ bad taste in our mouths for those behind. I very much hope that the good intentions of the new year falls on focus and speed up the storyline, as well as minimizing single-character episodes. The Walking Dead back to the 12 February.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥ – Spencer's death the past easily, but Negan who has shaved off his beard?!

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