The Walking Dead – 7×09 Rock in the Road (Mid-Season Premiere) – Review by R.

I state that to this episode are very biased; the disappointment for the first part of this season meant that the return of the AMC show I possibly rather indifferent, I'm sorry I just, but I can't deny that for me The Walking Dead be lowered much in the last two seasons. This Mid-Season Premiere is an episode in the media, After a half hour calm and repetitive at times, is unleashed in the last fifteen minutes.

Let us resume where we left, with Rick&Co. who raised their heads and are ready to gather recruits and weapons to defeat the regime of Negan. No particular surprise, sia Gregory what a King Ezekiel refuse to join the fight in favor of currently "peaceful" status quo. It does not matter what their peoples want to fight, neither one nor the other are going to risk what they managed to achieve with more or less effort and abuse. If on Gregory the real question to ask is "What they asked him to do?", on Ezekiel was there any doubt. However what little we saw of the King, did lean towards a negative response, just as predictably instead granting asylum to Daryl. At least in these thirty minutes of talk we got to review Jerry and Shiva, of which, Despite the immediate affection aroused, you could easily forget given their absence from the rest of the season; How to blame Jesus if he had neglected to notify Rick&Co. of the Tiger?!

It is surprising that a Hilltop the communicative capacity of Enid has reached the goal beyond the no of Gregory, While the words of Benjamin in The Kingdom – “If you're asked to be the hero, be the hero” – nothing may have on the decision of Ezekiel. And the same can be said with reference to the speech of Rick, because if its hostile attitude to Hilltop and Maggie was clear that would not be successful on the coward Gregory, as Sheriff in The Kingdom is certainly worthy of praise. Rick is lowered in the setting set up by King Ezekiel, adapts to its language, It also tells him a story that dovetails perfectly into the fairy tale world created by Ezekiel. There were all prerequisites because Grimes would reach its goal despite the firmness of the King. The fact that the inhabitants of The Kingdom do not know of the existence of the Saviors has certainly paddled against, as well as the continuing hesitation by Morgan not to use force unless concrete and immediate danger; However both Benjamin Richard have already expressed and adequately justified their intention to fight, especially the latter emphasising that more pay their "debt" with the Saviors, the more you reinforce and more will become impossible to defeat them.

Daryl agrees reluctantly to remain in The Kingdom, thing that saves him from death next when Negan – Unfortunately intervened only via radio – He sends his men to look for him in Alexandria. But before we can return home, Rick&Co. encounter in a trap for walkers of Saviors: a cluster of cars to block the road and a steel wire full of explosives. Our survivors take the opportunity to steal them and Rick and Michonne give us a scene worthy of a horror movie: driving two cars sliding the wire by cutting two half zombie Horde. It reminded me of the end of one of the many Wrong Turn, but made much better.

In Alexandria the arrival of Saviors is the minor issue: Father Gabriel He disappeared carrying weapons and supplies and left his Bible. Step back: at the beginning of Bet Gabriel was on call, We have assisted his escape and if you paid attention when he got in the car, You may have noticed that you have made the recurring nightmare when getting the car in a parking lot dark and desolate; a hooded figure emerged from the back seat while Gabriel receded, the same who had spied in Mid-Season Finale. Rick doesn't want to believe that the priest resumed the cowardice of the past and despite the clarity of images, We don't believe we. The word "Boat" in a notebook gives us reason, Although it is unclear how Gabriel knew sending Rick and Aaron. And there near the boat, Rick&Co. are surrounded by a group of young armed and combative who paint the first true smile of our Sheriff: Finally someone who might enlist without difficulty. The questions on this new community, please visit them at next weeks, for now we must recognize how amazing that during the trip to Alexandria have not met a soul, but now they jump out groups behind every tree.

If the teammate Aaron confirms the lack of coherence of different characters – before all to wonder why Rick opposed Negan, but now "just survive" – This deserves a special mention Rosita, that hushes with two beats attempts at dialogue by Sasha "We both had sex with the same dead guy. Doesn't make us friends ". I have read mixed reviews to its behaviour, especially since it would not be an opportune time to power internal strife ... but thank goodness there's also this! Shane I hated it, but the triangle with Lori and Rick gave her beautiful contribution to first seasons and because of the repetitiveness of the last, female skirmishes can't hurt.

"Rise Up" is the motto of this second half of the seventh season. Certainly the protagonists they head up, now it's time to see if the same can be said for the show. The return reply in part what happened with the Mid-Season Finale that precedes: good, with some exciting time in the finale, but they definitely used better.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥ – I'll be in the minority, but better Tomb Raider Rosita by Maggie and Tara

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